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Motorlender , the most innovative online loan company in Spain , if what you are looking for is to get out of that financial trouble and you cannot spend your time at a bank or stand in lines for those rigorous paperwork, and you do not want to request capital from some dubious lender , Motorlender will help you in less than 15 minutes, keep reading and discover this wonderful and new way of raising capital.

What is Motorlender?

Motorlender is a financial technology company, that is, an international FinTech. The vision of this company is to change the market in financing, to make it more simple, accessible and clear. In Motorlender, requests are analyzed quickly and responsibly, each one individually, through its risk software that is capable of processing different variables, this being the way in which Motorlender guarantees you the most appropriate, objective and comfortable decision to instant way.

What makes Motorlender different?

What Motorlender offers you is the accessibility that you will not find in any other financial company. From the comfort of your home, either with your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can request your capital in less than 2 minutes, so if it is approved, Motorlender can transfer it to you in up to 15 minutes.

Motorlender understands that sometimes you need money urgently, you can't waste your time doing those huge lines in offices, or having to spend hours looking for your documents for those slow and difficult procedures. In Motorlender you save your time and no guarantees or guarantees are necessary.

Types of loans Online Motorlender

Motorlender has the loan that you need, and with the most accessible solutions.

Personal loans

These credits are granted in most cases. It does not require guarantees to be able to materialize. Motorlender offers you a loan of € 50 to € 400 to be repaid in a period from 5 to 62 days , and if you are already a regular customer they will loan you up to € 1,200 for a period of up to 4 months , without guarantees or mortgages, there is no requirement of direct debit payroll or other type of income.


The fast Mini-credit is a way to get urgent money, making a fast and secure transaction without the need to leave our house, or from the place where we are, it will only be enough that you have Internet access to make your quick request.

Quick Credits

Quick loans are designed for those unforeseen expenses, which are very common today, if you urgently need to pay for those school books, or take advantage of that great offer, with Motorlender you can request it, and bring the capital at your disposal in a period of 5 days and 30 days. And if you have already been a customer you can increase your term.

How Motorlender confidence levels work

For Motorlender it is very important that you have placed your trust in its processes, and it offers benefits by levels, from the importance of the new customer, to the importance of the responsible and punctual customer.

  • Start Level: for new customers they are given the facility to quickly request from € 50 to € 400 within a period of 5 to 62 days. The daily (average) interest rate is 0.8%
  • Take-off level: After the first loan, Motorlender grants you up to € 500 in the same period of 5 days up to 62. The daily (average) interest rate is 0.7%
  • Ascent level: If you are already a regular with Motorlender credits and have returned your credits in a timely manner, at this level you can request up to € 700 to be returned in the same terms. The daily (average) interest rate is 0.65%
  • Turbo Level: If you always request loans with Motorlender, and you are an exemplary client, returning your sums, you can request capital up to € 900 in a period of 30 days up to 90 days. The daily (average) interest rate is 0.6%
  • SuperTurbo level: For you who are already a privileged client, from the previous level, you have reached the VIP level here, in which you as a vip client can request your urgent loan of up to € 1200 for a tie of 30 days up to 120 days. The daily (average) interest rate is 0.55%

Advantages of choosing Motorlender

Motorlender offers you numerous advantages, the one that stands out the most is the fact that Motorlender allows you to get the capital you need from wherever you are and at any time of the day, you just need to be connected to the internet.

Another benefit is flexibility, the microcredit offers you to put the term that you need from 5 days to 30 days, and if you are a VIP client, up to 4 months. So the possibilities are endless.

From a credit of € 300 with a return period of 30 days to a credit of € 50 with a return period of 5 days. And the best ... You pay interest only for the period of time that is available to you, so that if you enjoy a mini-credit amount for 7 days, you will pay the same interest if you need it within 30 days.

Motorlender humanely attends and understands capital needs, being of vital importance for the company the satisfaction of savings, both in time and interest. Whatever your concern, whoever you are and wherever you are, Motorlender will always have the best credit in your hands.

The main features of Motorlender

  • Motorlender, being a totally innovative company with FinTech, offers you the greatest comfort.
  • First credit or online loan of up to € 300 without interest or commissions (free) offer only for new clients.
  • You can request your credit from your mobile by downloading the android application from HERE
  • You only need to be over 18 years old
  • It has specialized care for each case
  • When you find the option that best suits you, just click to get your loan
  • Entering your data on your page will take you very few minutes
  • If the answer is positive, the money will already be deposited to your account.
  • It is a totally reliable company with the best service to its customers.

Most of the clients who request mini credits online have a job with which you can face the usual expenses, but Motorlender knows that in these times facing unforeseen events is difficult because our payroll is almost always tight, for this reason What interests him most is that you quickly get the amount you need, and it gives you the facility to return it as soon as the next payroll is deposited, giving you margin time, which is actually what his clients need the most and with the benefit of the least interest , and better term.

