Cashper - request your fast money of up to 500 US dollars regardless of Credit Checker

Cashper is an online provider where you can get fast money , processing loans from 50 US dollars to 500 US dollars so that you can get ahead with your unforeseen expenses in the short term. They offer a fast and secure service , totally personalized with which you can have your money in less than an hour, after applying for your loan. It is precisely because of this speed of service and security that thousands of Spaniards use the Cashper service.

Cashper offers you the possibility of contracting a loan, with terms to be repaid in 15 or 30 days , although if you wish, you can pay the entire amount before maturity. Unlike other financial lending entities, in Cashper your outstanding balance will not be increased nor will it be advised to make small payments that never cancel the debt, so you should think carefully before requesting a loan in Cashper, since you will have to return it in the term that you have chosen.

Why choose

Cashper is the leading company in short-term personal loans , they are distinguished by their loyalty, reliability and discretion, but especially what their clients value most is the speed and quality of the service provided, they have qualified staff who will answer all questions and they will study your loan request in a fast and effective way.

Features of the Cashper online mini-credits service

Cashper has some characteristics that make it one of the most reliable online microcredit sites in the market, in addition to making it a fast and accessible service for many clients:

  • Choose the loan you want: By means of a calculator that is available on the Cashper website, you can select the amount of your loan amount and the repayment term, thanks to this you can see what the interest rate and approximate total would be of the loan payment.
  • Create your own account: Upon being accepted as a client, you will have a private area on the website where you can manage all your microcredits.
  • Get the money in an hour: When you finish the process, the money will be immediately transferred to your personal account.
  • Personal contact: Cashper's customer service team is available to answer your requests and questions. Its offices are located at: Level 4, Global Capital Building, Testaferrata Street, Ta 'Xbiex, XBX 1403 Malta

Advantages of Cashper micro credits

The main objective of the advantages offered by Cashper mini-credits is that you obtain money online , with just a few clicks. The advantages are as follows:

  • The only mini credit company with a banking license in Spain.
  • Quick money in 10 minutes, almost immediate availability in mind.
  • Online processing and completed with three clicks.
  • Minimum requirements for the applicant.
  • Credits without payroll: it is possible to obtain a loan as a pensioner, self-employed or unemployed with benefit.
  • Credits without endorsements or guarantees.
  • Mini loans with Credit Checker, acceptance of all types of clients.
  • Permanent open credit line provided that the repayment dates are met on time.

Another advantage that Cashper has over other financial institutions is that it gives you the possibility of applying for loans with Credit Checker . This online credit feature makes the service a quick option to obtain financing for clients in this situation.

Regardless of the debt registered by the client, Cashper considers that, given the small amount of his personal loans, the fact that an applicant is included in delinquency records such as Credit Checker , is not a reason for exclusion for a credit validation. In the nature of their credits, they include all the possible types of clients, regardless of their sources of income or whether they are registered in a delinquency file.

How to apply for a loan with

The first step to apply for a loan in all banks is to prepare all the requirements and necessary documentation that they ask for. Cashper moves away from the way of traditional banks according to the requirements to grant online credits to its clients.

Making this a much faster and more reliable service. Cashper grants online credits with Credit Checker to all its clients, without the need to present extraordinary guarantees or endorsements. You should only have the following requirements:

  • Justify a recurring income
  • Be over 21 years old
  • Have a bank account in Spain

With these minimum requirements, an applicant can get urgent money without payroll and access the new financing formula for individuals.

Application process for quick mini credits with Cashper

At Cashper, the online credit application process has been simplified to the maximum extent possible. Applying for a loan is very simple and the form can be completed in just 5 minutes with 2 simple steps. Cashper's fast microcredits do not have any type of commission added, the result that the loan calculator offers you is the final amount that you must repay within the estimated term.

The steps to apply for a loan in Cashper are the following:

  1. Calculate the loan amount and the term to be repaid: Using the loan calculator on the Cashper website , you choose the exact amount of money you want to request as a loan and the days on which you are going to pay it, the total will immediately appear. you must return, including commissions and interest.
  2. Fill in the form: Once you are sure of the amount of money you want to request, you must click on Request. Next, you will be asked to fill out a simple two-step form so that you can process your fast money online. Once you have filled out this form, you will be presented with a screen with two options for you to decide how you want to perform the last validation of the data:
  • Instator: Through verification with the Instator tool, which allows you to perform an instant check of your financial and personal data, turning this financial product into a quick mini loan and without paperwork.
  • Documentation submission: A minimum documentation is sent so that you can access the micro credits online, which consists of a color copy of your ID, a proof of income (either payroll, unemployment benefit, pension or self-employed receipt) and a copy of the bank account where you want the transfer to arrive.

In both cases that you can decide to validate your data, you will be guaranteed the maximum possible confidentiality and compliance with the LOPD for the protection of your financial and personal data.

Once you have requested your personal loan, a specialized team of managers will contact you to communicate the resolution of your request. In the positive case that your loan is accepted, the transfer of the money you have requested will be made immediately, directly into the account you have indicated.

Loan repayment with Cashper

Regarding the return of your loan online, in Cashper you are offered all the possible facilities so that you can make your payment. Since this company cares a lot about its clients and their financial status, they have considered that it is important that you know this information that will be shown below, so that you can avoid trouble in the future.

First of all, it is recommended that you know when is the moment in which you can request a loan, that is, if you need a little extra money to be able to take charge of any unforeseen additional payment that you had not counted on, if in a timely manner you need help to make ends meet. Above all, the most convenient thing is that you have regular income so that you are sure that you can return the credit.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to apply for a microloan if you are going to use it to make yourself expensive for other debts, long-term financial problems or if you will use the money to make purchases in a compulsive way.

The considerations that you must have before requesting a micro loan are, if you really need the money, if you will be able to return it when the time comes and that it is always better to request only the exact amount you need, not more.

If in the end you decide, it is necessary that you inform yourself well of the terms and conditions, and reflect if you can be responsible for the percentage of fees. With this in mind, we can go on to review which are the return methods that are offered to you in Cashper.

  • You can make the payment in any of the bank accounts with which Cashper works, which are indicated on the invoice.
  • You can also make the payment with your card through your customer account, online.
  • In addition, as an added service of the Cashper service team, you will be notified a few days before the expiration date to remind you of the date and that you do not incur any default.

Once you have finished paying your loan debt, you can count on Cashper's fast loan service when you need it.

Opinions about Cashper

Opinion one: For me, the entity has been one of the best that I have known, they have been serious and fast and correct in what they say and promise. As long as you do your part, the company will not give you any problems and even if a month you cannot pay, it can give you waiting time to recover. It is true that to access the grace period, you must also pay but the amount is minimal if we compare it with the interest for late payment that we would have if we do not pay on time.

Opinion two: I really liked the platform. Even one of the months I could not give the full payment and I have been given the opportunity to pay it twice. It really seems silly but between months of many expenses it helps a lot and they have already saved me twice and I have not gotten into debt

Opinion three: I have several loans with them and as soon as I pay one more facilities they give me to get the next one. In addition, each time you can get better loan options or are even more benevolent with the extensions in case you need it.


It is a good company, although many of the things it offers, it is true that the vast majority do. It could be a bit over the top for the ease with which they give loans to people who are in the Credit Checker . Another benefit is that if you are a client with a payroll, you can access this type of loan more quickly and normally, with payroll 99.9% of the people who arrive, they give them.

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