Forget about financial problems. Discover, a helping hand!

The economy of our era is extremely fast-paced, something that can lead to slight capital shortfalls, which in turn lead us into quite serious problems. Faced with this scenario, Wandoo arises, a company created with the intention of offering you a wide range of financial solutions, such as fast online loans , just to mention one of them.

What is Wandoo? Your best financial option!

We want to start by explaining to you that Wandoo is a highly prestigious financial company within the Spanish territory , which is backed by the important Wandoo Finance group and by the recognition of thousands of clients who have changed their lives thanks to the unsurpassed service offered by the entity.

We ask you to carefully read the entire article that we have prepared for you, we have no doubt that you will find in Wandoo the perfect ally for your economy, especially if you are looking for immediate loans, because we know that you need practical solutions , efficient and reliable.

What makes Wandoo different?

In Spain there is a huge list of companies that claim to offer all kinds of financial alternatives quickly. However, they tend to complicate your life with confusing and unnecessary procedures, for example, their online loans are not entirely cybernetic and their fast loans take too long.

Wandoo is different because it is the complete opposite of the usual, for them the important thing is to give you a helping hand in complicated moments , without causing you additional stress, without asking inappropriate questions, without judging you and without getting in the way of requesting your paperwork.

In addition, their privacy policy encourages them to handle your personal information with extreme care and to notify you of every move they may make with it, no matter how insignificant it may seem. So you can rest easy in this regard, because all the information that you provide to Wandoo, to request an online credit , or any other similar action, is totally safe.

Learn about the benefits of choosing Wandoo

Wandoo's goal is to become your trusted financial institution, that's why it fights tirelessly to always provide you with the best. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy when choosing Wandoo as your financial company:

If you are applying for a money loan with Wandoo for the first time:

It offers you thirty days of financing without paying interest! In other words, to welcome you to Wandoo, your first personal credit is free . Just remember, in this case we are talking about a maximum credit of € 300.

The maximum value of your credit:

After paying the installments of your initial loan, in Wandoo you get the opportunity to increase your limit for any of their fast online loans . For this, it is enough to timely cancel each of your loans, that is, maintain a positive credit history with the entity.

They can understand you:

As we have told you before, at Wandoo they want to offer you efficient financial solutions and not additional problems. For this reason, if you have problems canceling your personal credit, the company can understand you and provide you with an additional payment term.

Take a look at the main features of Wandoo

In order for you to have a more precise idea about Wandoo, it is important that you know its basic characteristics, because it is from them that its vision as a pioneer in internet financing was born:

Wandoo is a totally online platform:

Wandoo uses state-of-the-art technology , with the intention of keeping the company's server in optimal conditions and thus being able to guarantee the security of your personal data. In addition, this also allows Wandoo to perfectly recognize you online, thus reducing the risk of someone usurping your identity.

Honesty is your cover letter:

If Wandoo asks you for sensitive information, it is with the intention of improving your experience when requesting a micro credit , for example. For your peace of mind, you will be able to access all your information whenever you want, just log in to the website and make a request via email, which will be answered in a short time.

Cash loans are really fast:

In fact, once you make your request for any of the credits that Wandoo offers, you will receive a response in less than a minute and if it is positive, the transfer to your bank account can be done in less than fifteen minutes. However, keep in mind that the money may take a couple of days to become effective depending on your bank.

Is it safe to ask for a loan in Wandoo? Of course yes!

The reputation of this financial institution can answer this question by itself, but we can still tell you that the responsibility of the company is a guarantee of good service, integrity and seriousness. You can be sure that working with Wandoo is a great idea and a great way to solve short-term financial problems.

Take note of the requirements to apply for a loan in Wandoo

At Wandoo they know that if you apply for urgent loans it is because you need the money immediately and you do not have time to waste in absurd paperwork. So thinking about your well-being, the only requirements that you must meet to apply for a credit online are:


It is essential that you live within the Spanish territory and that you are over twenty years old , but under seventy.

On a financial level:

You cannot have debts of any kind with third parties, which includes all those pending payments that appear in any record of information on financial solvency and credit.

At a technological level:

It is necessary that you have your own mobile phone, preferably with Internet access, as well as a bank account, of which you are the owner.

Be amazed by Wandoo interest rates!

When we talk about personal loans, it is impossible not to mention the famous interests, because they are one of the most important factors in this type of financial action and can directly influence when choosing one or another financing company.

