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Applying for financial loans has become a very common custom for many people in the country; A survey carried out on living conditions in 2014 by the National Institute of Statistics found that around 41% of Spanish families do not have the capacity to face unforeseen economic situations. These results have been materialized, lately, in the fact that many people choose to seek personal mini-credits , which provide solutions to their financial problems.

Quebueno.es is one of those solutions that a large number of Spaniards choose, nowadays, since through this company you can request personal loans online, without the tedious and stressful need to go to a banking agency, where the procedure of paperwork and bureaucracy, in many cases, greatly delay the solution that the client is needing.

Don't take your eyes off this interesting article and find out, in greater detail, why Quebueno is the best option for you.

Let's define Quebueno and get to know it at once!

Quebueno is a financial company, highly innovative in the field of technology, whose objective is to offer fast money over the Internet to people who need or need to solve a problem in the short term. The speed with which it works and processes each case, characterizes it as one of the best options on the market, to take into account, in case you have unexpected expenses and you need urgent money.

Quebueno services can get you out of trouble at any time and time of the year without having to go to offices, stand in long lines, waste valuable time and consign long lists of documents, which all they do is put more obstacles on their clients. in the path.

With Quebueno you can request up to € 900 if you are already a regular customer and you are distinguished by an excellent credit relationship with the company; However, do not be scared, since if you are a new client and you want to request a mini-credit you can also do it via Internet for the amount of € 300, an amount that will increase in your next requests, depending on the performance that you show with the payments. Any amount you request, whether you are a new customer or already recognized for the company, must be returned within a short period of 41 days with an equivalent annual rate of 2424.60%.

In this article we will present you, in detail, the specifications and particularities that characterize Quebueno.es. Keep reading and discover this innovative financing alternative.

Why choose Quebueno? What makes it different from the others?

Choosing Quebueno will be the right decision for you, because if you are looking for quick money, this institution will solve your problems efficiently and promptly. It has a credit simulator that calculates the interest and the final amount to be paid, in case you request a certain amount of money; This is very important, since in advance you will be able to know, exactly, the actual amount to be returned, even before you send your credit application.

Whenever something unforeseen arises and financial need catches you off guard, you can think of Quebueno.es as the best alternative to your problems. This company offers you the granting of credits online any day at any time, regardless of where you are; These are important differences, which distinguish it from many other financial companies.

We present the advantages that Quebueno offers, get to know them!

Quebueno has as its main work policies, to provide well-being and seriousness to its clients, that is why, if you need to require the services of this company, you can enjoy its many advantages, among which we find:

Immediate credit granting

Just like you just read it! Quebueno.es approves your mini-credit or personal credit almost instantly, because you only have to wait ten minutes to obtain its approval. The money will be credited to your account, no later than fifteen minutes, which means record time if it is credit granting.

Granting of insurmountable amounts

If you are facing financial need, the most important thing is that you can find timely help. Quebueno.es offers you amounts of up to € 900 if you are already a client of the company and € 300 if you are new and want to start establishing financial relationships with the institution. These amounts, surely, will allow you to solve, at any time, the economic situation that may be overwhelming you.

Zero queues and paperwork

With Quebueno.es the solution to your problems will be a fact. You do not have to submit to complicated procedures or paperwork, as any traditional financial institution will require. Here, you will see minimized any type of tedious request that, for no reason, they will make you submit. From the comfort of your home or office and through your tablet, personal computer or cell phone, you can send your request in just a couple of minutes.

Enough time to return your money

When we apply for a loan, one of the factors that most concerns us is the time in which we must pay the money. Quebueno.es gives you the possibility to repay the loan in 30 days, during which you can pay in advance without having to pay full interest.

Do you want to know what characteristics define Quebueno? We list them here!

As you can see, the advantages that Quebueno.es offers you are really attractive, since they arise from the characteristics that define this company. Let's see some of them so that you continue to know the benefits that their financial services offer you.

