4 beautiful places in Greece to tick off this Euro summer


When it comes to bucket list destinations, Greece is at the top of your list. With postcard-perfect islands, shimmering coastlines and cities steeped in centuries-old culture, this land is pure magic.

Not sure where to start first? We teamed up with our buddies Qatar Airways To curate the ultimate itineraries, all you have to do is book that annual vacation and start packing.

Note that these are the most beautiful places in Greece.


If you want to party then get on the first one Qatar Airways Flight to sun-kissed Mykonos (with stopover in Doha, Qatar). Here you’ll find superclubs with world-famous DJs, lively bars and beach clubs galore. You’re never far from a good time or a party on this island known as the Ibiza of Greece. Your beach club hit list should include Alemagou on Ftelia beach for boho vibes; Sip cocktails from beach beds Jackie’O Beach Club and for a classic Mykonos party, close tracks Paradise Beach Club. The institution has welcomed party-hungry travelers for years and never disappoints. As the sun goes down, incredible cocktails sink in alley barenjoy the water views and DJ beats Katerina’s barand sip on a cold aperitif Galleraki where the Mediterranean splashes against your seat. Apart from partying, Mykonos has a lot of beautiful things to offer. For stunning scenery, stroll through Chora town center and get lost in the maze of buildings you’ve seen plastered on postcards everywhere. Nearby Little Venice is equally beautiful, with whitewashed houses jutting out over the edge of the island and dating back to the 16th century. Finally, don’t forget to snap a photo of the Mykonos Windmills and the famous Paraportiani Church – they provide the ultimate pinch me moment.


Imagine: golden beaches, dramatic mountains, UNESCO World Heritage sites and historic old towns and you have Crete in a nutshell. Often overlooked by the likes of Mykonos and Santorini, this beautiful island deserves a spot on your must-see list. Drive to Chania, the second largest city in Crete and one of the liveliest places on the island. Here you will find the old town full of winding cobbled streets and Venetian architecture. During the day there are boutiques and galleries to visit, while at night the tavernas, bars and nightclubs come alive and give the area a real buzz. While in the Hood, be sure to chCheck out the Venetian inner harbor and lighthouse. In addition, the Archaeological Museum and the nearby city garden, which is home to wild goats, are absolutely worth your time. Stretch your legs on a hike to Samaria (approx. 16 km), Europe’s longest gorge, and be overwhelmed by the incredible view. Get a cultural hit at Knossos, an archaeological site believed to have been around 7000 BC. BC, making it the oldest city in Europe. Being Greece you know that Crete is also home to some epic dishes. Devour the best slow-cooked lamb of your life anticristotry tender handmade skoufichta pasta critamon and for dessert, check out Chrisostomos, famous for their cheese-filled sfakiani flat pies drizzled with Cretan honey. Work off all that food in Crete’s lively club scene. We love Mylos Club (who have been raving for over two decades), Ilios for authentic Cretan music and stone project for the best cocktails on the island and cool interior.


When it comes to culture and history, few cities rival Athens for the crown. Filled with neoclassical buildings and ancient ruins, it’s like something out of a movie set and has to be seen IRL to be believed. With a short layover in Doha, Qatar, you can fly direct to Athens Qatar Airways and begin your journey with a visit to the Acropolis. Best seen at sunrise, your jaw will drop as the marble monuments and cobblestone streets are bathed in a soft, warm glow. While you’re at it, the Temple of Poseidon and the National Museum of Contemporary Art should satisfy your cultural cravings. But the real beauty comes from Athens’ eclectic mix of neighborhoods. A multicultural place teeming with young creatives, art galleries and stunning crumbling mansions, Kypseli is well worth a visit. Hike down Fokionos Negri Boulevard and eat your way through the cafes and taverns that line the street. If you can, visit on a Sunday so you can browse the 1930’s municipal market with an organic food market and pop-up shops. Next, head to Anafiotika, a beautiful village nestled on the northern slopes of the Acropolis – this is where you’ll get your content for the gram. Imagine: white and blue apartment buildings covered in vines mixed with centuries-old churches . This is the Greece you dreamed of. Top off your visit with a trip to Varvakios Agora, a drool-worthy indoor and outdoor food market filled with delicious fresh produce like seafood, fruits, spices, and Greek pastries.


When you picture Greece, it’s probably the domed buildings that cover the island of Santorini. And yes, it’s just as gorgeous IRL. Some say this is the true home of the lost city of Atlantis, but we just call it pretty damn beautiful. Consisting of two islands, you will probably want to spend most of your time on Thira, the largest island in the archipelago. It is home to Fira and Oia. You can even hike between the two scenic spots – covering a distance of 10.5km, you’ll enjoy epic views along the way. After all that training, reward yourself with a trip to Santorini’s many colorful beaches. There’s Red Beach, framed by dramatic amber cliffs, and Kamari Beach, famous for its long stretch of black sand beach. With the sparkling blue water in the foreground and the imposing Mesa Vouno hill in the background, it’s a stunning place to spend the day. For a taste of culture and history, make your way to Akrotiri. Known as Greek Pompeii, the ruins take you back to 1450 BC. with paths that lead you to mud buildings, houses and artefacts. The Monastery of Prophet Elias is also worth your time. This beautiful church at the highest point of Santorini was built by monks in 1711. Try to arrive just before sunset for one of the best views of the island. All that exploring will surely whet a thirst that can be happily quenched Sigala’s Winery. Hot tip: Grapes on volcanic soil = really good vino. Keep the spirits high with a visit to some of Santorini’s best bars –Fang bar restaurant‘s roof digs and MoMix‘s incredible cocktail menu gets our vote.

Whether it’s dancing on the tables in Mykonos, traveling through centuries-old towns or lounging on sparkling beaches, Greece is sure to top our Euro hit list. Join in your euro summer now Qatar Airways Flights to Athens and Mykonos with a stopover in the extravagant city of Doha, Qatar.

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