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There are many scenarios, it is what you can see yourself involved in a financial problem, so we do not want to delve into this point, on the contrary we prefer to focus on the solutions that help you get out of this difficult situation. Possibly one of the best alternatives to get money quickly is , because it is an institution aimed at issuing loans online , as well as other similar services.

Do not be afraid of these financial options, since in general they are quite safe outlets for liquidity problems, later you will get information that will validate our words.

Let's start with the basics: what is

We can say that is a financial entity, which operates under the concept of FinTech , which is nothing more than a company that is one hundred percent dedicated to the use of state-of-the-art technologies. It is precisely this that allows CCLoan to function in a completely digital way, offering you online credits much more easily than other similar entities.

The letter of introduction of this personal loan company is its portfolio of satisfied clients, which is on the rise and aims to become one of the most solid in all of Spain. offers you extremely fast mini-credits , which you must cancel in a relatively short period of time, but which is undoubtedly enough so that you do not have to torment yourself with payments.

We invite you to enjoy this entire article, which with great dedication and care, we have prepared for you. Our goal is to give you a clear opinion about, in this way it will be you who makes a decision about this short-term financing entity , at the end of the day it will be you who will receive the personal loan, quite logical, don't you think? ?

Why is different from other financing options?

Currently in Spain there are hundreds of companies registered that call themselves Fintech , but at the moment of truth they do not even have a solid database and therefore it is practically impossible for them to give you quick answers when submitting a loan application personal online . The result? A waste of time for you, time you certainly don't have in your favor.

Well, we are pleased to inform you that is a financial institution that makes great use of the latest advances in information technology , as well as communication. All this allows your financial services to be optimal, easy to use and completely transparent, therefore we are talking about a serious company in every way.

For, taking care of your data is one of the priorities, which is why it guarantees that every detail of your financial life will be covered by the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data, which is in force in our country since year 1999. With this you can be sure that each of these details, necessary to apply for a fast loan online , will remain in constant control and monitoring.

If you want to know more, here we give you the advantages of contracting the CCLoan mini credits

Although it is difficult to believe, the first great advantage of is that it is not one of many financial institutions that grants quick loans without thinking about important variables, in order to achieve a profit for itself. But, in addition to this, it is worth mentioning the most striking benefits of CCLoan :

You have comprehensive advice at all times:

This point is closely linked to what we told you a moment ago, since CCLoan will guide you so that you can request a cash loan according to your financial capabilities , as well as the destination you have in mind for the money. Keep in mind that this entity may simply reject your request if it considers that the contract is not beneficial and safe for both parties.

The important thing is you, not the payment!

Logically, the company receives profits, we cannot and do not want to deceive you with that. What we want to say is that CCLoan can be flexible so that you can cancel your personal credit on time , making use of extraordinary payment systems, which for no reason will generate unnecessary bureaucratic expenses, which end up causing you greater damage.

The ability to adapt is ideal:

To give you the financial solution you dream of, this credit company adapts its services to your needs, regardless of whether these may vary in the future for one reason or another.

Now we go with the main features of

It is essential that we talk about this subject, because it is what will allow you to know and understand how works, which in turn will give you a clearer picture of its business vision: is an international fintech :

That's right, not only offers fast loans within Spain , but also has valuable experience in other countries, such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia. The importance of this is that it allows us to assess the seriousness of the financial institution, at the same time that it shows us that its credentials have been approved in more than three different legislations.

Efficiency is a pillar of the company:

With you have the real possibility of acquiring a fast online loan , without having to present an endless list of documents, nor an endorsement that supports you. For it is important to believe in its customers, that's why they do it in a great way.

Honesty is the driving force behind

Here you will have at your disposal all the information you need to fully understand the operation of the online mini- credits , while you have the assurance that your personal loan will not vary over time, that is, that you will not you will find additional charges, or unexpected payments. is always responsible:

Something that is clear in their contracts, which do not have small letters, but which are guaranteed by various laws, such as the LOPD and the RLOPD. It is worth noting that will respond to any situation that may arise during your online loan , but obviously it demands the same from you.

