For those moments in which our economic situation meets an unforeseen event or a situation for which we need more money than we have, having the option of requesting a credit online is something that can help us almost immediately.

Movinero's online credits can be one of the best options that we find within the platforms that offer this type of financial products online. We don't always have the money we need to deal with, for example, a break in our home.

However, the best we can do is know our economic situation perfectly to be able to request as much money as we need without affecting our individual or family finances in a way that is impossible to sustain.

What is Movinero

Movinero is a platform that offers something that we did not think was possible: a line of credit without having to prove guarantees or pay commissions or teach unnecessary paperwork. Obviously, when we are looking for this type of credit online, what we want is to get it as quickly as possible and that, Movinero, knows it.

We will only pay interest for the time that we have our Movinero credit line active and using it and the money that we use. The interests are 1.1% per day, although they always allow that, if we are new to the platform, we have 30 days free of interest and commissions.

What makes Movinero different from other online financial entities

Starting with the type of financial product that Movinero offers compared to other online credit platforms: a line of credit almost immediately . It is one of the great advantages, since it is not a closed loan, but we can use it for as long as we want with the money we want and then we will pay based on that.

In addition, its Customer Service offers different and numerous ways for us to communicate and solve any questions or problems immediately. We do not have to explain or wait, with a simple and fast application, we will have our line of credit before we know it.

Advantages of choosing Movinero

There are numerous advantages that Movinero offers us with its line of credit , so we just have to make the most of them:

  • It is a fast and easy line of credit to obtain.
  • Fixed interest rate for as long as we enjoy this product of
  • The application is made online and we do not have to present endorsements or extra paperwork.
  • We can withdraw amounts of money instantly for free, without having to pay commissions for it.
  • We will only pay interest for the time we use this line of credit as well as for the money we use.
  • Movinero is flexible, it has an expiration date before which we will have to return everything we have spent plus interest; after that date we will have the money available again to use it as many times as we need.
  • Each month we will inform you of the amount you have withdrawn, the available credit, and the minimum monthly amount to be returned.
  • We will always have the option of returning only 10% of what was spent during that month, along with the interest generated, and returning the rest the following month.

Is it safe to ask for a loan in Movinero?

All platforms that offer this type of product are monitored and regulated by different institutions both nationally and internationally, at the European level.

In addition, they have to be governed by laws such as the Organic Law of Data Protection in force within Spanish territory as a guarantee for their clients of each and every one of the movements that we make.

Movinero requirements when requesting a loan

Following the line of what we have been seeing, Movinero is not a platform that poses many problems so that we can request a credit online or, in this case, a line of credit.

Now, the minimum requirements that we must meet are the following:

  • At least, we must be 20 years of age at the time of making the request within the Movinero page and a maximum of 70 years of age.
  • On the other hand, we must have a valid and updated identity document, which may be a DNI or NIE.
  • Have a current account that we own and that is within a financial institution that operates within Spanish territory and, in addition, have a debit card in our name and associated with that current account.
  • We must be able to demonstrate certain solvency to be able to obtain the approval of said credit line: minimum income of € 700 with a legal and stable origin, work / payroll contract, pension or personal income tax for self-employed persons.
  • Finally, it is necessary to scan and provide a copy of our DNI or NIE, as well as other documents that are requested to verify our data and financial sustainability.

This last point is made during the application and we are told the right time to do it, but it is important to have all the documents at hand so as not to take more time than necessary to apply for our Movinero online credit.

Movinero interest rates in relation to the loans offered by this entity

As we have mentioned, Movinero offers its line of credit with a fixed interest rate: 1.1% per day. That is, if we request € 300 and use them for 10 days, we will have to pay € 3.3 per day, so we will have to return € 333 when those 10 days end.

This applies to all amounts no matter what, only the money we spend and the time during which we make use of our Movinero line of credit are taken into account.

So we ourselves can obtain the total that we will have to pay once the expiration of our online credit in Movinero approaches.

Can you request a credit with Credit Checker in Movinero?

