Prestamer - Fast online loans of up to 1,000 US dollars

Lender is a way of understanding loans. We are facing a website that uses the most intelligent robot that we can find on the Internet that will decide whether or not to grant us a loan almost instantly and with the greater ease and comfort that carrying out the procedures online can bring us.

We are in a place where fast loans are based, that is, loans that were created to perform the same functions as traditional personal loans but with simple conditions and requirements so that we can obtain our money as quickly as possible, which can be within the next 10 minutes to make our request.

No matter where we look at it, if we can get money to solve some kind of circumstantial problem or indulge ourselves, and also do it all from home without having to worry about submitting unnecessary paperwork, why do we want more?

What is Prestamer?

Prestamer is a company of Spanish origin, and registered in this territory, whose main objective and service is to carry out online, and its entire process being completely automatic, fast loans, completely ignoring all the necessary paperwork and required by other types of entities financial or private companies dedicated to the same purpose.

If we had to summarize what a quick loan is, it would be an economical product more than ideal for an unexpected situation that we need to solve with money and that we do not have the possibility or ability to obtain it in any way other than through a loan through companies or private equity companies like this one.

We can request or start the procedures for granting our loan at any time of the day, so it is real and consistent with life: since unforeseen events can appear at any moment without notice.

The characteristics of the fast loans that Prestamer grants are well defined and do not tend to go outside of established parameters and that apply to all loans equally, without any type of distinction or privileges.

The loans have a size from 20 US dollars to 1000 US dollars, which greatly expands the range for our requests; On the other hand, the days in which we can make the return of our loan to Prestamer also have a wide range: we can return from 7 days to 21. But in no case, we can lose sight of the interest that is will be added to the amount that we have ordered and that we must return.

What makes Prestamer different from other platforms?

The main difference of Prestamer is its robot, that is, that a page dedicated to fast loans has a kind of pet that is its main “financial agent” and that is in charge of telling us if our application is accepted or not, it does it more close to people and less cold than other pages whose function is the same: to lend money to people who later agree to return it.

This more or less "personal" treatment from the beginning, makes whoever is making the request feel a little more supported and less uncomfortable due to the situation they are experiencing and the steps they are taking, which is why it turns this page into a referring to the time of maintaining a more personal treatment than other pages, finding there their biggest difference.

Advantages of choosing Prestamer

Prestamer is a company that gives us a series of advantages compared to other private entities that are responsible for managing personal loans quickly, a world in which there is a lot of competition and where small advantages or characteristics can make you gain or lose clients.

A fundamental characteristic to decide on Prestamer instead of another page, is because of the interests that they can offer us: the more money you ask for, the less interest we have to return; Since we will sometimes need an exact amount of money, there will also enter the days in which we decide to return the money, which can also influence the interest we pay at the time of the refund.

Also, we can take into account the advantages of being what they call "responsible customers", that is, for returning the money in the way and within the term that we have committed to. Being responsible clients in Prestamer makes us perfect candidates so that we are taken into account when extending the loan limit and reducing the interest that we must pay for our return.

Finally, the speed when making the transfer of money, which is almost immediate after the approval of our request and the signing of the contract. This transfer can take anywhere from several seconds to four to ten minutes at the most, a great advantage.

And the lack of requirement for unnecessary documents that can be requested in other types of financial institutions that can hinder the processing of our loan, since the signing of the contract is done via SMS with a code that they send us from the company, filling in the application before online that we can find on your page.

The main features of Prestamer

We could expose the characteristics of Prestamer as follows:

  • Fast loans without schedule problems or days on the calendar, since the “Prestamer” robot works all the time on our requests.
  • We do not need to present any type of additional documentation: just fill out the online application for the page and we will receive a code via SMS, which will help us sign the contract.
  • The money deposit that we can access to request our loan ranges from 20 US dollars to 1,000 US dollars.
  • They allow us a margin of time with a range that goes from 7 days to 21 days to repay our entire loan.
  • The interests that we can find vary depending on the amount we ask for and the time we decide to return our deposit: the more money requested, the lower the interest we will have to return.
  • The time that passes between the approval of our request, the signing of the contract and the transfer of the deposit that we have requested to our account is minimal; Everything happens in minutes, so it is a loan that we can manage quickly to, for example, solve unforeseen problems already.
  • They offer us extensions for our contract in exchange for different added interests that will be explained in the contract that we will have to read before signing.
  • If we are considered a “responsible customer”, that is, we comply with the terms and conditions of our contract, our loan limit will be increased for the next one and our interest will decrease.

Prestamer requirements

The requirements that Prestamer asks us to get our application approved are quite basic and easy to fulfill. Those requirements are:

  • The first essential requirement is to be of legal age according to the years set, in this case, the Spanish legislation, which is 18 years of age.
  • Have Spanish nationality, which can be demonstrated by our DNI or NIE that must be in force.
  • A mobile phone number that is not blocked for non-payment or does not exist.
  • Be registered or registered on the Prestamer website:

Prestamer interest rates

Prestamer uses highly variable interest rates, since one of its main characteristics is that you only pay interest for those days when you are "using" the money, that is, for the days when it takes to return it.

