Currency - 100% Online Loans Up to € 5000

Currency is one of the most current online platforms to get loans 100% Online . This company belongs to kreditech and in addition to giving personal loans , it offers mini-credits in kredito24 .

Currently, monedo now gives loans of up to 5,000 US dollars with all the facilities in the market, since in minutes you will be able to know whether or not you can enjoy this incredible loan that is managed completely online. This frees you from having to do thousands of unnecessary paperwork or incredible lines at banks.

Monedo thinks of customers before anything else, so the fees that you have to pay each month are also designed for the convenience of users who come to the company to ask for this money. A single payment, a single monthly installment is what you will have to pay and it will be you who chooses the amount you will pay monthly.

When making the repayment, the minimum that can be chosen to pay is up to 40 US dollars without this entailing increases throughout the loan.

Most of the personal currency loans are completely personalized, that is, the moment you contact the company, they will review your case and do a market study within which they will review all your personal data without any type commitment, in addition to your financial data.

What makes money different?

Monedo is a different company from the others and this can be seen in several points. The first is the number of terms to choose from and the amount of money you can get, which for a first loan is quite high.

Thanks to currency, you can get up to 5,000 US dollars in a few minutes, to start this already makes it different since it is a much higher amount than what many online banks usually give. This already positions this entity as one of the first against any other.

Another advantage is that each and every one of the installments is made on a fixed term and you are the one who chooses to pay the amount month by month.

Quick and easy currency

The ease and speed with which you can get things in the company is so great that in less than an hour you can even have the money in your account. Although it is true that Monedo tries to give all customers a personalized service, it also tries to focus on customers who need a little more help.

Another advantage is that to request this type of credit, you do not need to wait for anything, since you can request it 24 hours a day, 365 days a week through its website. Keep in mind that the system is automated so you can enjoy a fast and secure response in less than 1 hour if your request has no problem.

The company may need to verify some extra information, which will make them contact you and help you solve it, after sending any documents that you may need.

Offer without obligation with Monedo

Monedo has a fully customized loan offer system. This means that you can find something that suits you 100%.

You can request the loan or even have a study done and they send you all the data or an elaborate contract that you will have to accept. In case you do not agree with this, you just have to tell the company that you do not accept the conditions that have been given to you. Both the cancellation and the request are completely free and you can send them at any time of the year without this implying a payment commitment or having to give anything in return.

Currency Transparency

Although most companies play a double meaning and hide fees or put fine print on their contracts, Monedo is notorious for not carrying out any of these tricks. All the data that you will see in the loan is the correct data and the offer will be completely displayed.

The data that you will see in the offer is the amount of money that you are going to obtain through the company, what is the amount of time that you will have to pay the loan or the total price already with interest that you will have to pay at the end for the loan.

Even if you have asked for the credit request, if in the end the offer does not convince you, you do not have to accept it nor are you obliged to do so


The money company is a very responsible and lending company; They know that you should lend money to people who can at a certain time return it without the company or the person getting into financial trouble.

In case you already have problems with other companies or have not paid some debts, the platform will reserve the possibility of giving you a loan or not.

What are the main characteristics of this type of loan? Currency

All cash loans are personalized loans that can be enjoyed quickly and easily. All you have to do is send a form through the Internet in which in a matter of minutes you will have the best response from the company. Once you have the application accepted by the company, you can have the money in your bank account in a few minutes.

The simplicity. For money, granting loans is very simple, since you only have to tell the company how much you need and when. You can choose within the company what you need in addition to the fee you want to pay each month and they will be able to do so.

To request this type of loan, you do not need to carry out any type of paperwork and the management is done through the Internet without problem . You will not have to leave each or stand in long lines at bank entities. In case some type of extra document is needed, you can scan it and send it over the Internet without problems.

All cash loans are 100% personal and direct , this means that you can come and ask for the corresponding money and they will offer you something that meets your needs, without this affecting the conditions they offer you.

Applying for a loan has never been so easy. All you have to do is indicate in this form the information that is needed so that you can be granted the loan and ready in a few minutes you will have it active. If Monedo needs to know more about your financial situation, in a short time it will contact you so that you can send it any extra documents that it needs.

By means of the information that you are going to provide them, they will do a risk study in which they will see what your real financial situation is and whether or not they really can give you a loan.

Once the risk study is completed, a completely personalized offer will be created for each client and all the conditions that the company offers to be able to create the loan will be sent through a contract.

This loan will be 100% online a solution to your financial status.

Currency Security

Monedo has a security system in which the data you provide is encrypted. It does this with a complete state-of-the-art system that instantly encrypts all data. When you send them to the entity, they are passed through a transfer protocol.

These data are kept almost completely confidential and are never offered to third parties.

It is safe to ask for a loan in Currency

The company has professionals who are up to each of the circumstances and can give you the best credit option tailored to the needs of each client.

It also has the backing of large banks.

Credit requirements with Currency

When making any type of online application, you should know what the requirements are to be able to carry out this process.

