Zaplo - Personal loans of up to € 2,500 in a few minutes

Zaplo is one of the websites dedicated to quick loans that has grown the most in recent times. The design of its website, which is very attractive and makes you not want to leave without doing a little research, and its many advantages, have made the company Zaplo a perfect place for us to solve sudden problems without having to wait long time for it.

What strikes us the most about Zaplo is not only the simplicity with which we can get our quick loan, but also that in our first loan with them we can get up to 800 US dollars and, in the following loans, this amount can increase up to 2,500 US dollars , which is a great help for many people.

Sometimes we have to realize that, sometimes, we do not need a lot of money, but to have total control over it, over how we are going to return it, the interests, etc., and this is something that Zaplo offers us.

Having control over our loan and what we do with it is something that we cannot miss, and it is something that pushes this private equity company to be one of those that are at the top of the ranking of companies dedicated to fast loans via the Internet.

In this article we will discuss all its advantages, so that your period of analysis and comparison of financing options is notably reduced.

What is Zaplo

Zaplo belongs to the well-known 4Finance group , being a company that works with private capital to offer fast loans online . 4Finance is a multinational specialized in granting loans online, it has more than 10 million clients and a capital of 3 billion US dollars to use in quick loans.

Zaplo's main objective is the comfort, speed and responsibility to be able to grant the largest possible number of quick loans for the people who need them, and who can face them, can enjoy them as soon as possible.

It is a company that focuses on the satisfaction of all those who bet on them to request quick loans and trusting in their innovation. Zaplo knows that today's population needs easier, faster and more practical access to the economy than it is in a normal financial institution.

Finally, Zaplo is a company that is in continuous innovation, to be able to adapt to the changing sector of credits and loans in the financial world of which people are the main engine.

Why choose Zaplo

Zaplo is a relatively new company ... like almost all companies that are dedicated to mini-credits in Spain , and its path is already important despite its youth.

Its main advantage is that it is a subsidiary of the financial group 4Finance, with more than 10 million clients and with loans totaling 3,000 million US dollars. An impressive amount.

They are proud, and they make that clear on their website: creating products and solutions focused on the client, and not on Zaplo obtaining liquidity, on the flexibility of all its procedures and transparency in costs, policies and processes.

Advantages of Zaplo

If we decide to bet on Zaplo, all are advantages for us and, obviously, for our fast loan. The advantages that we can find are the following:

  • If it is our first loan with Zaplo, we can request between 300 US dollars up to 800 US dollars to be repaid between 3 months and 24 months maximum.
  • Depending on the fee we want or think we can pay, we can choose the months in which we will repay our loan, taking advantage of the flexibility that Zaplo offers us.
  • Once we fill out our online request on the Zaplo website ( ), we will get a response within 24 hours and, within 10 minutes of confirmation, we will have the money in our account .
  • Everything is done online, which means that it is done quickly and easily without the need to waste time on unnecessary paperwork.
  • We can return it before 3 months without having to pay any interest rate or, on the other hand, increase the term of our return if we have something unforeseen.
  • The interest proposed by Zaplo reaches 151.8% for the installments in 24 months.

Who can apply for a loan at Zaplo

Before looking at the interest rates and other more than important details within a loan, we must be clear about who are those who can access the Zaplo loan , since so many benefits require certain guarantees from the company, which seeks to minimize the risk of an unpaid loan.

These are the requirements that Zaplo requires of those who wish to apply for the mini-credit :

  1. Reside in Spain during the loan payment period
  2. Be between 25 and 70 years old when the loan is requested
  3. Have your valid and valid DNI or NIE at the time of application
  4. Have a mobile phone that receives SMS
  5. Have a bank account
  6. Be able to repay the loan for the amount stipulated monthly and throughout the term
  7. Deliver the documentation and / or information that Zaplo may require to authorize your request

You must be clear that all the requirements, to be valid, must be under the ownership of the applicant, that is, you cannot ask a family member for a mobile, or their email, much less the bank account, unless with express and proven permission documentary to Zaplo.

It is safe to ask for a loan in Zaplo

The Zaplo company is a company that takes the privacy of its customers very seriously: both their personal and bank details. Our personal data, which will appear in the quick loan application, are very important for Zaplo and 4Finance , the financial group to which it belongs, therefore they are under Organic Law 15/1999, on the Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21.

Zaplo gives us the option of knowing what is done with our personal data within the company if we want to know it for our greater peace of mind, but it gives us all the guarantees of security and confidence so that we can do all our efforts without having any problem so that we can ask for a loan without feeling that they are going to cheat us or that we are going to pay more than what we have signed.

Zaplo interest rates

Unfortunately we cannot offer you this information in a timely and clear manner, since all Zaplo credits are personalized and depending on the time and amount of money, the interest rates are one or the other.

Of course, they are governed under the APR like any other financial company and on the main page you have a simulator that tells you exactly the amount, in percentage and in money, of the cost of your hypothetical loan application.

The minimum APR is 106.40%, and a maximum of 127.60% per year, corresponding to a nominal interest of between 75% and 85%.

How to apply for your loan in Zaplo

The application is a very simple, fast and above all intuitive process, but it is good that, although briefly, you review the process, and know in advance what data will be requested and have everything prepared, remember that if you start the application, and it takes time , the page will "take you out" due to inactivity.

