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Compariloan is an optimal solution for all those users who require fast and effective loans in a few minutes. Due to the advancement of technology, online loans are becoming more and more frequent nowadays, so more and more people tend to request the services offered by various companies dedicated to making loans easily and without setbacks. That is why this article will talk a little more about the multiple benefits that Pulpo credit offers to its users.

What is Compariloan

Compariloan is a finance company that provides its services online. As it is a technological entity, the loans it makes are basically made via the Internet quickly and without further complication.

Its purpose is summarized in establishing a close relationship with its clients through the correct execution of their financial operations, taking into account their needs.

Thanks to the services offered by this financial institution, obtaining loans quickly and safely has never been so easy. And due to the strong economic crisis that prevails in Spain, it never hurts to have financial support of this type in order to solve the financial problems that may arise, especially when you know that obtaining a loan through a financial institution requires a large amount of paperwork.

What makes Compariloan different from other online financial entities

In the online credit market, there are many companies that are characterized by their good financial history. However, Compariloan is distinguished by having a great variety of technologies applied to the needs of each particular client, in order to satisfy their demands. This fact allows the granting of fast, transparent and secure solutions.

Apart from the above, said finance company has highly experienced advisers who contribute to the proper functioning of the various credit transactions that may be carried out. In this way, Compariloan ensures that it offers the best marketing conditions when making such transactions.

Literally, applying for a loan at Compariloan is safe, easy and fast.

Advantages of choosing Pulpo credit

There are several advantages that can be obtained when using the services that Compariloan offers to the Spanish community in general. Here are some advantages:

  • Security system : This finance company offers its clients a security system that guarantees the protection of user data in general. This system complies with the latest technologies in the field of computer security.
  • Development and prospects : In order to develop as a finance company and achieve the best standards in terms of customer service, Compariloan continuously implements various advanced mechanisms in its system. Thanks to this, it is possible to give an adequate orientation to the client, which influences their immediate satisfaction through the adaptation of the services offered to their needs.
  • Saving time : It is well known that applying for loans in a bank requires a lot of time and paperwork, in view of the review made by said entity in relation to the financial history of the client who is making the request. With Pulpo credit this problem is eliminated, because the entire loan application process is completely online . In fact, when applying for a loan through this financial institution it is possible to get a response in just 15 minutes .
  • Implemented technology : Thanks to the technology implemented by Compariloan, the search for credits can be done quickly, discreetly and safely, since it uses thousands of data points in order to choose the best offer for customers.
  • Transparent process : No hidden clauses and no hidden costs, Compariloan offers users the greatest possible transparency when offering their services.

The main features of Compariloan

This loan company has several characteristics that distinguish it from other online financial entities . Next, we will proceed to mention some:

  1. Speed ​​when responding to loan requests, since you only have to wait 15 minutes from the moment the request is made.
  2. The Compariloan website offers users various instruments for the purpose of requesting mini-credits and enjoying the loan as soon as possible.
  3. It offers fast and cheap credits with comfortable terms when returning the money.
  4. As it is a microfinance company, it is not so strict compared to banks when applying for loans.
  5. Loan applications can be made by retirees, unemployed people and you can also get fast money without endorsement and without payroll , all thanks to the loan policies that Compariloan offers to its users.
  6. It has an interactive menu on its web portal, this with the purpose of contacting the advisers of said online financial institution in case advice is needed when requesting a loan that is adapted to the needs of each user in particular, thus satisfying their demands.

It is safe to ask for a loan at Compariloan

What reasons are there to believe that it is safe to apply for a loan at Compariloan? There are many reasons. However, we will proceed to mention 5 reasons on which we can base ourselves to believe that it is reliable to apply for a loan through this online financial portal:

  1. It has a connection with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FINANCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS (Credit Checker), which demonstrates its commitment when offering its services to various Spanish users.
  2. It has a privacy policy , which recommends that users read before requesting any type of loan.
  3. It complies with the policies related to data communications , which implies that it has the power to transfer to third parties the information of users who have requested a loan in the past. This also suggests that it has a connection with financial entities, public agencies, public administrations and regulatory entities with the purpose of enforcing information and fraud prevention obligations.
  4. It does not use spamming techniques, so it only works with the data provided by users, with their prior consent. Therefore, when sending such users information regarding advertising and commercial transactions, it will take into account the position regarding whether or not they gave prior consent.
  5. Thanks to the security measures implemented by Compariloan , its website incorporates the appropriate technology to safeguard the integrity and protection of the data provided by users, thus protecting them from possible loss and misuse.

Compariloan requirements when applying for a loan

The requirements that must be met when applying for a loan through this online financial institution are the following:

  • Have permanent residence in Spain.
  • Be between 21 and 75 years old.
  • Have a mobile phone number.
  • Have the DNI number.
  • Be the owner of an account in a bank in Spain. In this way, the loan will be charged automatically.

Compariloan interest rates in relation to the loans offered by this entity

What is the interest rate applicable to the loans requested by the various Spanish users from the Compariloan financial institution ? The interest rate depends on 2 factors:

  • Of the loan amount.
  • Of the duration of the loan.

