Wonga - Your first FREE loan if you pay it back in the first 15 days

Financial problems have become the daily bread of many people in our country, either because they cannot pay for their services, afford unexpected trips or simply face any need that may arise along the way. One of the most used ways, currently, is to request personal loans that allow us to get out of trouble in the short term, without resulting in greater expenses or worries. Wonga helps you solve your financial problems by granting you mini credits so that you can get quick money without annoying procedures or paperwork that can drain your patience.

What is Wonga.es? The solution you were looking for!

When we have financial problems we want to find prompt solutions that alleviate our financial burden; we want solutions to be quick and appear in a matter of minutes. Wonga.es is the company that offers you these and other benefits so that you can have quick money every time you need it.

Wonga.es is an automated financial company whose objective is to offer short-term financial assistance, through the granting of online credits , at any time of the day, 365 days a year. Their mini-credits are characterized by having a representative APR of 439% , which may be exempt if it is your first loan with the company and you return it before the first fifteen days. The application for credits with Wonga.es is really fast, offering you answers in a matter of minutes and paying almost immediately, the amount you need to solve your financial problems.

Continue reading this post and discover the advantages, benefits, as well as each of the details to obtain an easy and fast solution to your needs.

What makes Wonga different from other companies in the same area?

Wonga is a company that has one of the best risk technologies in Europe, which has been completely automated to process data and offer responses and solutions in real time. There are other companies in your area that offer similar services, but with the difference in response time and the speed with which it analyzes and resolves each case received.

Its services are offered through quick and convenient requests, since you can do them from the comfort of the place where you are, just by having a good internet connection and other additional requirements, also important, which we will detail later. If you are a new client, you can request up to € 300 the first time you require their services and up to € 600 if you are already a client of this company . When you pay off your debt, Wonga.es offers you extensions of up to 30 days, being able to look for other alternatives, if this solution is not the most beneficial for you.

We will describe all these details, in detail, throughout our publication. Continue to discover the benefits and advantages that you will not find anywhere else and get fast money from the helping hand of Wonga.es.

Wonga rewards you with the benefits it offers you, know its advantages!

Applying for a microcredit at Wonga.es is an experience that will make you want to require its services again, due to the great advantages it offers to its clients; let's see some of them:

Online application

You can request your mini- credit or personal credit through its website, without having to leave your home, avoiding long queues and difficult procedures

Immediate response

Once you have entered your data in the system and have filled out the required form, you will have to wait around fifteen minutes to know the answer to your request. If the answer is satisfactory and your credit is approved, you will receive the money immediately in your bank account.

Flexible payments according to your convenience

You are the one who chooses when and how to pay, selecting the payment time that suits your needs.

Return of credit through transfer or debit card

You can return your credit through the website using a transfer or, in many cases, authorizing the amount to be paid to be debited from your bank account.

Increase in the amount to request

Regular customers can request the amount they prefer, as long as it is in the range between € 300 and € 600. If you are a new client, you can only request a mini-credit of up to € 300 if the payment capacity allows it. This means that the more positive relationships you establish with the company, the greater opportunities you will have to request higher amounts.

Discounts to your regular customers

Regular customers of this company can enjoy a discount of up to 20% in interest.

What characteristics define Wonga? three fundamental aspects

As much as we are facing difficult economic situations and we need to seek quick solutions, we must first study the companies or institutions that can reach out to us and analyze each of their characteristics. Its qualities will allow us to choose the right solution in a timely manner.

Wonga has three fundamental aspects that define its characteristic features very well:

Credit transparency

Wonga.es hides itself behind serious policies, granting fast personal loans exclusively to solvent people with verifiable payment capacity. For this reason and because of the seriousness that defines it, it does not deceive its customers with false amounts to pay, because, from the beginning, after the request, it calculates and shows the exact amount that the user must pay. This amount will only be modifiable if there are defaults or delays.

Unmatched flexibility

When requesting a mini-credit with Wonga.es you can decide the time and the amount you want to pay, as long as your conditions are within the policies accepted by the company. This possibility speaks very well of the company, which also allows you to repay or pay off your full debt before the stipulated time so that you can save interest.

Respect and seriousness

Wonga.es respects and protects the data that its clients provide when requesting their credits. Their policies do not allow the disclosure of any private aspect that the client has entrusted to them for the processing of their procedures.