1. Speed

With Quebueno.es you will have the certainty of having found a truly quick solution to your financial problems. Speed ​​is one of the elements that characterizes this company, since it approves requests and delivers the money to its clients' accounts in a record time of between 10 and 15 minutes.

2. Ease

From the comfort of your home and without the need to supply copies of personal documents or financial guarantees, you will have the opportunity to request your personal credit just by filling out a short and simple form.

3. Transparency

Its credit simulator will allow you to know exactly the interests that you are going to cancel, without hidden amounts or schedules that may surprise you.

4. Flexibility

The return of the credit can be done in a period of 41 days, enough time for you to pay the credit with the possibility of returning it earlier, if you wish to do so.

Quebueno.es and its secure loans: We explain why

Security is one of the factors that determine success when it comes to financial matters, it is for them that Quebueno.es gives you the certainty and security that its credit management policies are the most reliable for you. Your advertising and offers are not misleading, as they directly show the real information so that the customer can be satisfied. In addition, it constantly warns the user of the need to think carefully if they consider it necessary to acquire a loan commitment of such magnitude with the company, which represents favorable points because it shows that they do not want to cause more inconvenience to their clients.

On the other hand, your personal and banking data that you share with Quebueno.es will be fully protected and will not be shared or used for other purposes, under any circumstances.

What requirements do you need to apply for a loan with Quebueno? It couldn't be easier!

As we have been telling you, requesting a personal credit or quick credit with Quebueno.es represents a quick and easy process. If you want to apply for a loan with this company, you only have to take into account the following requirements:

Personal requirements

To apply for a loan, in any financial institution, traditional or virtual, you must obviously be of legal age and have a national identity document DNI.

Financial requirements

You must have a bank account and associated debit card in any of the national banks. It is not necessary to be excluded from the Credit Checker list, since Quebueno.es, on occasions, grants exceptions and grants credits to clients involved in this measure.

Technological requirements

Since the application for microcredits in Quebueno.es is done in a purely virtual way, it is necessary that you have an internet connection, as well as a computer or tablet and a cell phone. You must also have a personal and available email address to make your request.

Let's talk now about the interest rates that Quebueno offers you!

Quebueno.es is characterized, as we mentioned above, for being a serious and transparent company when offering credits to its clients. For this reason, their interest rates do not vary and remain constant throughout the payment period available to the user to repay the loan. Interest will only increase if the client does not pay on time and exceeds the established deadlines and agreed dates.

Quebueno.es works with an Equivalent Annual Rate of 2424.60%, which will be higher the lower the amount of the loan requested. The credit simulator will allow you to visualize, at once, what will be the interest to pay for the amount you request.

I appear in Credit Checker, can I request a credit with quebueno? Good news!

Fortunately for those customers who have fallen for different reasons, in Credit Checker, there is good and encouraging news that will help them solve their financial problems, every time they need Quebueno.es services. The company will evaluate each case presented, giving positive answers, most of the time, to those people who appear on this list of defaulters, perhaps without compelling reasons to justify it.

If you want to request a personal mini-credit with Quebueno , but you are involved in the Credit Checker measures, you only have to make the loan request through the website and wait a few minutes to know if the request has been positive or denied.

Quebueno.es gives you the good news, that few companies can give you: offer fast credits online with Credit Checker . For this company, the fact that you appear on this list of defaulters does not represent an obstacle or an excluding factor for your application to be approved; Of course, if you appear in Credit Checker, it is recommended that you study and analyze your financial situation very well so that you can determine, with conscience, if you will be able to assume a new financial commitment, such as a personal loan with Quebueno.

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What types of customer service does Quebueno provide? Do you have a mobile application?

Yes! Quebueno.es has a mobile application available on Android so that, from the comfort of your phone, you can request your credit and monitor the status and approval, without having to log in from your personal computer. Likewise, it offers its clients different forms of attention to offer personalized assistance to any doubt or concern that its users may present.

You can contact Quebueno.es through:

Phone support

You can contact the company by number 935 157 136 , from Tuesday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays this service will not be available.