But also, another factor that influences the interests that Prestamer offers is in the amount of deposit that we borrow, since the more amount we request, the lower the interest that we have to return.

Prestamer plays with an interest scale ranging from 16.67% to 65%, which is managed based on the conditions mentioned above.

Can you request a credit with Credit Checker in Prestamer?

The quickest answer is no. In Prestamer what they are looking for are what they call "responsible clients", that is, people who really commit to requesting a deposit but also to return it with the terms and conditions to which they have committed.

That is why they avoid considering them suitable for granting loans by Prestamer, since they think that if they are on the Credit Checker list, a list reserved for people who have some type of delinquency, either due to non-payment of invoices telephone or loans, for example.

Mobile application and customer service in Loan

In the case of an application that could speed up access to the Prestamer robot even more and make the request for our loan from a mobile phone or tablet, this time the only way we can do it is by accessing through our browser from the Internet, in any of our electronic devices, and visit its website by carrying out the procedures from there.

Website that obeys the following link:

On the other hand, if we want to make any kind of consultation before we get down to work with our application or we simply want to solve a problem with our application or our transfer or payment of the loan that we have requested, we can choose both ways of contact that the company puts us at our fingertips:

  • We can call the following phone number: +34 912 90 99 74 - to which we can make calls during business days (that is, Monday to Friday) from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon (local time).
  • The other option that we can use is to send an email to the email account that Prestamer makes available to us: [email protected] - in which they agree to serve us in less than 30 minutes, although the purposes may week take a little longer.

Types of loans in Prestamer

The types of loans that Prestamer works with are those that are called fast loans, that is, those loans whose procedures are carried out at almost instantaneous speed and we can get them in just minutes.

This type of loan is also characterized by the small number of documents that are required when we make our application and consider it approved or not; This is due to the fact that the terms and amounts that are deposited as loans are much smaller than those that could be loaned in a financial institution as a personal loan.

As it is private capital, the conditions and terms, as well as the interests that are requested, fall within the characteristics and limits that the company or private company wants to put, which allows people to have more options to choose from and even be able to compare .

How to apply for Prestamer credits

The steps that we must follow to be able to request our loan in Prestamer correctly and not lose the opportunity to have our request accepted are quite simple, since we will only have to follow three small steps:

  1. Register on the Prestamer page ( ): there we must create our personal account where we will fill out our request indicating our personal data, ID and telephone number; a few minutes and the first step done.
  2. Then we must indicate the way in which we will repay the loan, that is, we can choose between returning it through a transaction, in cash in our bank through an income, etc., so we can choose the best and most comfortable way to us and us.
  3. Finally, we will only have to sign the contract with Prestamer: we will do it through a confirmation code that we will receive on our phone via SMS; Once our loan is confirmed, it will be transferred in seconds.

Prestamer extensions and postponements

In the event that we are late in a payment or cannot meet the payment of our loan at that time, we should not worry since Prestamer has also thought about this possibility and will not cause us a problem in postponing or extending our loan.

The only thing we will have to do is enter our personal account (the account that we made at the beginning to be able to make the request on the Prestamer page), and from there access the "Extend loan" area.

In this tab we will find the interest that we will have to pay based on the days that we are late and the loan that we are enjoying, that is why there is no predetermined interest but rather it is based on the days in which we are "enjoying" the money without paying the corresponding fees.

Once in this area, we must indicate the way in which we will pay the extra interest once we are going to pay it, giving us the same options as at the beginning, when we decided the way in which we would pay the loan.

Prestamer reviews

The users who have started to use the little Prestamer robot are delighted and delighted with the new way of using technology so that online transactions are a little less cold than they seem at first glance.

The interests and opportunities offered by this company and its Prestamer robot are quite well received by different sectors of the population, especially by those who seek quick solutions and do not need to be filled with promises and meaningless paperwork.

The treatment offered by telephone and by email does not offer any complaint at the moment although it is true that if it would be necessary, as requests can be made on any day of the week, some type of telephone contact any day of the week. week too… since being always in contact through electronics can disconnect us from the world in which we find ourselves.


Although this is an early creation website that can still work to improve its image and become much more attractive, how many loan pages can we find that have their own robot and that, in addition, can make us feel a little more comfortable and comfortable in such a situation?

Prestamer is a company that seeks to solve problems quickly and efficiently while providing a solution to the return of these amounts loaned and tries that clients who are faithful to its principles and return and comply with what was promised, have advantages and Rewards for your efforts and don't become a place where "righteous pay for sinners."

Its interest method is attractive, since perhaps you may need an exact amount of money but to save interest, ask for something more and give yourself a little whim, for yourself or for someone you love, and thus manage to relieve a little of the stress of each day.

A page and a company that has strength and that becomes a great competitor to which the rest of the private companies will have to take into account when improving for the immediate future.

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