Is it safe to ask for a loan in Wonga? Of course yes!

Due to the characteristics that we have just mentioned, Wonga.es stands as one of the safest credit companies for solutions to our financial problems. The exemption of interest to its new clients and the opportunity to pay in full before the due date of the credit, without generating additional charges, make Wonga.es a safe institution that can undoubtedly be trusted.

The privacy protection policies of its clients, as well as the simplification of procedures, will allow you to trust the services that this company offers you. In addition, Wonga.es is a company that values ​​your time, offering you quick money in difficult situations , which is invaluable when it comes to financial emergencies.

Do you want to request a mini-credit with Wonga? If you meet these requirements, the loan will be yours!

We have been talking about the advantages, benefits and qualities that Wonga.es has. The simplification of the requirements to apply for a loan is another of its important qualities, since, unlike traditional financial institutions, you will not have to consign lots of documents to process your application. Here are the requirements you must meet to obtain the help of this company:

Personal requirements

Wonga.es requires you to be over 18 years of age and have Spanish nationality, in addition to possessing your DNI identity document, which will be requested, in scan mode, if the company deems it appropriate. At the time of application, you must provide some important information, such as name and surname, address, telephone number, among others.

Financial requirements

As you have already found out, Wonga.es offers mini-credits , only to responsible people who can demonstrate their ability to pay, so the level of your monthly income as well as your bank details will surely be requested. For this and other reasons, no less important, you must have a bank account, in your name, in a Spanish bank, as well as a debit card, in some cases necessary.

Technological requirements

Since the loan application is made exclusively online, you must have an Internet connection, a computer or tablet, as well as a mobile phone, where you will receive a PIN that you must use during the process to verify your identity.

If you meet all these requirements, it means that you are one step away from acquiring a microcredit with Wonga.es , however, it is important that you know, that for this reason you will not be able to take its approval for granted. The company reserves the right to grant personal loans , depending on the characteristics of the client who requests it.

Do you already know enough about Wonga? Let's talk about interest rates now!

Wonga.es offers you fast money with an interest rate of 0% when you are a new customer and you are requesting a loan for the first time, this as long as you return it before the first fifteen days of having made the request. However, if you decide to pay your loan in the second half of the process, you will have to return the money with a rate of 0.99% even until the 45th day.

If you are going to pay your loan in the period between days 46 and 60, you should know that 1.25% will be charged with a representative APR of 439%.

It is true that Wonga does not represent the cheapest opportunity on the market, but we can assure you something: it is one of the safest, most reliable and serious companies that you can count on.

Can my negative credit checker history influence me to apply for a credit in Wonga?

Surely yes! As you may have read throughout this post, on repeated occasions, Wonga.es does not approve mini-credits to defaulters or people with a bad credit reputation . The seriousness that characterizes this company, prevents having in its database clients who, possibly, will not be able to respond, satisfactorily and without setbacks with the company.

If your credit is rejected, it may be because the analysts determined that you do not have the necessary payment capacity to assume a financial commitment with the company or because, perhaps, they checked some third party databases, where you have a bad credit history. Wonga.es, for security reasons, does not usually disclose the reasons why it rejects the applications received.

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How is Wonga's customer service? Do you have a mobile application?

Wonga.es does not have a mobile application available, so far, which can represent a great disadvantage for some users. However, the different customer service modalities it offers translate into quick and timely help, in any case. Among its modalities we have:

Telephone service

You can contact Wonga.es through the telephone number 902 678 804, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Wonga.es puts at your disposal their email address, so that you can communicate with them when you see fit and make personalized inquiries, suggestions or comments. You can contact the company through [email protected]

Live chat

Through the chat window that appears in the lower right part of the website, you can contact the Wonga.es staff and clarify pertinent doubts, obtaining immediate answers to your concerns.

What types of loans does Wonga.es offer? The best according to your needs!

You have realized, throughout this publication, that Wonga.es offers mini-credits or short-term personal loans , aimed at solving, also in the short term, the needs of its clients. Its employment policies have not been designed to offer solutions payable in terms of extended installments for months, nor to clients who are in default or unable to demonstrate their financial solvency.

However, although Wonga.es is not the cheapest option on the market, as we mentioned above, it will always be and will represent the most reliable solution to meet your financial expectations in times of trouble.