It is safe to ask for a loan in Motorlender

Mini credits are an excellent access to financing, but with the rise of such a financial sector, pages of dubious origin that seek to take advantage of your situation and capital proliferate. For this reason, Motorlender is available to help you differentiate a reliable and very secure Web, since it is a secure company and with all the legal and fiscal requirements, from the moment you access its website you can identify the reliability of its operations.

On the ekomi website you can identify comments from real customers, a page that the same company reviews to know that customer satisfaction is always satisfactory. And most importantly, Motorlender is subscribed to the Spanish Association of Micro loans, establishing guarantees and quality filters that protect the consumer. The firms have a quality seal that allows them to differentiate themselves from the best companies in the sector.

Motorlender requirements

In Motorlender it is very easy to have your micro loan. And as we already mentioned above, it is totally simple, as the main and essential data your DNI / NIE, your account number so that the capital deposit is made, your mobile phone number, where an SMS will be sent to confirm your address email, where you will also be sent a notification for greater security, you do not need any type of guarantee, or mortgage something in return, you only need to be over 18 years old, have access to its website, 10 minutes to fill out a form and the need for capital, and Motorlender will immediately provide you with the information so that you can choose the amount you need in the time you need for the return. And as a new solution, it offers you a fast loan without payroll.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in Motorlender

If you go to any bank to request a personal loan, when your name appears on a list of defaulters, such as Credit Checker or RAI, any credit in your name will automatically be rejected. But Motorlender knows that your name can appear for some very small debt, and that your financial solvency is positive. That is why you can request it even if you are on that delinquent file. Even you are in that file, you can fill out your request and in minutes you will know the answer.

If your application is approved, because Motorlender has evaluated your credit as suitable, the money will be transferred to you in moments, of course depending on the day you requested it, because normally banks remain closed on weekends and do not process transfers, but still being the In this case, the transaction will be reflected next Monday.

Customer service at Motorlender

The design of the Motorlender page is fully functional, and even a person with little experience in handling technologies can apply for a loan. The fabulous option of the Chat, offers the client direct communication with the company. In just 3 easy steps, Motorlender customers have the cash in their hands.

As a second accessible tool you will have the loan simulator, in which you can place the amount you need and the term that suits you best and you will automatically be able to see the total to be returned with all and interest.

The full transparency of Motorlender throughout the process is very helpful to customers.

Finally, already agreeing with your calculations of time and money, you can continue to fill out the application, fill in your data and in minutes you will have an answer.

How to apply for Motorlender credits?

The way in which you can apply for credit with Motorlender is simple, by entering its website, you will automatically find the simulator, as we previously informed you, and when you click on '' Apply for a loan '' it will redirect you to a page where you will fill out the form, and at that moment you will be told if your request was suitable or not. Yes. That is how easy it is to request a loan with Motorlender.

How to return the credits of Motorlender?

This company has several forms of return.

  • Payment by debit card, Visa or MasterCard. And you can do it on the official site of your company in order to follow the steps that it explains.
  • Trustly, a platform that allows you to pay online in a very secure way through your own financial institution.
  • Bank transfer, you can do it through a transfer, in person or online from your own bank. And in the same response to your request they will give you the account where and how you should send it exactly.
  • Payments in cash, at any branch of Bankia or Catalunya C.

I can't log in, I forgot my password

If you need to recover the password for your Motorlender account, you must enter the email address you have linked to that account in the password loss area. Then you will get a solution that will tell you "get instructions." Then, you just have to follow the steps to get to the password change.

I can't change the mobile phone on my account

If what you want is to update information by changing your telephone number for the access codes, you must send the old telephone along with a copy of the DNI and the request for the number to the email of [email protected]

Extensions and postponements

If for some reason you do not have the capital to pay for your loan, you can request a deferral, you must enter your Motorlender account and select '' Additional deferral ''. Being able to choose a postponement of 7 to 31 days. Of course the interest can increase a bit, but it is not a problem for Motorlender, they will always give you the best option.

Opinions about Motorlender

Cristina S.- They have been a great help to me, their online loans are so fast. I recommend it, I could pay for my school immediately '

María Eugenia L.- I was able to go on vacation, thanks to Motorlender for their loan, I am very happy.

Gastón P.- Bluntly, they have given me the capital immediately and with the best term, and without any problems.


Motorlender is an innovative option for people who urgently need money, without long lines, or absurd requirements, and without the need to mortgage any real estate.

You can get out of that predicament as soon as possible with just 3 steps in 10 minutes and with just one click, you can instantly calculate the capital you need and the best term. With Motorlender you decide.


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