How To Apply For Viaconto Quick Loans And Credits

Viaconto is a company that offers immediate mini-credits online with all the facilities that this entails. For all those occasions when we need a little financial support to get out of trouble or complete our personal projects, there is an option that will allow us to obtain the personal financing that we needed.

Whether you need to face an unexpected bill, a car repair, or an opportunity purchase, in Viaconto you can find the best way to obtain your personal loan without any problem. If you want to know more about this personal financing option, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What is Viaconto

Viaconto is an international financial company that is present in various countries, including Spain with a branch in Barcelona. Its main objective is to offer online financing options to clients who need it.

On its platform you can find different financing schemes depending on your possibilities and personal situations, such as microloans, loans without payroll, with Credit Checker, among many other options.

Mainly, Viaconto is dedicated to immediate microcredits, in which you can request from 50 to 600 US dollars to be returned in a short term that can range from 7 days to 30. We recommend that you take into account that if it is your first time When applying for a loan in Viaconto, the maximum amount you can request is 300 US dollars.

It does not matter if you do not have prior knowledge in the field of online loans, since the website is very easy to use, and you can obtain all the information, as well as fill out the corresponding forms without any complications. Whatever your personal situation, rest assured that you will find in Viaconto a financing scheme that is fully adapted to your personal situation.

Always remember that microcredits are not a constant financing option, but rather they are designed to face extraordinary situations, such as covering a hospital bill, a workshop, a tuition, or any other situation in which you know that you can meet the requirement. short-term debt without any problem.

Advantages of choosing Viaconto

There are multiple advantages when hiring an immediate personal loan with Viaconto, since this type of financing differs in great aspects from the personal loans offered by traditional banks, which consisted of a lot of paperwork, endless waiting times and long lines that they made us invest our time, often unsuccessfully.

Some of the advantages that Viaconto offers are.

  • You will have an immediate response to your loan request, and in just a few hours (minutes, in some cases) the money from your loan will be fully deposited into your account.
  • You will not have to worry about paying monthly payments with interest that you have to calculate with amortization tables and other confusing payment schemes. You will simply have to pay the fees of your personal loan, which are specified from the beginning of your loan.
  • You can request small loans, starting from 50 US dollars, to those of a higher amount such as 600 US dollars.
  • The requirements are quite flexible, and you can even request a special loan if you appear on one of the delinquency lists. Remember that these types of loans are designed so that anyone who needs to solve an immediate liquidity problem can do so.

The main features of Viaconto

The main characteristic of Viaconto is that it is a company that offers short-term personal microcredit schemes to people who have immediate liquidity problems.

But. What does this all mean? Here we guide you term by term so that you can be completely clear about all the characteristics and particularities that make Viaconto a highly recommended option to consider when applying for a personal loan:

  • Microcredits: These are personal loans or credits that generally do not exceed 600 US dollars and that can start in amounts as small as 50 US dollars. They have the advantage that you can return them quickly and easily.
  • Short Term: Personal loans offered by banks or other traditional institutions require that you make the payment of these through monthly installments that can take from 12 to 96 months. Short-term personal loans, you will not have to worry about them after more than 30 days, since they are designed to be returned immediately.
  • Immediate liquidity problems: Imagine that you need money today, but you will receive your salary, pension, or any form of fixed monthly income for up to 20 days. How do you deal with those unexpected expenses, which you just can't wait for your payroll to cover? These types of problems are known as "immediate liquidity" since if you have the money to cover them, you just don't have it with you now. Viaconto's immediate personal loans are designed precisely for these types of problems, and you will see that they will serve you a lot.

It is safe to ask for a loan with Viaconto

Viaconto is a company that not only operates in Spain, but also in other countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Sweden, so you can have the peace of mind that it is a company with international recognition that has managed to open up the field to finance the personal projects of people from different parts of Europe.

If you want to know more about the security systems and regulations under which Viaconto operates, do not hesitate to contact their customer service number, where you can answer all your questions regarding the process of applying for a personal loan with Viaconto.

Viaconto requirements

Viaconto is a very flexible financing company, which will allow you to obtain a personal loan just by meeting some requirements, which are:

  • Be at least 21 years old at the time of applying for your personal loan. The maximum age to apply for the loan is 70 years.
  • Not having debts in the delinquency files that exceed 1000 US dollars in total.
  • Have a fixed monthly income, such as payroll, pension, unemployment insurance, or be a self-employed worker. It does not matter which way you obtain your monthly income, they simply must exist and you will have to present some document that proves this.
  • It is necessary that you are the owner of an active mobile phone, since this will be the main means of communication to know the status of your loan.
  • You must be a legal resident of Spain to apply for a personal loan with Viaconto.
  • It is essential that you are the owner of a bank account in which the deposit corresponding to your personal loan will be made.

Although it is not a requirement that you are not part of the delinquency lists, keep in mind that Viaconto reviews all delinquency files before granting you a personal loan. Based on what it finds, it will evaluate your situation and decide whether or not your debt represents a risk of default.

Viaconto interest rates

The amount of money that you will have to pay as interest or fees for your Viaconto personal loans varies depending on various factors, including the amount of your loan and the term you request for its repayment.