Is it safe to request a quick credit with CCLoan? Of course yes!

There is no doubt that I will say yes, because a financing entity that studies the impact that each money loan that will be approved can generate is synonymous with dedication, business awareness and efficiency. Also, we ask you to remember what we just told you about liability, do you think that an unstable credit company would risk submitting to so many laws without trusting in its operation?

In addition, we believe it convenient to inform you that uses a Swedish server, called Instantor , which is intended to validate your identity, thus avoiding you from having to send unnecessary documents. But that's not all, Instantor is also the guarantee that no one but you will be able to request a personal loan in your name.

If you want to get these services, here are the requirements to request a personal credit in CCLoan!

If there is a fixed objective in the policy, it is to streamline your procedures, so that you can enjoy your credit online almost immediately. For this reason, the requirements to apply for a personal loan with this company are quite scarce, below we show you them so that you can check it yourself:

From a personal point of view: asks you to have permanent residence within the borders of Spain , at the same time that you must be over 21 years of age to apply for a microcredit, but under 71 to carry out the same action.

From the point of view of personal income:

To get the services of it is important that you can demonstrate that you have a source of fixed monthly income . Payroll and pension payments are perfectly admissible, as well as income from the rental of a property in your name or a letter proving that you receive benefits for unemployment benefits.

From the point of view of personal debts:

It is important that your name does not appear in the Spanish delinquency files, nor that you have notes in the information records on financial solvency and credit. Also, keep in mind that debts to personal third parties can also negatively affect your application.

From a technological point of view:

As we have already said, is Fintech , so it is natural that it asks you to have a bank account in your name and that it has an electronic banking service. Also, have a mobile phone and a personal email address at hand, because the credit institution will communicate with you through these means.

CCLoan interest rates, what do you think about it?

In order to know the exact amount of the interests of CCLoan personal loans, it is necessary to access the simulator that you will get on its website, because they are personalized and depend on different variants. Below you will see some of these variants, along with a special surprise for you:

Surprise? Yes please!

We have news that will make you happy, it is about the initial credits of that are totally free , which means that you will not have to pay anything more than the amount you have received. Therefore, the interest rate of an online loan from this company is equal to 0%, as long as it is the first of course.

If you are constant you have your reward: evaluates the frequency with which you request credits, as well as the total number of contracts you may have. Based on this, the calculation of the interest rate can decrease up to three points, so we can say that the more fast loans you acquire, the less money you will have to pay.

Liability equals incredible interest rates:

This institution has its own credit history, with which they evaluate the seriousness and solvency of each of its clients, for this reason we recommend that you be punctual with your payments, because otherwise it is very likely that when requesting a new loan online this will be denied immediately.

Is it feasible to acquire a credit with Credit Checker in CCLoan?

No! If we go a little further back, in this article, we will come across the requirements to apply for a quick loan , do you remember? Perfect, then you already know that you cannot request a loan with Credit Checker at , because it is essential that you do not have debts of any kind, nor do you have any notes on delinquency lists in Spain.

However, thinking about your well-being, we dare to advise you that instead of looking forcredits with Credit Checker, you should try to find a way out of this registry, since it is the only way to be really calm in the face of unexpected situations, which clearly affect your personal finances. Sure, this advice is only useful if the reason for your request is not too urgent, but it is well worth for future actions.

Does CCLoan have a mobile application? How is your customer service?

Let's go in parts, firstly no, does not have a mobile application as such, a flaw that can seriously affect public opinion, that is undeniable. However, as a plus point, it is worth highlighting the web design of its Internet site, clearly oriented towards simple use and efficient fast credit management , two qualities that are much more than appreciable in a financial institution of this nature.

Likewise, on the website you will find three forms of communication with the company, with which you can answer any question that may arise before, during and after acquiring your immediate loan . These forms of communication work from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., as well as on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Through phone calls:

If you want to obtain additional information and personalized advice at, you can contact the entity by dialing the number 911-09-15-11, there will be attended by a cordial but not friendly operator, given the seriousness with which is take your affairs.