Do you want to apply for a mini-credit in Wonga and don't know how? just follow these five steps

If you want to request a quick credit online with Wonga.es , you can be sure that the procedures to have a prompt solution are easy without any type of paperwork; you just have to follow these five steps:

Study your needs

Analyze the situation you are facing and decide how much loan you are going to request; In the same way, establish the time in which you are going to return the credit with responsibility. Remember that you should not use the help that Wonga.es gives you to pay existing debts; you could be acquiring a new debt, difficult for you to pay.

Send your request

Enter the company's website and proceed to fill out the form with all the information that is requested. Although Wonga.es has minimized the credit application procedures, sometimes it will request a scanned copy of an identity document, which can verify the information provided.

Read and accept the terms and conditions of the credit you are requesting

After sending your application, you will immediately receive three documents that you must read carefully to accept the commitments that your mini-credit implies , they are the European standardized information on consumer credit, the specific conditions of your loan and the terms and conditions of the company .

Wait for your reply

Wonga.es will send you the decision of your case, in just fifteen minutes, being able to consider any of these three results: approved, denied or pending decision. If the answer you receive is the last one, they will ask you perhaps a period of 24 hours to finish verifying the veracity of the information provided, if on the contrary it appears denied, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Wonga.es, for the moment .

Receive your money

If you receive the answer that your credit has been approved, the money will be credited to your bank account almost instantly, in a period of 15 short minutes, and best of all, without office paperwork! Sometimes inconveniences arise regarding this last step, due to technical situations that some banks may present, however most of the time, clients receive quick money without any delay.

Do not forget to return your credit: we explain how to do it

Congratulations Wonga.es has offered you the great help that you have been looking for, perhaps without success, in other places; The generosity that this company has given you should be repaid through the timely repayment of the money borrowed.

Wonga.es offers you several alternatives to repay your loan , whichever you choose will be an easy and simple way to pay:

By debit card

You can return your microcredit by simply accessing the company's website in the "User Area" menu. There with your name and password, you will have the opportunity to know the amount owed and pay the amount you want for the moment.

If during the credit application you were asked for data and information about your debit card, it means that Wonga.es can directly debit the money without having to enter the page and do the procedure yourself . For this, the company will remind you of the payment of your debt through an email informing you that in the next few days the amount of the outstanding debt will be discounted.

Through transfer

If you wish, for greater convenience, you can transfer, from your bank account to any of the available accounts of Wonga.es banks

By automatic payment

Depending on the case, the company may debit, directly from your bank account, the amount to be paid for the date.

One of the advantages that Wonga.es offers you is that you can pay the mini-credit in advance , without this meaning full interest charges. You can save money this way and without having to pay additional charges for prepayment of the debt.

Wonga.es will always remind you, through a text message and email, when you must issue your payment, or when it will be deducted from your account.

In which cases does Wonga offer extensions or postponements?

As we have commented in previous sections of this publication, Wonga.es is a flexible company that considers some difficulties that its clients may have when returning the payment, for this reason it offers the opportunity to refund the borrowed money, if the client considers it so. .

In the event that the client has used up all the money loaned and cannot reimburse or pay, they must contact the customer service offices as soon as possible by phone and state their situation to seek solutions relevant to the case presented. However, you will have to pay additional expenses and interest for the delay.

Wonga.es reserves the right to include the client in lists and credit files that will affect their credit reputation and the future granting of a quick loan with any other financial company.

What do users think about Wonga.es?

The opinions of users who have benefited from this company will always be important to motivate us, in a safer and more reliable way, to use its services. These are very valuable, since they give us indications about the results that we can obtain, if we dare to request a loan.

If you want to know what users think about Wonga, you can see for yourself by entering the official networks of the company . You will not find better opinions that attest to the transparency and flexibility with which Wonga works.


Thousands of clients have used and continue to require the services of Wonga.es, sign up too and be part of the users, who continue to trust this financial company every day. Do not forget the benefits that you can obtain when requesting a credit online ; When it comes to fast money, Wonga.es will always be one of your best options.

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  1. Fully recommended company first fast credit approved in just 10 minutes and for being the first time, only 5 US dollars of interest per hour they offer me 600 US dollars that I will use them when I need them

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