The borrower will be informed regarding the interest rate, also called Fees , that must be paid through the simulator on the website, which will always depend on the factors mentioned above.

Apart from the above, it is possible that the borrower wants to pay the loan before the scheduled date for its repayment. This fact will not imply any type of penalty or additional cost. In the event that said borrower wants to exercise this power, what he or she must do is inform the lender, who using the web portal will proceed to calculate the interest rate pending by the borrower, taking into account the days elapsed and the amount of the loan.

In addition, the borrower can at any time decide between repaying the loan or extending the repayment term, taking into account the following:

  • The borrower can choose between the following extension terms: 7, 14, 21 or 28 calendar days, counting from the moment the request for the extension is made.
  • The cost of the extension of the loan term will be the one deducted from the web portal simulator, which must be communicated to the borrower later.
  • At the time of requesting the extension of the loan payment term, the borrower must immediately pay the fees that accrue in the extension period in a bank account indicated by the lender. When the extension period has ended, the borrower will proceed to pay the total amount that has been derived from the loan, in addition to the fees that have accrued during the term in which the loan was granted before the extension, into the bank account that previously indicated by the lender.

Needless to say, the interest rate derived from the loan made to a borrower through the Compariloan web portal must be governed by the contracting conditions established by Law 22/2007, Law 16/2011 and others. Spanish legislation that may be applied to the activity carried out by the lender in question.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in Compariloan

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to obtain a credit with Credit Checker through Compariloan is NO .

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Mobile application and customer service

Regarding whether there is a mobile application that allows Spanish users to use the services offered by this online financial institution, Compariloan responds to the fact that, mainly, it uses a web page or portal for the purpose of carrying out its commercial transactions, so that the Users of the same should limit themselves to using the Internet from their homes, workplace or any other place in order to request a loan.

And in relation to customer service, there are multiple ways in which support can be requested when requesting a loan. Here are some of those ways:

  • By calling the following contact number: 901 009 464.
  • Using the contact email: [email protected]

In addition to this, it should be said that there are hours of operation, which are the following:

  • Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

In the event that a loan request is made outside of the established working hours, the various requests will be processed the next business day, taking into account the relevant priority.

Types of loans on Compariloan

The types of loans from Pulpocredit will depend on the type of person requesting it and the credit history they have. Taking into account the above, the following is observed:

  • Loans for the unemployed: Aimed at those who do not have a job and need quick loans in order to overcome the economic crisis in which they have been.
  • Loans for new clients: Which do not exceed 200 US dollars. However, Compariloan has a history tracking system for its loyal customers, which results in such customers benefiting from larger loans due to their excellent credit history when making loan repayments. In addition, they can enjoy a discount.
  • Retiree Loans: Aimed at those who have already retired from their respective jobs.

How to apply for Compariloan credits

You can request the necessary credits in Compariloan online following just 4 steps:

  1. Choose the amount you want to obtain and the return period.
  2. Register on the Pulpo credit website.
  3. After completing the corresponding form, wait for the response in just 15 minutes.
  4. Get the money and use it.

This quick request can be done from any site or personal area.

How to return Compariloan credits

To carry out the credit return operation to Compariloan , you have 2 options:

  1. Bank transfer: Through online banking or in the branch, the loan payment can be made by bank transfer . When making the transfer, you must write down your ID number , as well as the reason for the payment. Without this information, the loan cannot be canceled.
  2. In cash: Through an ATM or window in any of the bank offices indicated in the invoice in your personal area, you can make a cash deposit to pay the corresponding loan.

Extensions and postponements in Pulpo credit

A person can request the extension of the repayment period in case he cannot repay the loan on the due day. This extension can be done for the following days: 7, 14, 21 and 28 days . In addition, it is necessary to pay in advance the loan commission taking into account the new period that has been selected, in order to extend said repayment. The payment of said commission must be made in the bank account previously indicated by the lender in question.

Compariloan reviews

There are different opinions regarding the use of the services offered by Compariloan to its clients. Here are some of those opinions:

  • Paula (San Sebastián): I recommend Compariloan to my family and friends .
  • Laura (Barcelona): I am a Silver customer, so I receive a discount from 10% to 100%. With this system I receive money fast and to spend!
  • Alejandro (Granada): Fast and safe.
  • Daniel (Toledo): It only took me 15 minutes to get my loan. Great!
  • Carlos (Madrid): Speed ​​in the process. Above all, a friendly treatment of the telemarketers. Thanks for everything!


The services that Compariloan offers to its clients are effective and efficient, as various Spanish users have already commented in this regard. In view of this, if you need money to get out of an economic predicament, such as, for example, pay off small debts, make a punctual payment or simply comply with a whim, the solution is found in the services that this online financial institution offers its clients . You just have to go to the interactive menu available on the Pulpo credit website and contact this entity. With their experienced advisers, you can choose the loan that best suits your needs quickly and easily.

Undoubtedly, when faced with an economic hardship, using an immediate online credit has become the best fast money alternative that exists today. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this alternative.

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