  1. You must be of legal age
  2. You must be a resident of Spain
  3. You must have a completely valid identity document, this can be from a DNI to a passport.
  4. You must have availability in the bank account
  5. You must have a mobile phone or email

Remember also that when you have made the application to access the personal loan, you must send through your email a scanned copy with clear photographs that are made by means of a digital camera.

Currency interest rates

The interest rates of this type of credit are different for each type of loan. So it depends on what the customer has asked for at first.

we leave you a representative example

  • Average APR = 85 %
  • APR (Min, Max) 60 % - 113 %

Duration: from 6 to 36 months

  • loan amount 2000.00 EUR
  • fees 2520.28 EUR
  • total 4520.28 EUR
  • Monthly interest rate 5.25 %
  • Monthly amount 125.56 EUR
  • Duration 36 Months

Mobile application and customer service

  • The platform does not yet have a mobile application.
  • Currency Now Loans: 911 98 42 76
  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Now currency : [email protected]
  • Kreditech Spain, SL
  • Master´s I Building, Avda. General Perón, 38, 7ª planta - 4, 28020, Madrid.

Types of loans in Currency

In money you can get personal loans through the Internet . up to 5000 US dollars with duration from 6 to 36 months

How to request Currency credits?

How to request up to € 5,000 in Monedo Now?

Apply for loans with a total of up to 5,000 US dollars in a totally simple way thanks to the few paperwork.

The first thing you should do is fill out the currency form. To be able to do it correctly, all you have to do is enter the main page and from there you must click on selecting the type of loan and the amount of money you want to get. Remember that the amounts you can get range from 750 US dollars to 5,000.

Then, you must select the monthly payment, you are the one who decides what is the amount of money you want to pay month by month, which prevents you from having extra expenses that you will not be able to pay over time.

Once you have all the form filled out and the correct personal data, you must choose the option that says exclusive and personal offer.

Choose a custom loan type

The company, after reviewing your request, will analyze your data and will give you the option of a personalized loan to suit you. This should be adapted to the financial needs of your home.

Get the money in your bank account

Finally and once the loan is accepted, the platform will transfer the money to your account. Monedo will transfer it almost immediately, especially if your bank account works with the monetary entity.

Or a loan without obligation

Although we have explained it a few paragraphs above, although you have already sent the request for money and they have carried out the study, you can still evaluate whether or not you want the loan, since until you accept the request you will not be the owner of said loan.

When the application has already been accepted, they will send you, as a client and exclusively a personalized option in which they will give you an interest rate appropriate to your needs, depending on your offer. This offer has the most flexible conditions you can find and if you accept that option, it is very likely that your economy will not be damaged with the passage of time. It is an offer that does not generate risks neither for you, nor for the platform.

If you accept, you will have the money immediately in your account.

You also decide, because if you don't like the personalized offer, you don't have to accept it. You can cancel without any commitment and save the credit offer invitation for later.

Extensions and postponements with Monedo

The company always has the customer's opinion and seeks to help them. Although they do not give loans to people who know in advance that they cannot take charge of a personal loan, it is also true that the economic situation of each person can change and at some point they no longer have the solvency to pay said loan. In these cases, the company gives you several options, the most feasible being that you contact a person in charge of the entity and explain your case.

They can give you (depending on the case) a few more days of extension to pay or maybe even a few weeks.

Opinions about Currency

Antonio cuenca . I just asked for a loan yesterday and they authorized it and it appeared to me that they had already made the transfer to my account, I checked my account and nothing and it continues without any transfer until today, so I wonder what It is going to happen because I gave access to my personal account and access to a credit card so that they will deduct the money but so far I have not received anything, this is not right they should not send me saying that it was already deposited when it is not true and even more so one trusts. "

Rosa Valladolid "This money has come to me like water from May, I have a series of unforeseen events that have left me quite bad economically ... the response was quick and I received the loan in a short time"

Marcos Asturias "Man, you don't have to be an engineer to see on your page that the APR has a small range that goes from an APR: 47.6% - 1221.5% and a 1221% APR are cracks"

Conclusion we can get from Monedo

Thanks to this credit you can get up to 5000 US dollars without problem in a few minutes. This is a benefit that no bank or credit platform gives you, so if you are looking for a good amount of easy money, you will not have problems.

To carry out this type of request, all the procedures are simple, that is, we do not have to go through complex or heavy procedures and without leaving home we will be able to have the money we need in a few minutes.

Thanks to the fact that the platform determines the solvency level of each person, it is possible to find out what is the amount of interest that they can pay without damaging their economy. Once the loan is granted, data that is not relevant to the business is discarded so that it cannot be leaked to anyone. The company keeps a small file in the history in case that person asks for an extra loan.

In addition, the platform ensures that you will only pay for the interest on the preconceived loan and they will not charge you anything extra, no commissions, no openings, or studies

When the offer is launched, Monedo Now will send us (without implying any type of commitment) an official document with the amount of the quick credit, its repayment term and the total cost of it. You must accept the offer.


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  9. I need about 5000 US dollars urgently to make some payments. I am in Credit Checker. I think recently, I need an answer thank you

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