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CreditoPostal has begun to create a space in which its clients can get affordable amounts of money very quickly. They are specialists in fast loans online , which facilitates the transfer of money between CréditoPostal and its clients.

It is important to be aware of our economic situation and the purpose for which we request a quick loan to be able to repay it without our economy becoming a nightmare.

What is CreditoPostal

CreditPostal is an online platform that seeks to find a way to make quick loans to its clients with a period of time for the resolution of the request that is lower than the average. With only 15 minutes and automatically, we will know the approval or not of our fast loan with CréditoPostal.

There are many reasons why many people decide to choose CréditoPostal over other online platforms. This makes your security and ability to make quick online loans increase considerably, your customers always seeing favored.

What makes CreditoPostal different from other online financial entities

As we have mentioned, there are great reasons to choose CreditoPostal over other fast online loan platforms. The main one is the comfort with which we can make both the request for our loan and the return of it.

On the other hand, we will be free to choose the amount of which we want our loan to be as well as the time or terms in which we want to return it. We will always have the best conditions and, if we need to postpone a payment, we can have grace periods available within CreditoPostal.

Advantages of choosing CreditoPostal

Whenever we want a fast loan and online we look for the best platform or, at least, the one that has the best conditions or advantages for us. CreditPostal has quite clear advantages for its clients:

  • The application that we must fill out and complete in order to obtain our loan within CréditoPostal is one of the simplest that we will find in this type of platform.
  • They offer us total security of our data, both personal and banking, as well as a high degree of confidentiality in relation to everything we need or negotiate with CréditoPostal.
  • We find a service, from the online application to the contact with those responsible for CréditoPostal, totally transparent and that informs us from the most important to the least so that we know all the aspects of our loan.
  • CreditPostal grants what is known as “ responsible credits ” since, although we need a lot of money and urgently, they will always try to adapt our loan to our economic conditions.

The main features of CreditoPostal

Following the line of the aforementioned, CréditoPostal is characterized by presenting great options, advantages and benefits for all those people who decide to bet on them when requesting a quick loan online.

If we look for what most characterizes CréditoPostal, we could highlight the following:

  • The money limit to which we can choose, as well as the terms for its return, are quite affordable and from CreditoPostal they will try not to exceed our economic limits so as not to borrow excessively.
  • The interests that we will have to assume for our fast loan within CréditoPostal are among the best that we can find in this type of online platform.
  • The realization of both the loan application and the signing of the contract thereof is done online, which facilitates the speed of response and disposition of the money.
  • There is the possibility of delaying our payments for up to 30 days for free in the event of a difficulty to pay a fee with respect to our loan.
  • The return of our loan with CréditoPostal can be made both through our bank account, a transfer to the accounts provided by CréditoPostal as well as with a credit or debit card.

Is it safe to ask for a loan at CreditoPostal?

CreditPostal has large encryption and security systems for all your personal and banking data that you can provide within your request or in any internal communication with those responsible.

In addition, your data will not be shared with third parties unless you explicitly authorize it in advance. CreditPostal seeks your security and peace of mind, so check your security frequently so that we do not have any type of problem.

Postal Credit Requirements when requesting a credit

Regarding the request for a quick loan, CreditoPostal requires some requirements that we must meet at the time we make the request. They are not complicated requirements to meet either, but it is true that we must bear them in mind if we want our application to be approved.

The fundamental requirements, especially on a personal level, are the following:

  • We must be over 28 years of age at the time of completing the application for our fast loan.
  • We will have to reside within Spanish territory and be able to prove it if necessary.
  • Our identity document, DNI or NIE, must be in force and with our updated personal data.
  • Indicate the bank account of which we are holders, since it is essential to be able to access the approval of our application.
  • Have an email that we can access frequently and a mobile phone number that we own and we can also answer any type of contact.
  • Not appear on any delinquency list as RAI and / or Credit Checker.

CreditPostal interest rates in relation to the loans offered by this entity

In order to request a loan within the CréditoPostal platform , we have to be aware that there are certain interests that we must assume within the repayment terms of the same.

