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Dedebt or Welpuy seeks to become a reference when requesting any type of personal loan mini- credit that we may need. All you put on your part are quick fixes and a willingness to get what we need easily and quickly and without having to move from home.

What is Dedebt or Welpuy

Dedebt or Welpuy is an online financial platform that seeks or has as its main objective that each and every one of its clients can expand their possibilities. These possibilities range from the need for an amount of money to make purchases or carry out a trip , to the financial need that can come with starting a business.

Dedebt wants us to own our future and our economy and offers us quick and easy solutions that do not turn our daily lives into an accumulation of worries.

What makes Dedebt different from other online financial entities

The important thing for Dedebt is that his clients feel that they can get the money they need without having to explain infinitely every step they take. Logically, we can find similarities between other financial entities that work online with Dedebt, but we will also find obvious differences.

For Dedebt the only way to work is the simplicity and transparency of all its services. This makes your clients feel understood and, at the same time, secure by having all the information they need at all times and without commissions or extra surprise expenses.

Advantages of choosing Dedebt Spain

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that applying for a personal loan could have some kind of advantage beyond obtaining money to solve any concern we have. But within Welpuy , its clients also have advantages to repay all the loan that they request without turning into a nightmare.

The main advantages that we have to take into account when we want to apply for a personal loan with Dedebt are:

  • The ease of getting our personal loan in a simple way to make our experience totally satisfactory.
  • We will only have to carry out a brief online application to get our loan automatically.
  • The terms and conditions that Dedebt puts so that its clients enjoy their personal loans are always available to each person and have great transparency from the beginning of the application.
  • We will know the risks as well as possible extra expenses or commissions from the beginning, we will not find them at the time of paying our fee as a surprise.
  • Within the Dedebt Customer Service we can contact not only its managers or managers, but also with the possibility of contacting advisors who will help us choose the best loan for us and resolve any questions.
  • We will have the possibility of increasing the amount of our credits in recognition of Welpuy to its clients and their trust and good work.

The main characteristics of Dedebt Spain

It is important to find a financial institution that offers personal loans online and quickly that have something characteristic and different from the rest to be able to decide for them and not for others. When we talk about Dedebt Spain , we talk about transparency and security with each and every one of its clients.

In addition, the trust we place in Dedebt and its managers is rewarded by the amount that we can access in our next loans. To this we can add the interests that can be generated, which are among the lowest of the fast online loans.

Is it safe to ask for a loan on

Dedebt works within the Spanish territory based on the current Data Protection law in order to assure each and every one of its clients the confidentiality of all the clients that they contribute to this company at the time of requesting a personal loan.

Dedebt Spain also has the endorsement of several financial entities in charge of validating the conditions and terms of their financial products as well as the security systems they use to store the different personal and financial data provided by their clients.

Dedebt requirements when applying for a credit

If we have decided and want to get a personal loan for any unforeseen event, a whim or a gift, Dedebt wants to become the financial institution that serves as a source of money for that loan that we need.

The requirements that you will ask us to approve our application and make the transfer of our loan are the following:

  • We have to find ourselves within the age limits imposed by this financial institution: a minimum age of 18 years and a maximum age of 75 years at the time of making the request.
  • It is essential to reside within Spanish territory.
  • It is also essential to have an identity document, valid within Spanish territory, a valid DNI or NIE that we can use with our updated data.
  • We must be working or have a stable income, such as a pension or unemployment benefit, with a minimum of 3 months old.
  • In the case of the self-employed, we will be asked for our personal income tax return for the last quarter.
  • We will not have to present any type of guarantee but we cannot find ourselves within the Credit Checker or RAI lists .
  • Be the owner of a bank account in a Spanish financial institution if we want the collection of our loan to be automatic.

Dedebt's interest rates in relation to the loans offered by this entity

The personal loan that Dedebt offers, if it is our first time, is in limits between € 100 and € 500. This type of quick loan means that we have to assume an APR of 152% and a TIN of 96% , being able to pay our loan in a period of between 1 and 6 months.

Obviously, the longer we take to pay our loan, the more we will have to pay in interest. But it is also true that, if we have already paid 50% of our first loan or have fully repaid it, we can request a new loan within Dedebt.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in Dedebt

Dedebt understands the circumstances and various situations that can lead a person to find themselves on a list such as Credit Checker or RAI. Now this is not enough to be able to approve a request from someone found on these delinquency records.