  1. Set the amount of money and time period on the main page , on the right side where you see the sliders. Remember that, if it is your first loan, you can only access € 800. Click Apply.
  2. In the next window you will see two parts: the right with the summary of what you request, with the breakdown of costs and monthly payments, and a form, which you must fill in yes or yes, and that asks you for the following information:
  • Full name
  • Your identification (DNI or NIE)
  • Birthdate
  • Mobile phone
  • Landline phone (optional)
  • Email
  • An access password
  • Accept the conditions of the contract, privacy and others of Zaplo

Confirm the details of your request, and you are simply done.

Once Zaplo analyzes your request , and it is approved, within a maximum period of two hours the money will be sent to your bank account, and according to your bank, it could take up to 48 hours for it to be reflected in it.

You cannot request another loan when you have one in force, but you can extend it up to the limit, for example, if you have requested € 400, you can request the extension to a maximum of € 800 for the first loan, or € 2,500 if you are a recurring Zaplo customer .

Form and dates of payment

When Zaplo boasts payment flexibility , he is not exaggerating. While companies that compete in the same product give a maximum of three months and a single exhibition, Zaplo allows the payment to be divided into 24 monthly installments.

When you request your credit, Zaplo lets you choose the payment date, and through a collection through your bank account, you will settle your debt , until, obviously, you have returned the total amount of money that Zaplo lent you, along with its respective interests. You can pay by card, or by bank transfer. Although the most used is the usual method of any invoice on the agreed date.

Extensions and postponements

At Zaplo they seek our happiness and make life easier for us, as far as our financial life is concerned, and that is why when we have something unforeseen when it comes to repaying our loan quickly, they offer us a bit of flexibility. They give us the option of being able to postpone our next installment for a whole month with what they call “temporary deferral of my payment”.

In order to request our postponement online we must take into account certain things:

  • We must be current with our return fees up to that point.
  • It must also be the first time that we request it or, at least, that we have not requested it the month before.
  • We must have made at least one monthly payment on our fast loan.
  • There must be a minimum of 20 days to finalize the term of our loan.

The application is simple, but you must be clear that the benefit is free, but not without cost, that is, you must pay the interest for that respite period, in advance, to obtain that month of respite.

It's as simple as going to your personal area on the Zaplo page and going to the section, and calculating the cost, and clicking on request.

This deferral can be paid by paying by card or with a transfer, adding the number of our loan in the concept field. Once this step is done, Zaplo will automatically activate the postponement for the following month.

It is a service that few companies have in advance, leaving the possibility open, but without a mechanism prepared for these eventualities, causing over-indebtedness of clients due to late fees and even considering that time of delay as non-payment.

Mobile application and customer service at Zaplo

Zaplo does not have its own mobile application, but it is true that it gives us the option of accessing its website from any device that has Internet access and that we communicate with them through other communication channels.

Although we have to do all the procedures online, we can communicate in another way with those responsible for Zaplo:

  • Through its website , to make our request for a quick loan, know the status of our returns and our fees, extend our terms, etc.
  • We can send an email to [email protected] , with all the doubts we have or suggestions or everything we need to know, and Zaplo will respond to us within 24 hours.
  • Finally, we can call by phone if we want a more direct contact, to the phone number 910 606 622.

Privacy & Security

Last but not least, we tell you that Zaplo has high encryption security certificates that guarantee two things: that your data can only be seen by Zaplo, and that it cannot be modified by third parties.

Similarly, to save paperwork and documentation for customers, Zaplo uses Instantor technology. It is a technology used throughout Europe, which allows all financial companies to share information about their clients, such as confirming identity, risk analysis, the amount of income, if any, without having to ask the client for any document, and your usual bank account and authorization for it being sufficient.

In this way, you as a customer do not have to worry about almost anything, because Instantor will do it for you.

As you can see, Zaplo is an excellent option, comfortable, flexible and without a doubt, safe.

Opinions about Zaplo

M. Gonzalez.- A company like Zaplo that does not stop growing and that is so flexible and gives so many options to return the money from its loans to its clients, it is understandable that its website is one of the most sought after and visited by the population looking for a quick solution to their momentary problems.

R. Sánchez.- When you seek to remedy something that escapes your hands and, in this case, your checking account and you find a company like Zaplo that makes you feel like an important part of them, they offer you flexibility to be able to repay your loan even if in some month you are in a hurry or in a hurry and you cannot, it is the type of company that is needed in these times.

T. Martinez.- Reducing the financial pressure that many people suffer or giving them the relaxation of a vacation or a long-desired trip, is also a way to help the population to increase their mood and to cope to different situations that they have to face every day.

A. Paez.- Zaplo is a company that has all the keys to succeed as it is doing and, above all, to help us achieve what we are looking for and need thanks to its tools in continuous improvement thanks to innovation that, continuously , they are including in their web page, procedures, relationship between company and clients, etc.


As you have discovered, Zaplo not only has the best options for its clients, but millions of clients are satisfied with the company.

Among the main advantages that can be highlighted of this company is that you can enjoy flexible payments, which makes it possible to divide it into comfortable installments. In addition, if at a certain time you need to have more money and you have paid faithfully, the platform gives you the option to enjoy more money, that is, to expand your credit.

In case you need to take a month, you can postpone one or two payments and for this you only have to contact the company.

Having a platform of this level, protected by 4finance, one of the safest groups in the world in mini-credits throughout Europe, gives a lot of security.

All the data that reaches the entity is passed through a system in which the data is perfectly encrypted. This ensures that the entity's personal data is fully encrypted and no one will have access to our address or telephone number.

The term of this type of credit does not make any of the clients wait, since in just 15 minutes you will be able to know if you are really suitable or not to enjoy the advantages that I zaplo, having the money in your account in less than 48 Working hours. This, together with the fact that to obtain the loan only the name and the account number are needed, makes it one of the best companies in the market.

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