The shorter the term, the lower the interest, and the longer the term, the interest will increase a little. For example, if you request 300 US dollars and decide to agree a period of 7 days to return them, after 7 days you will have to pay 325 US dollars.

On the same Viaconto website you can find a simulator that will allow you to choose the appropriate amount that will meet your needs, also informing you of the amount of money that you will have to pay in interest according to the term and the amount requested.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker with Viaconto

Yes, one of the great advantages of Viaconto is that you can request a personal loan even if you are on a delinquency list such as the Credit Checker or any other. This does not mean that Viaconto does not check your credit history or that it does not look for your name in the delinquency files.

Simply, if it detects that you are on one of these lists, it will evaluate your situation and decide based on your type of debt and the total amount of it, if you are a viable candidate for a personal loan.

In general, one of the requirements that Viaconto takes into account is that your total debt does not add up to more than 1000 US dollars , although factors such as who you owe, since when, and the reason for which you are owed are also taken into account. included in the file.

It is important to take into account that even so there are times when Viaconto does not take into account the delinquency lists, it does not mean that you are free to appear on these lists if you resort to non-payment situations or if you are too late with the payment of your debt .

Viaconto mobile application and customer service

At the moment, Viaconto does not have a mobile application to manage your loans. But you can always log in with your account from any computer or mobile phone to know all the information relevant to your personal loan. Simply go to the official Viaconto page and log in with your details.

From the same platform you will be able to manage future loans and learn about Viaconto news. It is a very simple and easy way to always be aware of the status of our personal loan.

Regarding customer service, Viaconto has a telephone service, via email and through social networks. The best thing to do is go to Viaconto's official website to find out all the means by which you can communicate with them to solve your doubts in this regard.

Types of loans in Viaconto

The types of loans that Viaconto offer are mini loans designed to cover immediate liquidity needs. Loans can be requested from 50 US dollars, and in case it is your first loan, you will have the option of requesting up to 300 US dollars.

Starting with your second loan, you will be able to access larger loans of up to 600 US dollars. Just remember that you will have to make your payment in a timely manner, so that you can be considered a formal client who can afford a personal loan.

Viaconto's personal loans are also short-term, which means that you will have a maximum of 30 days to return the total of your payment. This is very convenient in many occasions, since you will not have to worry about covering monthly payments that take you years or even months to pay.

From the beginning you will know the total amount to pay and the date on which the entire payment must be covered, which you can choose yourself from the beginning.

How to apply for Viaconto credits

Applying for a personal loan at Viaconto is very simple, and the process can be easily done by anyone. You simply have to follow the steps that we describe below:

  1. Register on the Viaconto page, filling out a simple form with contact information. This will be the way you will log into Viaconto every time you need to check information about your loan or want to request a new one.
  2. Fill in the forms by completing the amount of money you require and the term in which you want to repay the loan; as well as your identification and contact data (ID, address, telephone, etc.) Always remember to verify your data, for this you can do it by:
    1. Instator: By choosing this option, you will simply have to log in to your bank's online banking, having your identity automatically verified and allowing Viaconto to realize that you are the true owner of your bank account. It is important that you take into account that Instator is a secure option used by many banks around the world, and that it allows you to encrypt and encode your data so that Viaconto or anyone else who seeks to access them cannot do so.
    2. If you do not wish to use this option, you can send a copy of the required documentation to the email [email protected], or through any of the means of communication that Viaconto makes available to you. Remember that you have a period of 96 hours to send your identification data, otherwise, your loan will be rejected automatically
  3. Once your credit has been approved, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone confirming this, along with a verification code which you must use to enter the Viaconto website. You will find a tab labeled "Accept credit" and in a matter of minutes you will have your money in the bank. If it happens that your bank is not associated with Viaconto, it may take a maximum of 48 hours for the money to appear in your account.

How to return Viaconto credits

There are several options to repay Viaconto loans, and you can choose the one that is easier for you. On the one hand, you will be able to pay personal loans through debit or credit card payments from the Viaconto website, simply by logging in and selecting the corresponding option.

You can also make payments at your own pace through any of Viaconto's bank accounts, either at La Caixa, Bankia, BBVA or Catalunya Caixa.

If you need to know more about it, you can consult the official Viaconto website for more information. Do not forget to always pay on time before the due date, otherwise you will generate interest and commissions.

Extensions and postponements in Viaconto

If for any reason you are unable to repay your Viaconto loan, you can request an extension of 7, 14 or 30 days, but it is important to take into account that this type of deferral will generate interest, plus a commission depending on the amount requested and the days for which the postponement has been requested.

Also always take into account that your credit history can be seriously affected, and your name may appear in one of the delinquency files if you do not cover your payment in a timely manner. The best thing is that from the beginning you request a realistic loan that you can cover without complications.

Viaconto reviews

The most advisable thing before requesting a personal loan of any kind is that you know different opinions about it from clients who have previously requested the service. Viaconto has established itself as a credit platform with a score of 9.0 based on more than 280 opinions from satisfied customers, which qualifies it as an excellent option.


Viaconto is a highly advisable option that will allow you to obtain the financing you need to face immediate liquidity problems that have taken away your balance and financial peace of mind.

Its different loan schemes and its flexibility have made this institution one of the most prestigious, where you will find all the tools you need to request an informed loan that is fully adapted to your needs and possibilities.

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