Through emails:

In case your questions are not so pressing or you do not have much time to wait for an operator by phone, allows you to send an email to the address [email protected] Be careful to express your ideas clearly, as this will give you a concrete and precise answer within forty-eight hours.

Through social networks:

Of course yes, an entity like could not be out of this trend that has revolutionized the world. If you want to consult something about the personal loans of this entity, you can do it through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you just have to look for the official accounts of .

Every situation is different, so every type of CCLoan online credit is too!

When we say types of credits we refer to the variations of CCLoan personal loans , which is essentially one. Therefore, each type depends on the amount you choose, the time you will need to cancel it and the purpose for which you acquire the money. For example, your fast credit can be a student loan, a loan to save legal situations and even a loan to buy medicines.

Discover step by step how to apply for your immediate CCLoan loan!

From the website you can request your credit , regardless of the day or time you choose. In addition, it is worth noting that the web interface is quite friendly, which allows you to request a personal loan in a simple way, you will only have to:

Enter the CCLoan website:

From there you will be able to view the Request Loan option, click on it and a series of conditions will be displayed immediately that you must meet.

Establish the conditions of your cash loan:

It is important that you bear in mind that the maximum limit for the first loan is € 300 , while in case you are a regular customer allows you to opt for online loans of up to € 1000, depending on your credit history and other conditions.

Create your personal account:

This step consists of filling in a form with your personal data, using the mobile phone and the email address that we have mentioned in the requirements. Please, do not lie or omit information, because the consequences will be simple: your personal loan will be rejected.

Wait a couple of minutes:

Once you submit your CCLoan form, it will take two minutes to process it, after which it will ask for your permission to verify, through Instantor , all your personal data and the pertinent documentation, such as ID, to mention just one.

Enjoy your personal credit:

In case of receiving a positive response, takes only 15 minutes to make a transfer to your bank account . Unfortunately, you may have to wait between twenty-four and forty-eight hours for the money to be effective, everything is determined by the bank you use.

After receiving your loan online, you must ask yourself: how can you repay it?

At you have three ways to make the full payment of your urgent loan, it is up to you to select the option that best suits your possibilities. Here we show you these forms of payment:

By using a debit card:

Before continuing, we must inform you that the debit card to be used must belong to the bank account that you have affiliated with , it is an unavoidable requirement. Now, if this is your case, you will only have to enter the Customer Area , on the bank's website, there they will tell you what to do. You can also make this payment through a phone call, to the number 911-09-15-11.

By entering the window:

If you have enough time to make a small line, then you can go to the nearest branch of Banco Santander, Banco Ibercaja or Banco Caixa, to cancel your immediate credit . Do not forget to clearly indicate your DNI / NIE in the payment concept.

By Bank transfer:

We do not have to explain how bank transfers work, we know in advance that you know it even better than we do. However, we feel the need to indicate that the concept of payment for this transfer should be your DNI / NIE, or also the code of your contract.

Do you have a new mishap? CCLoan can offer extensions and deferrals!

If you consider that you cannot comply with the payment of your mini-credit , within the time established in the contract, it is important that you notify so that you can request an extension.

To do this, simply go to the Customer Area , check the rates for each extension and return when you have canceled the amount of money corresponding to your request, indicate in the payment concept your DNI / NIE and the number of additional days you have canceled. You can request as many extensions as you want, as long as you pay the fee for the extra time you have requested.

A unique quality of CCLoan is that it allows you to request a deferment even when the status of your online loan is unpaid. In this case, both the interest and the penalties for evading your responsibilities will be frozen for the duration of the extension.


Dear friend, we have reached the end of the road for today, we hope that this information will guide you in the important decision of choosing your ideal financing entity. From it remains to say that you have to encourage yourself to test your credits online, because beyond the opinions and analyzes, it is your experience that will determine the quality of this company.

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