20 Italian villas for an (almost) normal vacation


So you’d have your heart set on Italy this summer, but it broke your heart last week by extending the quarantine mandate for visitors from the UK – currently until at least August 30th.

However, that doesn’t make your dream of a lazy villa vacation where you hop from the pool to the lounger impossible. The quarantine for visitors to Italy from the UK is five days, and you’re allowed to spend them at an address of your choice – that is, if you book the right place there is no reason to leave the premises anyway.

Have groceries delivered on your arrival and spend your quarantine on an (almost) normal vacation: have breakfast late in the morning on the terrace, in the afternoon by the pool and in the evening on the grill or squat inside. Your lockdown exercise? Forget Online Pilates Classes; It’s time to do laps through olive groves, practice the sun salutation on the terrace or swim a few laps in the pool.

This strangest year has some perks too – while at this point it is usually almost impossible to book anywhere decent, there is an abundance of top notch homes with ample availability for the remainder of the 2021 season, from the lakes to the islands and everything in between. Your Tuscan idyll is still possible during the school holidays – but take a look at other regions such as Lazio or the less rugged, more mountainous areas of Tuscany to get the best value for money for a high season trip.

Do it this way, and you can have almost anything, even in a week: five lazy days to get on vacation and then two days to see the sights you would otherwise have scattered over a week. Of course, stay two weeks and things will feel even more normal as the days progress. Also this year you can still get some Dolce Vita.


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