Cofidis - How to apply for Cofidis Online credits and loans

Cofidis is one of the online platforms for personal loans , possibly the best known both nationally and within online platforms dedicated to loans.

It has managed to become a claim with its non-aggressive advertising and its peculiar way of making its clients feel safe when working with them.

What is Cofidis

Cofidis belongs to a French financial group called “Crédit Mutuel” , one of the most important banking entities in France where it is a great reference.

If there is something that defines the way Cofidis works, it is the great guarantee that it provides
at the time of carrying out the approval of credits or personal loans.

He is also honored for his years of experience in this online sector of online loans, where Cofidis has become an undisputed leader.

Always striving to improve and offer even better results to the people who trust this brand, Cofidis offers financial solutions with personal advice to each of its clients.

Types of credits and loans from Cofidis

Cofidis offers us different types of loans and personal credits so that we can solve an unforeseen event, make purchases or take advantage of a travel opportunity to rest.

Personal loan "New Car"

Cofidis offers us the possibility of, through this type of personal loan , exchange our car for a new car.

We will only have to decide what car we want, find out its price and contract this personal loan online.

We will get with Cofidis conditions and interests appropriate to our financial situation, being able to choose between 4,000 and 15,000 US dollars and 96 months , at most, for its return.

We will carry out all the procedures online, so it will not take us long to receive our response.

Personal loan "Used Car"

In that same sense, this personal loan from Cofidis was created so that we can
access a second-hand vehicle according to our needs.

The main difference between the personal loan for a new car and this one, are the interests that we will have to face.

If we talk about economic conditions, Cofidis will always try to get us a monthly fee according to our economic situation.

This is why we can obtain between 4,000 and 15,000 US dollars to return in a maximum of 96 installments.

Personal loan "Moto"

Cofidis has also thought of those people who are motorcycle lovers and, taking this criterion as a basis, has devised a personal loan with which to get our dream motorcycle.

We will only have to take care of choosing the model, type and color that we want our motorcycle to have and Cofidis takes care of the rest.

We can obtain from 4,000 US dollars to a maximum of 15,000 US dollars for our purchase, with interest and monthly payments according to our conditions and economic situation.

Personal loan "Home reforms"

On many occasions our needs go through improving the conditions of our home or carrying out a redecoration.

Cofidis has thought about this and that is why it has created this personal loan.

Without an opening commission or having to pay for a previous study of how much we will need, Cofidis offers us the possibility of obtaining up to a maximum of 15,000 US dollars to carry out our reform.

Personal loan "Home equipment"

Within this personal loan, which we can access thanks to Cofidis, we have the option of getting an amount of money that is quite helpful.

Being able to obtain between 4,000 US dollars and a maximum of 15,000 US dollars, Cofidis has managed to create a custom loan to be able to equip and decorate our home without having to worry excessively.

With interests a little higher than the loan for reforms, Cofidis offers us a clear advantage to be able to pay our monthly installments without being too great a burden .

Personal loan "Studies" and "Musical Instrument"

Cofidis offers two types of personal loans in order to develop our most intellectual part , that is, a personal loan to be able to pay for any type of extra studies that we want to do and, also, another to develop our musical capacity.

These two personal loans are quite similar in terms of interest, their opening commission does not exist and we can obtain up to 15,000 US dollars to use for this type of purpose.

Cofidis offers us, in the case of the personal loan for studies, a maximum of 60 months to return it.

If we talk about the loan for instruments, we have 12 more months, that is, 72 months, to make the repayment of our loan.

Personal credit "Dental treatment"

Being able to face dental needs, both yours and your family, is something that does not escape Cofidis.

This is the main reason why you have created this personal loan of up to 15,000 US dollars, being able to return it in 72 months, so that you can use it for dental health.

Personal credit for: celebrations and trips

Thanks to Cofidis, making the trip of our dreams or celebrating a wedding in style is not going to be a problem.

All we have to know is that we can have a total of 15,000 US dollars, to be returned in 72 installments, to do the things we need within these objectives and take advantage of their interests.

Cofidis Project Credit

Sometimes we need a little push for our work or personal projects to go ahead, and that is the main reason why Cofidis created this personal loan: to be able to enjoy a minimum of 4,000 US dollars and a maximum of
15,000 US dollars to go to the end with our projects.

We can use to our advantage its absence of opening commission and the possibility of a study of the money we need for free.

Direct Credit from Cofidis

Obtaining a quick credit with Cofidis are advantages and zero waiting: we will only have to wait a maximum of 24 hours for a response and the transfer of our credit.

The capital that we can access ranges from 500 US dollars to 4,000 US dollars and 41 maximum installments to return it.

Crédito Directo de Cofidis

Cofidis credit card

Can you imagine a credit card in which you do not have to worry about commissions of opening, management or maintenance and you decide the monthly fee you pay? Cofidis imagined it and that is how he created his credit card. We will only have to take care of paying when we use it, rest: just enjoy.

Interest rates on Cofidis loans

Taking all of the above into account, there are different types of interest depending on the type of personal loan or credit that we choose.

