Solcredito - Your first fast loan without interest at 0% of up to € 800

Economic needs tend to arise unexpectedly, catching us off guard, many times, without immediate solutions to respond to our financial problems. Many of us, at some time in our lives, have gone through difficult times trying to get quick money without success or without remote possibilities of acquiring a bank credit or personal loan . Traditional financial institutions, rather than representing help, sometimes become obstacles that prevent their clients from acquiring various credit products with these entities. Solcredito represents a great opportunity for those who require financial advice and a helping hand to help them get out of trouble in difficult times for urgent situations. In this post you will find all the information you need to obtain fast credits online and start enjoying the benefits that this modern modality offers you.

Let's start with the first thing you should know: what is is a modern online credit search tool, the purpose of which is to investigate the different offers offered by this market in order to make available to its clients the credit company that best suits their needs. Its services are fast, safe and reliable, since in a matter of minutes, it offers positive and timely responses that meet the needs of the people who seek its services.

Since its creation in 2011, it has been characterized as an innovative credit counseling company, because it uses digital technology to carry out the successful achievement of its functions, offering quick money to quick solutions.

Solcredito makes the difference! let's see why

We know that there are a wide variety of companies that offer financial support to their clients, however not all of them offer encouraging answers to people seeking their services. Solcredito offers a helping hand to those who need to solve short-term financial problems, offering them personal loans without exposing them to difficult and frustrating procedures, which, in many cases, represent an additional problem for the client. This virtual company manages requests with speed, confidence and security, providing solutions in just fifteen minutes, the response time that none of the traditional banking entities in our country offers us.

In addition to all these benefits, Solcredito offers you its free services, allowing you to choose, through its credit comparer, which is the most convenient option for you. Likewise, it gives you the possibility of sending your request, from the place where you are, using your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Do you want to know more about Solcredito? know the advantages of choosing this virtual company

When wanting to apply for a money loan, we always think about the risks that we can face when engaging in a commitment of such magnitude. However, with Solcredito you will find many advantages, which will minimize the risks and encourage you to have their help whenever you need it. Some of its advantages are:

Comfort in your request

Comfort is one of the most important factors for our benefit. Solcredito gives you the opportunity to send your application online, without the need to go to any office where you can lose valuable time, necessary to fulfill other tasks or responsibilities. From your home, workplace or any other place, you can contact them and start managing the best solution to your financial problems.

Quality service with the best company

As you have already read here, is a credit search tool that will manage your application with the credit company that best suits your requirements. One of the best advantages is that your solution will be in the hands of the best financial institution, since your case will be sent only to the credit company that meets the true characteristics, which you need to solve your financial problems.

Immediate response

As we said before, the response to your request will be sent to you in a period of fifteen minutes, obtaining more than immediate solutions; you will get quick money in the blink of an eye, just as you were expecting. The credit to your bank account will depend on how quickly the company that will handle your case manages it, however, we can tell you that it usually takes only a couple of hours to deposit the requested amount.

Flexibility according to your requirements

Solcredito offers you the opportunity to choose how much money you want to request and in how long you want to pay it; all this framed, also, within certain policies that the company manages, but always without affecting your well-being.

The loan repayment term ranges from five to thirty days, with amounts to request ranging from € 50 to € 800 . In cases where you become a responsible customer and have an impeccable record with Solcredito, you can request up to € 10,000 payable over 5 years , as confirmed by the company's loyalty program.

Unbeatable interest rates

If you are a new customer and want to request the services of this company, you will not pay any interest rate the first time you require a credit or personal loan . Just as you just read, 0% interest rate! Solcredito, exonerates the interest allowing you to return only the amount of money borrowed, if it is your first loan.

Main characteristics that make Solcredito eligible Get to know them!

We have said that Solcredito represents a great option when it comes to thinking about a quick solution to get out of financial difficulties, this responds to a series of important characteristics that define the work policy of this company; among them we find:

Timely advice, rather than managing the loan of money with the best credit institutions in the country, advises you in a timely manner regarding the most viable and suitable solutions for each of your financial problems.

Seriousness and transparency

Since its creation in 2011, it has been characterized by providing its services in a responsible and transparent manner, offering the best credit comparators so that its clients have the most suitable for their needs. To date, it has granted 946,000 personal loans, exceeding € 525 million in money loaned to its clients.

Discretion and security

Its service policies guarantee the confidentiality of its clients' requests, respecting the privacy of its procedures and data.

Management according to Spanish laws is completely governed by the laws that regulate the granting of short-term credits, thus ensuring management within the limits of transparency and adequate legality for this type of negotiation.

What security does Sol Credito offer you in terms of its services? Much more than you think!

As you already know, Sol Credito , through its search tool, finds the best credit company that can help you solve a problem of an economic nature when you need it. In addition to being interested in your well-being and because you get the best option, it offers you payment facilities, which we will detail later, always abiding by current legislation in the country. Working hand in hand with the law, gives you the necessary security so that, without major doubts, you can trust their offers and services.

Did you like Solcredito? Discover the necessary requirements for you to start enjoying its benefits!

It is important to emphasize, once again, that since Solcredito is a virtual company with rapid request and response, it minimizes the protocol of procedures and paperwork so that you can request the personal loan or mini-credit , which best suits your needs. If you have convinced yourself that Solcredito is the best option in this time of financial trouble that you are facing, you must meet the following requirements so that you can soon start enjoying its countless benefits:

Requirements on a personal level

If you want to apply for a quick loan with you must be over 18 years old and under 80 years old, this to guarantee, in some way, that you have the financial capacity and the average age to repay your loan. Likewise, you must obviously have a national identification document DNI / NIE.

