Wowloans - Quick loans of up to 900 US dollars in 5 minutes!

Mr Wowloans , it is the answer when you find yourself in a not very favorable financial situation or you have the need to pay the costs of an emergency.

Currently there are many and very varied options of institutions or financial companies dedicated to this type of loans that are called online mini-credits , they free you from long procedures and full of requirements that are usually requested by common banks.

What is Wowloans?

Señor Wowloans is a completely modern service which is ideal for issuing loans online and is available.

This institution called Mr. Wowloans is a specialist in loans that are granted to individuals.

Señor Wowloans is an excellent option for you, since you get the amount of money you are requesting and right at that moment when you need it most.

Señor Wowloans has and offers you one of its fundamental principles which is:

  • "Help should always come immediately, as soon as it is requested."

Therefore, this financial institution is committed to making obtaining the personal loans that people need very simple and accessible to everyone, without major setbacks.

Advantages of choosing Señor Wowloans

With this financial institution you can obtain fast loans online and available anywhere and at any time that you need.

To achieve this, the Mr. Wowloans service is available at any time, at any time of the day and can be accessed from your computer or mobile device , downloading its application for android from here

Wowloans has a special loan calculator or simulator that will help you with your calculations:

  • The loan amount you want
  • The time of the desired loan term
  • The interest rate that will be awarded to you
  • The final sum necessary that you will have to return in order to pay the loan you are requesting.

With them you have the ease of obtaining your loan in just 3 simple and easy steps:

  • You select the desired amount and the term of your loan
  • You complete the online application to apply for the loan
  • You get the loan in the most comfortable way for you

For this, Mr. Wowloans quickly evaluates the requests that come from users who need loans without any additional documentation.

You must be very clear that all decisions regarding approvals or rejections of loans that reach the system are taken and analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

You have the benefit that if you are already a client and apart from being one of the best clients or "Loyal Finer clients", as this financial company calls all those who pay their debt on time, the approval of the requested loans will be carried out automatically.

Is it safe to ask for a loan at Wowloans?

It is completely safe to apply for any type of loan with Wowloans, you are backed by a group and by a large company apart from having a well-founded contract and backed by the current laws of the country with which you will not have to worry about anything other than solving your financial problems

Can you request a credit with Credit Checker in Wowloans?

No, the Wowloans institution does not offer you the possibility of requesting a credit with Credit Checker.

Another huge advantage of applying for and acquiring a loan with Wowloans is that you have online loans that go directly to your bank account.

These types of online loans that are transferred from Wowloans to bank accounts, are a very agile and completely safe way to obtain a loan with a limit of up to 900 US dollars.

The Wowloans system allows you to make very fast national transfers (These are made in a period of time that goes from 24 to 48 hours). Have full confidence that the Wowloans online loan service is a completely modern and efficient platform to issue micro loans to all those citizens who need them and who are over 21 years old.

So that you have the possibility to obtain funds anywhere and at any time, you can log into the Señor Wowloans website from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Señor Wowloans also has an app for Android that it puts at your disposal.

Wowloans grants loans to all residents of Spain.

  In this way, no matter where you are, Mr. Wowloans will always be there to help you.

Types of Wowloans loans

The amounts that Mr. Wowloans can offer you go:

  • From 50 US dollars and up to 900 US dollars
  • For all those new clients who do not yet have a Wowloans history to support them but who end up leaving their requests, they can only be given the possibility of having access to a maximum loan limit of up to 300 US dollars.

Requirements for Wowloans loans and credits

In order to obtain the loan you will need to be of legal age and reside in Spain, you can submit your application regardless of the type of job you have.

The Wowloans system analyzes a multitude of parameters so that it can provide financial services to a wide range of clients who request it.

For this you will have to:

  • Complete the application form that is available on the company's website or you also have the option of doing it through the application that Señor Wowloans has developed for you, it is called “app Finer”.
  • Once the form for your application is completed, upon approval, the funds will automatically proceed to be transferred to your account almost instantly, in no more than 5 minutes.
  • Remember that to request your loan with Señor Wowloans, they will require all your personal information to be able to carry out the identification
  • You will also have to provide all the details of the bank account that you will use and in which you can receive your authorized funds.

Mr. Wowloans interest rates

With Señor Wowloans, your interest rates are low but they all go according to the amount you have requested and the data you provide to the application system but, for all regular customers, Señor Wowloans offers even more interest rates low.

Mr. Wowloans can afford these low interest rates because they are available online at any time of day and on any day. This makes all the microloans it offers much more affordable for many more people.