Contact Form

On their website, in the help section, you will find a form, which you must fill out with the subject to be discussed, your e-mail and the message you want to communicate to the company. Quebueno.es will contact you, giving you an answer to your concerns, as soon as possible.

Social networks

Quebueno.es has an account on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook so that you can get to know more about it and you can get in touch by this means, if you wish.

Types of loans that Quebueno offers you: the most appropriate to your needs!

Quebueno.es offers its clients fast online credits, personal loans or mini-credits, which can solve, in the short term, the most urgent economic needs that arise unexpectedly. All its credits are granted by prior online application, which translates into convenience and speed for its users.

Whatever your need, travel, studies, pets, home or car repairs, among other situations, you can solve your problem with a personal microcredit. With Quebueno.es you will have fast money and effective solutions, always the most appropriate to your immediate needs.

How can I request a quick loan in Quebueno.es?

Really applying for a loan in Quebueno.es represents an extremely simple online procedure, which will save you energy, time and money. Follow these steps and go ahead and request that personal credit that you need so much.

Evaluate how much money you need

Before applying for a loan, it is very important to analyze what your needs really are so that you can ask for only the right money you need. Remember that if you are a new customer and you are requesting a loan for the first time, the maximum amount they will lend you will be € 300, an amount that increases if you are already a regular customer of the company.

Fill out your application

Once you have decided the amount of money you are going to request, you must proceed to fill out the form directly on the website. Just by supplying certain information and without the need to attach copies of documents, you will have completed your application in a few minutes.

Wait for the answer

After you have sent the request for your credit, you can wait for the response in front of your personal computer, tablet or mobile phone, since the approval is immediate. In just seconds you will know if the approval has been granted, if so, you will receive the money in your account in a time no longer than ten or fifteen minutes.

Receive your money

Start enjoying the help that Quebueno.es gives you and invest your money to satisfy your needs.

How can I return the loan to Quebueno.es?

Quebueno.es offers you only one way to return the loan, this way is through its website where, by going to the "My Account" section and clicking on the "Return Now" option, it will be discounted from your debit card the amount or amount to pay.

It is important that you always have a sufficient balance in your bank account on the agreed payment dates; in this way you will avoid uncomfortable setbacks with the company.

If you want to return the money early, better for the company and, of course, for you, you would be saving money from interest and you would be ready to apply for a next personal loan when you want.

What happens if I cannot repay the credit? Quebueno grants any type of extensions or postponements?

No way! Quebueno.es does not grant an extension of payment to its clients since, prior to granting the loan, they have ensured that the beneficiary has sufficient capacity to assume this financial responsibility and can repay the loan without any setback.

The client will be liable for charges due to the expiration of the debt, having to pay certain commissions derived from the total or impartial payment, these commissions are:

• € 10 for claim activities, which will begin the same day the return period expires.
• € 5 for expenses incurred, fifteen days after the payment is due.
• € 5 after 75 days of non-payment.

As you can see, it is not worth incurring in the non-payment of the debt, since the delay of it will generate additional expenses, which can become unsustainable. It is important that you know, also, that the amount owed will continue to earn interest until you have paid the full debt.

What do customers think about Quebueno.es?

Credit companies can have advertising and propaganda promoting great advantages and benefits for their clients, however there is no better reference to know if their services are good, than those given by some beneficiaries. Quebueno.es has many satisfied clients around the world, since it has been able to win the appreciation of many people, who have benefited from its invaluable help.

If you want to know more about what customers think about this prestigious company, you just have to access the web and check, for yourself, that Quebueno.es, among all the companies, is the best option thanks to the quality of service it provides. .


What did you think of the information? Excellent! True? Quebueno.es represents a great financial alternative when you want or need to solve some last minute situations that obscure your financial peace of mind. You just have to bear in mind that the return of the credit is one of the most important factors so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits that this company offers you.

If you found here the solution that you have been looking for so long, don't wait any longer and request your fast loan with Quebueno .

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