Economic requirements

First of all, it is important to recommend that you should not apply for a personal loan to pay other existing financial debts. One of the fundamental requirements is that you must have the ability to pay so that you can honor your credit responsibilities without major inconveniences. In addition to this, you must have an account in a national bank, since, for the most part, companies debit the established fees through your bank debit card.

Technological requirements

An inescapable requirement is that you must have an Internet connection to make your request effective, since, as you have found out, uses a technological platform to attend the procedures that are required. You must have a computer, tablet or mobile device through which you can connect to request your personal credit; You must also have a personal mobile number and email address.

Know now, the interest rates that Solcredito offers you

If you are a new Solcredito client and you are requesting their advice for the first time, you can request your personal credit with a 0% interest rate , this to welcome you and as a way for you to fully trust the company and can, with your eyes closed, re-establish mutual credit ties in the future.

However, for second applications, there is no fixed interest rate, since this will depend on the company that grants you the credit through Solcredito and the kind of client you are. Once you have entered your application and your case is studied, an interest rate will be set that will respond to your specific characteristics.

Is it possible to request a personal credit if I appear in Credit Checker?

Normally, banks and some financial institutions deny you the possibility of processing a new credit if you appear on the Credit Checker or equity solvency list. If your case is similar and you are on one of these lists of delinquent people, you can, however, make your request; will be in charge of studying your case and forwarding your application to the best company that it deems appropriate to grant you a loan despite your situation.

It is important that you recognize that requesting a personal credit with bad references by Credit Checker could considerably influence the decision to grant new personal loans to you.

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How is Solcredito customer service? Do you have a mobile application?

Solcredito does not have a mobile application, as unfortunate news for many of its users, however, it provides its clients with complete and timely attention through its different supports and modalities:

Through your website

Suncredit. offers its customers a form on its page, through which you can comment on your concerns or suggestions. Depending on your concern, Solcredito will contact you in the next 24 hours, as long as it is business days.

Through your customer service hotline

You can contact their customer service, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 21:00 through the number +34 932 200 108.

By email has an email address for you to ask your questions, clarify doubts or simply make suggestions or comments on its services. You can write to the e-mail [email protected] and wait for the response of your message in a maximum period of 24 hours, on working days.

Through social networks

For your convenience, you can also contact through Skype solcredito, as well as through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

What types of loans does offer? does not offer fast loans directly to its clients, but rather investigates, through its search tool, the credit company that best suits your needs and manages your request. Once the required procedure is done, the credits provided by, through these companies, are to be paid in the short term, in a period of 5 to 30 days, therefore the loans offered are personal credits, or mini-credits, that can solve the urgent needs of its customers and that they can be paid quickly in a month.

These credits are processed without the need for you to have a payroll or a job that supports your application.

How to apply for Solcredito loans and credits?

Processing our credit through Solcredito is actually a very simple process, which we can carry out in four simple steps that will allow us to have enough cash in a short time to solve our financial contingencies.

Step 1 . First of all, we must access the electronic page of the entity, through the following link: Once inside, here we only have to select the required amount, which can range from between 100 and 1,000 US dollars, an amount established for the first time that the service is used and that can be extended later, as well as the time within which we can make the repayment of the loan, whose term can be selected from 5 to 30 days as the deadline.

As this service is used, Solcredito does not give the possibility of increasing our personal loan even up to a limit of 40,000 US dollars, to be paid up to 60 months, which will already depend on our ability to pay and the timely payment that we make of all our loans.

Step 2. In this step it will only be necessary to fill in the form with our personal data, in a 100% online process that does not require any additional paperwork

Step 3. Once the required information has been entered, Solcredito will be in charge of searching and comparing the various offers and loans that are available, to later provide us with the result that best corresponds to the criteria entered on our part. After this, we will only have to accept the option offered by Solcredito, so that later an advisor will contact us about 15 minutes later.

Step 4. Finally we have the most satisfactory step of all, which is simply to receive the money corresponding to our personal loan with Solcredito. Shipping may take a few hours but in no case may it exceed 24 hours.

It is worth mentioning that when you already have a previous history as a Solcredito client , the shipment will be much faster and you can be receiving your money in just five minutes.

How to return the credit to A step that cannot be missed!

Repaying the credit is one of the most important elements, which you should not ignore with or with any other company with which you acquire a financial commitment. The return of the credit must be done following the conditions imposed by the company that granted it directly, that is, depending on the institution, the conditions and modalities of return will differ from each other.

However, the process of returning your money loan will be extremely simple, just as it was making your request. Many times the payment can be made by transfer, credit or debit card or simply by deposit through an ATM to the account indicated.

Everything you need to know about payment extensions and deferrals with Solcredito: read it here

You should know that, before requesting a personal loan, it is necessary that you study your payment possibilities so that you do not face uncomfortable charges that could add problems to the solution that Solcredito has just offered you. If for any reason you fail to pay your debt, the company will put additional surcharges on you, recalculating the amount to be returned; This of course will exceed the amount borrowed, increasing interest and affecting you, too, by including you on the Credit Checker list .

If you have problems repaying the loan, you should contact the company to avoid more late interest and reach satisfactory agreements.

Customer reviews attest to the security of Solcredito

There is no better guarantee than the opinion offered by users and clients of this company; Your satisfaction comments prove it. If you want to know about the opinions of the thousands of satisfied users, you just have to consult the web and check the innumerable acknowledgments that have been posted in recent years, in terms of the help and financial assistance it provides to its users.

Solcredito has earned the place of honor among so many companies in its area, thanks to its payment facilities and the advantages it offers in terms of interest rates.


As you can see, none of us is exempt from suffering economic situations that put our well-being at risk. One of the most viable and secure solutions is to request fast money online and enjoy the benefits that companies like Solcredito can offer us.

Do not hesitate to apply for personal loans online , the tranquility and quick solution of your problems is priceless.

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