These interests are added to the money that corresponds in each monthly installment or term. Below we detail the interests that you must take into account and that you can consult at the same time that you fill out the application for your loan:

  • The request for a quick loan to be paid in a certain time with a monthly fee, will have an interest that is between 9% and, at most, 22%.
  • These interests vary and are calculated based on the amount of money requested and the period of time that we have chosen for its return.
  • On the other hand, if we want to request a loan in the form of a "line of credit", the interest will be calculated based on the money we have used during that month, adding 0.65% in a fixed way to each monthly installment.
  • From CréditoPostal there is no obligation to make a loan for more money than originally requested.
  • We will also have to pay the interest that is created as a result of the penalty for not paying a monthly fee .
  • Within these interests will enter the amount of the SMS that have to be sent by CréditoPostal to make a claim for our debt. These interests are calculated based on our loan and can be consulted in the contract.
  • In the case of delay, the interest can be between 1.75% daily and 100% of the total loan. As well as adding 15% annually on the money corresponding to the loan that is still pending.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker at CreditoPostal

CreditoPostal asks as one of its requirements that we not appear in any type of list or record of delinquency such as RAI and / or Credit Checker. That is why, within the conditions of a loan offered by CréditoPostal, we find the following conditions:

  • Not having debts or pending payments to third parties that may complicate or prevent the return of the loan requested from CréditoPostal or its monthly installments.
  • We will not be able to be immersed in any judicial process that affects our financial situation and that may affect payments to CréditoPostal.
  • The appearance of our personal data is not allowed within the RAI and / or Credit Checker lists.

CreditPostal customer service

There are different communication channels that we can use within CréditoPostal:

  • Calling by phone, paying ourselves the cost of the call, to the following phone numbers: 902 007 070 or 911 44 ​​48 29.
  • Sending an email to your email address : [email protected]

At the moment there is no mobile application that can facilitate the request for our loans, so they must be done from its website.

Types of loans at

Within the CréditoPostal platform we can opt for two types of quick loans, with different interests and different purposes:

  • Quick loan: we can request from a minimum of € 300 to a maximum of € 2,500 with a repayment period between 3 and 36 months through monthly installments . The money will be received in full between the following 2 and 48 hours from the approval of our request.
  • Credit line: both the installments and the money that will be contributed will depend a lot on the request we make and, therefore, until the total return of the borrowed money is completed, the contract for said credit line cannot be concluded .

How to apply for the credits and loans of CreditoPostal

To request a loan within , we have to carry out the following steps:

  1. You can directly access the application through this link:
  2. The form for your loan will open and you will have to complete the 4 phases of the application truthfully in order to obtain your credit.
  3. You will need to indicate: personal data, real contact information, content related to your banking and economic situation and attach the scan of any documentation that is requested.
  4. Once our application has been processed and approved, we will be able to have our loan.

How to return CreditoPostal credits

CreditoPostal offers its clients different forms of repayment for their monthly installments of the loans requested:

  • We can make the scheduled payment in our bank account for the monthly payment by CréditoPostal.
  • Make a bank transfer from our own account or by depositing the cash directly to the following bank accounts, depending on the entity, which has CréditoPostal:
    • Bank Bank : ES96 0128 0023 1701 0007 0161
    • Santander Bank : ES81 0049 3248 9022 1424 7826
    • ING Direct Bank : ES43 1465 0100 9219 0066 2118
    • Banco Popular: ES09 0075 0347 5506 0527 6892
    • Ibercaja Bank : ES69 2085 8059 3903 3020 9331
  • We also have the option of making a call to those responsible for CréditoPostal and making the payment with a debit or credit card.

Extensions and postponements in CreditoPostal

Those responsible for CreditoPostal are aware that we may have some kind of mishap or situation that prevents us from making the monthly payment in an ordinary way or as planned. It is for this reason that they allow their clients to enjoy a 30-day grace period, as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Be up to date in the payment of the terms of our loan.
  • Not having requested a grace period the previous month .
  • We will have to have made the payment of, at least, a monthly installment of our loan.
  • Finally, the maximum number of installments that we can postpone is 2 annually and not consecutively.

CreditPostal Reviews

Javier Montero - I needed money to fix my car and with PostCredit it was very easy to get it and return it.

María Puerta - I had an unforeseen expense when I had to pay a payment on my loan and from CréditoPostal they gave me all the facilities to be able to delay my payment.

Daniela Borgón - It was very easy to apply for my loan with CréditoPostal and it is being just as easy to return and pay my installments.

In conclusion about the CreditoPostal loans

CreditPostal is opening a great space within the fast loan platforms thanks to its transparency and facilities. Also for the simple request that we must make and for the comfort and security that your customers feel.

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  1. It is a barbarity what you pay interest ...
    In that need you have no other choice but for the most part I will never request a loan again ...

    An abuse your interests a theft let's go

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