15 minutes with Dishing It Up home chefs Anna and Matthew


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Tell us about yourself

Anna: I am a former recruiter turned housewife and mother of two boys. Growing up I watched my mother and Nonna cook and held the kitchen hostage, but I didn’t really appreciate my southern Italian heritage until I left home.

Matthew: I’m a family man at heart with a love of food. As a child and still today, it is the foundation that holds my family together. Nothing beats sitting around the table with them, enjoying a home cooked meal and sharing crazy stories of the day.

What’s a fun fact about you?

Anna: I’m a child star and I first appeared on television when I was four years old Romper room with Miss Helena. I was also on the first series of SBS Food The Chefs line.

How did you get involved in a reality cooking series?

Anna: Matthew and I were bored during the COVID lockdown so we did an Instagram live stream where I taught him how to make Italian meatballs.

It was a disaster, but a lot of people found it entertaining, so I applied hoping we’d entertain SBS viewers as well.

What do you like or hate about cooking?

Anna: Cooking isn’t just about the food; It’s about bringing people together and creating memories across a table. Some of my best memories and laughs are from dining at the table with family and friends.

I also like how certain smells bring back childhood memories and make me feel like I’m back home as a kid.

“Food and cooking are the glue that brings people together. But I definitely enjoy eating more than cooking or cleaning up.”

Matthew: Food and cooking is the glue that brings people together. But I definitely enjoy eating more than cooking or cleaning up.

What was your favorite moment from the series?

Anna: It’s a blessing to do this show with my best friend. We are fortunate to have these fun memories to look back on for years to come. Also, it’s ironic that Matthew doesn’t cook and is on a cooking show.

What was your funniest memory of the series?

Matthew: Once I tried to crack an egg and it landed on the ceiling and walls of Anna’s very white kitchen. This is further proof that I can’t cook.

If you could have a celebrity chef, who would you choose?

Anna: Massimo Bottura. He has been named one of the world’s top chefs and I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago. He was funny and flirtatious and I had never tasted his food before.

Matthew: Matt Moran – I’ve been to every one of his restaurants.

What’s your desert island dish?

Anna: Slow-cooked osso buco ragout with homemade parpadelle and lots of parmesan cheese. It reminds me of home and my mother.

Matthew: My mom’s stuffed peppers – you have to try them. I could eat the dish every day.


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