At present, appearing within the Credit Checker or RAI delinquency record does not fall within the conditions of rejection of a Movinero line of credit application.

It is true that it can influence without the rest of the requirements are not very clear, but it is not a condition for not being able to request a credit with Credit Checker in Movinero.

Movinero customer service

Movinero's customer service is one of the most complete that exists within these platforms, thanks to the multiple access routes that customers have to those responsible for solving any type of doubt or problem that may arise.

Movinero free phone and email

We can call the following toll-free number directly: 932 203 367. The people in charge of Movinero will attend to us from 8 am to 5 pm between Monday and Friday.

Depending on what we need to solve, we can write to different emails, this varies depending on whether we are clients or not.

  • To resolve any questions about our Movinero credit line of which we are holders, since this email is reserved for people who are already Movinero customers: [email protected]
  • If we need information about any aspect of our future contract, the Movinero line of credit, etc. and we are not yet clients of Movinero, this is the email that we must use: [email protected]

Movinero mobile application and social networks

At present, Movinero does not have a mobile application as such, but we can access all the information we need from our account through the Customer Area on the Movinero website.

We can access directly using the following link: , adding our email (the one we have used in our Movinero request) and our password we can check everything necessary.

On the other hand, we can contact those responsible for Movinero through social networks for a more direct contact or for more general questions. We will find them within: Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Types of loans in Movinero

Movinero only offers online credits in the form of a “line of credit” , that is, it allows us to have access to a limited amount of money for a month that we will have to return with interest, but only that amount of money that we spend and during the days let us do it.

It is a way to be revolutionary and to offer a different type of credit online without having to submit excessive paperwork or give too much information about us or explanations about the reason or purpose of the credit.

How to request Movinero credits?

The request and the way in which we will obtain the money within Movinero is as follows:

  1. The first thing we must do is access the Movinero home page:
  2. Here we will find the simulator with which we can mark the money we want or need and we can access the request.
  3. Once inside, we will only have to indicate our personal data (name and surname, DNI or NIE, gender and date of birth, etc.) and some important data of our economy such as, for example, our current account, the origin of our income , etc.
  4. We must bear in mind that, since we work only from Monday to Friday, requests made at the weekend will not be answered until Monday and it takes a maximum of 2 hours to transfer the money.
  5. Once the application is completed and sent, we just have to wait for the confirmation or rejection in our email and enjoy our line of credit with Movinero.

How to return Movinero credits?

The return of our Movinero credit line is made with a charge by the platform to our associated checking account or, if we prefer to do so in advance, we can use a debit card and call the Customer Service directly. Client and do it by means of an identification.

The refund is made by paying the money we have spent together with the interest generated by the time we have used the credit and the money spent.

Extensions and postponements in Movinero

Movinero equally offers all its clients the possibility of paying, before the expiration date of their line of credit, 10% of the total money used plus the interest generated during that time.

If we cannot make this payment, it is necessary and mandatory to inform those responsible for Movinero in good time and agree on the way in which the repayment of said line of loan will be made.

This extension carries a penalty of 1.1% per day of delay and we will not be able to withdraw cash.

Opinions on Movinero financial services

María Jiménez - I had some fear of requesting money online, but deciding to call before making the request and they resolved all my doubts from Movinero and it was the best decision I have made.

Javier Díaz - I needed quick money to fix my motorcycle and be able to continue working with it, and the Movinero credit line helped me quickly and with the simple application.

Laura Rey - I lacked money to finish paying for the trip of my dreams, and I decided to request it through Movinero and it was so quick and easy that I had the feeling of having it in my account before I knew it.

In conclusion

Movinero is an ideal platform to get an affordable amount of money to deal with certain contingencies or additional expenses that, in normal situations, we cannot due to our economic situation.

Thanks to your request and your Customer Service, we will find in Movinero a perfect platform to solve all our doubts, at any time.

We will be able to obtain the money we need without having to give explanations, choosing the terms and the amount and being aware of the interests from the beginning.

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