One of the conditions or requirements that Dedebt imposes in order to approve our request is that we do not find ourselves within these records. It is a security measure that Dedebt implements to ensure the rapid repayment of the loan that it approves.

Dedebt mobile app and customer support

Dedebt is an online financial institution that is constantly improving and adapting to new technologies. It is for this reason that we can use its mobile application to carry out procedures and requests more quickly and easily.

In turn, we have at our disposal a Customer Service with various communication channels that we can use for any situation that generates doubts or a problem related to our Dedebt online loan.

Dedebt mobile app

The mobile application that Dedebt offers us that we have to download within our mobile phones, proposes us to use the following link to create our account in the web application they have and to simplify the processes:

We can connect from our mobile phone at any time and in any place and worry about making the consultations and procedures that we see fit.

Customer Service

Dedebt wants its clients to be able to contact any person in charge when they have a question or problem with their loans. The different ways that we can use are:

  • By calling the following number free of charge: 900 94 32 54 , between Monday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Send an email explaining in the most explicit way possible to the following address: [email protected]
  • We can use the social networks you are on to make a more direct connection with those responsible for Dedebt. The social networks in which we will find them are: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Types of loans Dedebt offers is a financial institution that is dedicated to personal loans online and quickly. There are no different types of loan , although we can use them for the purpose we want, since Dedebt does not force us to request a certain amount depending on the objective for which we want it.

The personal loans that Dedebt offers have a minimum amount of 100 US dollars and a maximum amount, in the first loan, of 500 US dollars . This amount can increase if our first loan is paid correctly and without delay of any kind. As soon as we have paid 50% of our first loan, we can request another.

How to apply for credits Online

The steps we have to follow to obtain our personal Dedebt credit are few and very simple:

  1. Access the following web address and you will find the online application for the loan within Dedebt:
  2. When the page is loaded, we will go to the start button , we will see the application or form within which we will have to indicate certain personal and financial information that are necessary for the approval of our credit or loan.
  3. Some personal data are: name and surname, a valid identity document within the Spanish territory, our address and a contact telephone number, an email address, etc.
  4. Financially speaking, we will have to indicate the type of income we receive and the source of it in order to comply with the financial requirements imposed by
  5. Choose the amount of money you need, the time in which you can and / or want to return it and also what day of the month you are going to pay the fees, and that's it!
  6. You will receive confirmation of the arrival of your application and, in a few minutes, the approval or not of our loan.
  7. The money from our loan will be transferred to the bank account that we have indicated for this purpose.

How to return personal Dedebt credits

Once our Dedebt personal loan has been granted and enjoyed, it is time to carry out the return of it following the conditions and deadlines that we accept at the time of application.

The repayment of our loan can be carried out using the debit card number associated with the bank account of which you are the holder; This charge will be made automatically and you will have to indicate the card number in the application or, in the case of changing the card, update it through the web app .

Extensions and postponements in Dedebt

At the moment in which we find ourselves in this situation, we have to contact Dedebt and his managers to find a new deadline to pay our fees. Being aware that we will have to assume certain interest for delay, collection attempts and penalties.

Dedebt reviews

Elisabet Pérez - I needed quick money to pay for my car repair and Dedebt appeared among the options; Look at its advantages and the expenses of the personal loan and I could not go to another financial institution that was better.

Javier Méndez - Dedebt became my ally when I needed money for my honeymoon, a simple request and I could already enjoy my trip without problems.

Sandra Mendoza - Sometimes getting a quick loan becomes a maze of traps and commissions that appear suddenly, however with Dedebt I had no problem and I returned my loan with all the guarantees and comforts.

In conclusion

Dedebt wants to become a stable reference for all those people who want or need an amount of money quickly and who do not want to be wasting time with paperwork. Finding a place where you feel safe, that our economy is not affected and that, on the other hand, fulfill all that you promise is simple and has a name: Dedebt.

A comment

  1. Easy money but two days late in canceling the loan, they ended up calling my grandmother, my aunt, my mother, my sister and my entire family tree when I had only provided 2 phones, personal and work. Stalkers and profiteers from despair. All for € 60 piggy that took interest plus € 200 of loan that I requested. I'm starving before I ask them again.

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