Below you can see what interests you have to assume:

  • New car loan: APR 6.11% and TIN 5.95%
  • Used car loan: APR 8.24% and TIN 7.95%
  • Motorcycle loan: APR 12.61% and TIN 11.95%
  • Home renovation loan: APR 6.11% and TIN 5.95%
  • Home equipment loan: APR 11.50% and TIN 10.95%
  • Student loan: APR 5.06% and TIN 4.95%
  • Musical instrument loan: APR 12.60% and TIN 11.95%
  • Dental treatment loan: APR 12.61% and TIN 11.95%
  • Celebration loan: APR 9.32% and TIN 8.95%
  • Travel loan: APR 12.61% and TIN 11.95%
  • Personal loan: APR 11.51% and TIN 10.95%
  • Fast credit: APR 24.51% and TIN 22.12%
  • Credit card: APR 24.50% and TIN 22.12%

All these types of interests within Cofidis mark the total value of what we will have to return.

If we request a travel loan of 6,000 US dollars and we want to pay it back in 36 months, the fee that we will have to assume is € 199.15.

The final amount that we will have to return is 7,153.12 , with the different interests that have been created for this type of loan in particular.

Advantages of this type of credits and loans from Cofidis

Given the conditions and interests that we have been citing about Cofidis loans , it is clear that there are many advantages to choose this platform
online, in any of its forms:

  • All procedures are carried out online, without having to travel or submit excessive documentation.
  • The requirements they ask to access their products are very simple to meet.
  • We can choose between 500 US dollars up to a maximum of 15,000 US dollars within the different loans that Cofidis offers .
  • It offers us great terms to repay our loan: from 12 months to 72 months.
  • We can access its simulator to be able to calculate the money that we need and how much the installment would be according to the interest and the term to be returned.
  • Only 24 hours and we will know the answer to our request.

Cofidis customer service and open line

Cofidis is known within Internet platforms for the great Customer Service it offers. One of its main characteristics is that we can communicate in any of the recognized languages ​​within the Spanish territory .

We can call the following telephone number 902 30 80 30, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., always in peninsular time.

This call has a cost, according to our telephone company , but we can request that they call us free of charge from Cofidis.

With reference to the above, the process that we must follow is to enter the following link:

and click on the link "Call me for free" at the bottom of the page.

We can also send a form online at the following link:

Now, if we prefer a faster and more direct contact, we can use Cofidis social networks to get in touch with those responsible.

We can find Cofidis on: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

It is safe to ask for a loan in Cofidis

Cofidis is considered one of the online personal loan platforms with the best guarantees for its clients when making an application.

This is because, along with its affordable conditions and interests , there is a group of professionals who take care of all the possible problems that a client may have when repaying the loan or getting the money they need.

Our personal data are protected within the Cofidis files, since they are governed by the LOPD, which is in force within Spanish territory.

This online platform offers us products designed for us and our needs.

How to apply for Cofidis loans online

In this same order and direction, if we decide to request a loan from Cofidis , the process for all of them is the same:

  1. Enter the following web page:
  2. Once inside, you just have to click, at the top, above the words "Loans and credits"
  3. When we enter, we will be able to see on the left of the page the complete offer of loans and credits offered by Cofidis.
  4. We just have to click on the one we need, use the simulator that is placed on the right of the page and choose the amount, the monthly payment and the months in which we want to return it.
  5. Finally, click on the bottom of the simulator, above "Request" and you will be forwarded to the loan application form divided into 4 phases: contact information, personal information, current (financial) situation and the summary of our application.

How to repay Cofidis loans

When we request any of the financial products that Cofidis offers us, in the same request we will be asked for an account number to be able to pay our monthly payments.

Similarly, if we need to consult any other means of payment, we will have to go to the Customer Service and comment on our situation before signing any contract.

What are the basic requirements for Cofidis credits

The requirements that we will have to meet for our application to be approved are the following:

  1. Be of legal age, or what is the same: be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Have an identity document or NIE, correctly updated and in force.
  3. We will not have to present an endorsement of any kind, since Cofidis personal loans have a “personal guarantee”.
  4. We must be able to justify our income either through a payroll, pension record, self-employment papers, etc.

The extensions and postponements of Cofidis credits

Cofidis offers us its "Wildcard" service, for those moments in which we cannot pay a monthly payment at any time.

This service and, therefore, the postponement of any installment can only be done on direct credit and on Cofidis credit cards .

To use this tool, we just have to call the following free phone number: 900 67 06 70, talk to a manager and find a solution that suits us.

At the moment in which we are late in a payment of another Cofidis product , we will have to consult the interest for late payment that will be added to us.

Opinions on Cofidis loans

María González.- With Cofidis I managed to celebrate the wedding of my dreams, have everything I wanted and be able to pay for it in the simplest way without having to make a great effort.

Carlos Martín .- The conditions that they offered me when I applied for my personal loan at Cofidis made me see the possibility of solving my dental problems faster.

Yballa Sánchez.- My daughter is a violin lover but she suffered a robbery, but thanks to Cofidis we were able to buy a new instrument without complications.

In conclusion

Cofidis and its loans are a guarantee of being able to fulfill all those dreams, needs or cover unforeseen events that we want.

Their conditions, interests and facilities to create our most comfortable quota, is something that cannot be missed.


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