Citrusnorth is a clear example that today, it is much easier to use the Internet and the high number of portals that exist to get a quick credit or loan online than to traditional financial institutions.

This is due, in large part, to the fact that to get a bank loan there are very demanding requirements and a large amount of paperwork that we must complete and deliver that a large part of the population has great problems to access it.

This has had a great impact on the creation and proliferation of financial portals such as Citrusnorth . These financial companies that work online and are especially dedicated to granting fast loans online. The requirements they demand are much more flexible and accessible to the population and the amounts of their fast loans are lower.

What is Citrusnorth?

Citrusnorth , as we have already been commenting, is a company or financial portal that is committed to being among the first options of the Spanish population when looking for or finding the best personal loan that suits our needs . It is a way of being able to help people who need, want or want a specific amount of money quickly, among many entities or fast credit portals

Citrusnorth not only offers a fast loan simulator, so that each client gets an idea of ​​what they will pay in each installment or the total of the fast loan. But it also makes its managers available to each client to guide them in their doubts and request the amount they really need, neither more nor less.

What makes Citrusnorth different from other online financial institutions

The ability to offer a quick loan, with more or less amounts of money, and better or worse interest rates is something that all these online financial companies can do. However, Citrusnorth goes further.

Even at the risk of losing money, he prefers that his clients receive guidance from his team of experts and be able to make a good selection of the entity or personal loan company , which really offers the best conditions. What they are looking for with this customer service is that their clients ask for the money they really need, that they do not fall short and need to request another new loan or ask for more money without needing it.

Advantages of choosing Citrusnorth

Citrusnorth wants its clients to have the best advantages in the market in terms of fast and online loans. Some of the most important advantages that we have to be clear regarding this online financial company are:

  • The requirements that we have to meet are the simplest and simplest that we will find compared to another platform for loans or fast online credits.
  • Thanks to its simulator on its home page, we will be able to know and adapt the payment terms to what we need and be able to afford it, from 6 months to 6 years.
  • If we have an unexpected situation or impossibility of payment, Citrusnorth offers us different avenues for understanding.
  • We can obtain up to a maximum of € 60,000 in just 10 minutes , which is how long it will take to verify our data after finalizing the application.
  • We do not have to change banks or register with a new online bank to get Citrusnorth fast online loans.
  • Nor will we have to present guarantees or domicile any type of payroll, pension or any type of possession.

Is it safe to ask for a loan in Citrusnorth?

Citrusnorth is governed by the rules and laws that exist within Spanish territory both for the processing of personal data, by the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD), as well as by the Bank of Spain and by all institutions regulated entities in charge of regulating and inspecting online financial activities.

In this way, the economic activity of an online platform such as Citrusnorth and all the activities carried out in the form of loans or quick online credits with its clients is guaranteed. As well as the guaranteed return of the money on the part of its clients.

Citrusnorth requirements when applying for a loan

The requirements that CreditFast will ask us for our fast online loan to be approved are not strict at all, but it is necessary that we comply with them in order to have a certain guarantee.

The main requirements are:

  • Be between 18 and a maximum of 75 years old at the time of applying for the online loan.
  • Reside within Spanish territory and have an identity document that supports it, such as a DNI or NIE.
  • Have some type of income, be it a payroll, pension, subsidy, etc.
  • Be holders of a bank account within a financial institution that operates in Spanish territory.

Interest rates and Citrusnorth online simulator

Citrusnorth has set a minimum and maximum for their interests so that their clients can get an idea of ​​how much they will have to pay in interest when requesting a quick loan online with them.

Within the simulator we can see how, depending on the amount and the time it takes to repay our quick loan, the interests vary as well as the total amount of the loan that we have to repay.

Citrusnorth works with an APR that ranges between 7% and 35% , bearing in mind that if, for example, we apply for a quick online loan of € 4,000, we will only receive € 3,825 , since € 175 is withdrawn in concept of loan management expenses.

These management expenses are something that we must take into account since, depending on the amount we ask for, they will increase or decrease. We can request information from those responsible for Citrusnorth to know exactly how much we need to request so that, when it comes to discounting the management costs, we have the money that we really need.

Can you request a credit with Credit Checker in Citrusnorth?