All regular customers of Señor Wowloans also have the right to have access to larger amounts of loans, as well as even longer loan terms than normal.

If all this pleases you and you want to become a regular customer of Señor Wowloans, don't think about it anymore, it's very simple, all you have to do is pay the loans on time and you will enter to participate in the great bonus program with the that they have and that they offer you to have access to all these benefits.

How to apply for Señor Wowloans loans?

If you have the need to apply for a loan, with Señor Wowloans you can do the following.

They give you the great possibility of being able to obtain loans in a very fast and simple way.

The monetary amounts start from 50 US dollars and go up to 900 US dollars but you also have to take into account that for all those clients who are new and who come to leave their requests, they can only be allowed to have access to a loan with a maximum limit of up to 300 US dollars.

With Señor Wowloans you will be able to receive the funds you want or need without having to leave your home since all the process is online.

You can obtain a loan that will be transferred to your bank account and all without the inconvenience of having to go to an office personally and at the hours that it establishes since they are generally very uncomfortable and hardly adapt to your daily life. This simplifies the process and makes it much more accessible for all citizens who need to apply for their loan.

To obtain an online loan, the only thing you will need is to have a simple telephone or a computer at home or wherever you are.

You must then provide the operator with your phone number and all the details of your bank account that you have chosen or with which you have, this is very important since it will be in that account where you will receive the money for your authorized loan.

There will be no need to indicate the name of the bank to which the account belongs and it is even possible for you to transfer the loan funds directly to your ordinary savings account.

So that you can obtain a loan:

  • You first have to register on the Señor Wowloans website.
  • Then, you have to complete the application online, this application will not take you more than 5 minutes to fill it in with all the information that is requested to be evaluated and your requested loan is authorized by the institution.
  • Remember that you have to make sure that your data is as accurate and complete as possible, because if you do that, you will reduce the approval period necessary for your application and increase the probability that your loan that you are requesting from Señor Wowloans will be successfully approved .
  • Select the bank and the account to which you want the funds to be transferred, you will have to indicate the 20 digits of your bank account number.
  • In a period not much longer than 10 minutes you will have to receive your answer where you can see if you have been granted approval of your requested loan

The Señor Wowloans system is a completely modern and efficient online system that approves loans quickly. You will receive the funds within a period not much longer than the 10 minute wait.

This period of time may only vary according to the speed with which your bank is able to process the requested transactions.

How to pay back Mr. Wowloans personal loans?

You can pay your loan through the bank accounts that Mr. Wowloans grants you for this, which are:

  • BANCO SABADELL: ES06 0081 0384 2100 0129 4638
  • BANCO SANTANDER: ES62 0049 1629 1923 1013 6393
  • BANKIA: ES43 2038 1807 1360 0057 6421

Customer support for Wowloans financial services

If at any time you have a question about the procedure or about arrears payments, you have the option of being able to contact Señor Wowloans, you can do so through:

  • Telephone:

+34 910956777

  • Emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

  • Official hours:

Monday - Saturday / 9:00 - 6:00 pm

Sunday / 9:00 - 2:00 pm

Extensions and postponements in Wowloans

Señor Wowloans is one of the best options for you because it offers you a huge advantage if you cannot pay the loan you requested within the established and specified period of time, you have the great option of changing that repayment date and extending the term of the loan.

In order to do this and avoid problems you have the following options

  • To be able to do it through the Wowloans own account or by telephone.
  • Choose the period of time you need and the reason why you want to extend your loan.
  • The amount or commission that you will have to pay in case you proceed with your request for an extension of the term will depend on the monetary amount of your requested loan.

Keep in mind that you can extend the term of your loan at any time you want or need.

Opinions on the credits and fast loans of Wowloans

Margarita López: I needed 300 US dollars to fix my car and at Wowloans I solved the problem very well and quickly.

Ángel Casado: I have come to Wowloans to pay for a trip for this summer, and I have the ease of enjoying a good vacation and being able to pay for it in comfortable installments.

In conclusion

For all this and for many more reasons, do not think about it anymore and seek to apply for your loan with Señor Wowloans , you can solve your financial problems instantly, at any time and place you want, receiving it in your bank account and with several options to return it , as well as the option and the possibility that if at any time you cannot pay it and you find yourself in the situation of not knowing what to do, remember that you can increase the return period without any extra problem.


  1. Unlike the old services, Wowloans works not long ago and people still respect customers! The girls on the phone are polite, they asked me a couple of questions and passed even more than I expected: 650 US dollars



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