At the moment, Citrusnorth has no problem approving a quick loan online to people who are in the Credit Checker registry. But it is true that they also take their time to study that person more than another to see the amount of money for which it is in that registry and some person may be denied it, but for the moment it has not been like that .

In the event that this condition changes, it would be communicated within their blog or on their own website, in our contract with them. So we wouldn't have to worry about it.

Citrusnorth mobile app and customer support

Although Citrusnorth only works online, it does not have a mobile application as such. We must do everything through its website:

If we need to contact them, we can do so using one of these ways:

Types of loans in Citrusnorth

If we go to Citrusnorth we will not find different types of loans, since they are specialists in searching or finding the best entities online . We can always choose to request or request a different amount of money, and we will find that the return varies in different types of time periods.

This does not mean that online loans themselves are different types of online loans, but rather that they offer different interests and / or commissions that we will have to face when repaying the fees depending on the amount we request.

How to apply for Citrusnorth credits?

Cómo solicitar los créditos de CreditsFast

The application for quick online loans from is possibly one of the fastest we will find. With only 10 minutes we will have it ready and we will only have to wait for the approval and the money in our account.

The steps that we must follow are the following:

  1. First of all, it is advisable to enter the Citrusnorth home page:
  2. There we will find the ideal simulator to know how much money we can ask for, play with the months or years to repay the loan quickly and see the money that we will have to return in each installment, interest, etc.
  3. When we are sure that the loan is as we need or want, we just have to click on the "Request" button.
  4. It will take us to the following window:
  5. We will have to add our name and surname and click on "next"
  6. Then they will ask us for other financial and personal information such as our DNI or NIE, date of birth, our telephone number, current account, etc.
  7. Once we finish our application and send it, we will only have to wait for approval.
  8. Normally in 10-15 minutes, the approval or rejection will reach us by email and then the money is transferred to our checking account and we can now enjoy it.

How to return Citrusnorth credits?

When we make the request, we will provide the current account number of which we are holders so that they can make the payment of the fast loan that we have requested from Citrusnorth. That account number is registered and it will be in that account in which those responsible for Citrusnorth will charge or charge the fee on a monthly basis until we have fully paid our loan.

This charge will be made on the day that we have agreed, normally between the 1st and the 5th of each month , during the time that we have requested the fast online loan and its return. We only have to worry about having the agreed amount of money in that account during those days to be able to make the payment.

Otherwise, it will be classified as an unpaid receipt and those responsible for Citrusnorth will contact us to find out the circumstances of it and reach an understanding.

Extensions and postponements in Citrusnorth

If we need any kind of extension or postpone a fee or payment due to an unforeseen event or because we are unable to make the payment, we will have to contact those responsible for Citrusnorth as quickly as possible.

Contacting them is how only we can negotiate and reach a point of agreement to specify the conditions under which this extension or postponement is carried out. Depending on the amount that we have requested, if we have already paid a fee or not, how much we have left to pay, how much our interest is, etc.

All these conditions are taken into account when agreeing the deferrals within a quick credit with Citrusnorth. But it is true that a solution is always reached that is acceptable both for the client and for the company, since Citrusnorth obviously wants to charge, and the client does not want to have the debt, which is obvious too.

Opinions on the services offered by Citrusnorth

Paloma Borges - The web is the simplest I have found and, also in Citrusnorth, I saw the least abusive commissions of all the pages I was looking for. It was a credit that I got quickly and without wasting time.

José Chinea - It is difficult to find a place like Citrusnorth, where you can get online financing for something specific without having to give so many explanations and without feeling that you are being robbed.

Belén Díaz - In Citrusnorth I not only found a quick loan, but their managers helped me find the right amount I needed, so I didn't have to ask or pay more.

In conclusion

Citrusnorth has managed to distinguish itself from the rest of the pages or portals that offer quick loans thanks to its way of understanding the needs of the people who use these pages looking for a quick solution without having to give many explanations.

What a person who enters Citrusnorth finds is a group of professionals willing to offer the best fast loans of the moment , with the most competitive interests in the market and with the most flexible requirements and restrictions to cover momentary needs, whims, unforeseen, etc.

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