Due to this, Wandoo offers you the most competitive interest rates in the market, something that you can check, before formalizing your request for new microcredits , with its own specialized calculator. Likewise, it is important that you take into account two fundamental aspects of Wandoo's interest policy:

For new customers:

Interest does not exist, do you remember that the first Wandoo loan is totally free? So forget about paying extra money for your loan and enjoy a great welcome.

For regular customers:

Interest may vary depending on various aspects, such as the total amount of money you want to request and the time it takes to pay it off completely. Similarly, your credit history can affect this ruble, both positively and negatively: Pay close attention to it!

Can I request a credit with Credit Checker in Wandoo?

No, remember that one of the few requirements to request express loans in Wandoo is not to have any debt against third parties, including pending payments that are recorded in any of the information records on financial solvency and credit nationwide.

You already know, unfortunately credits with Credit Checker are not an alternative in Wandoo. That is why we recommend you update your situation, you just have to find out about this condition and take the pertinent actions to get out of it, once everything is in order you can return to their website and request the loan that best suits you. .

Interact with your mobile application and try the best customer service

If you have a smartphone, you cannot miss Wandoo's fantastic mobile application, which allows you to manage your personal loans online in real time. Like its website, the mobile application is absolutely secure and handles your data using a sophisticated encryption system, which keeps you safe from any cyber attack.
Likewise, if you do not have a large capacity mobile device, you have the option of communicating with Wandoo in three direct ways:

Through phone calls:

If you want information about fast loans , online mini-credits or about any aspect of Wandoo, you have at your disposal the following telephone number: 91-714-66-20 , when you dial it, an operator will attend you, who will be totally focused on you to assist you as you deserve.

Through emails:

It is ideal to request specific information about your transactions with Wandoo , as well as a balance of your personal data that rests in its database. All you have to do is contact the entity through the email address: [email protected], explain the reason for your inquiry and wait a couple of days.

Through live chat:

If you want to enjoy an exceptional customer service experience you must enter and click on the chat icon that you will see on your right, there a trained team awaits you, to give you solutions and answers as fast as loans from Wandoo. Just remember one thing, the chat works from Monday to Friday, with a schedule from 9 am to 6 pm.

They adapt to your needs! know the types of loans in Wandoo

Despite the fact that Wandoo personal loans are basically about the immediate delivery of money, you may be able to adapt them to you and your financial situation, thanks to the fact that only you can establish the amount of money you will receive, as well as the time that you will have to cancel it.

How to apply for Wandoo credits? Step by Step!

In the Wandoo platform , requesting your credit in a simple way is possible, because they have designed a didactic, interactive and extremely clear web portal, which allows you to execute your actions in record time. After logging in, click on the Request loan button and follow these steps:

Complete the form:

In it they will ask you for basic information about yourself, as well as they will ask you to establish the amount of money you expect to receive and the time in which you plan to cancel it, with the maximum term equal to thirty days.

Identify yourself clearly:

For this it is necessary that you log into your online banking, so you must select your bank in a list and connect to it through the company's trusted provider: Kontomatik , of which we want to highlight once again its guaranteed reliability. When you open your online banking, Wandoo performs a quick data comparison, with the intention of corroborating all the data that you have previously entered in the form.

Wait a minute:

In this period of time, which is really short, you will receive via SMS and via email , a message in which you will be notified of the status of your application, which in general can be: Approved or Rejected.

Enjoy your personal Wandoo credit:

If your request for fast microcredits has been approved, the Wandoo team will take a maximum of fifteen minutes to credit the money to your bank account . However, depending on the entity you work with, you may not be able to use the money until after twenty-four to forty-eight hours after we make the transfer.

Important question: how to return Wandoo credits?

The intention of Wandoo is that you enjoy and invest your loans in a calm and worry-free way, that is why it will remind you a couple of times before the credit expiration date , so you do not have to think for thirty days about what your exact limit is . In this reminder they will also inform you of the total amount that you will have to cancel, as well as the possible options that you may require to comply.

You have two ways to cancel your Wandoo credits , first you can go to a branch of the Santander, Bankintier or La Caixa banks, to make a direct deposit in any of the accounts that Wandoo manages in these entities. You can get this information on the web portal and on your Wandoo profile.

Secondly, complying with the vision of an online company, in Wandoo you have the opportunity to make a transfer from your online bank , being essential that you indicate in the Concept of the transaction your credit number or, failing that, your DNI / NIE.

Do you have slight liquidity problems? Wandoo offers you extensions and postponements!

That's right, Wandoo will always watch over your finances and a clear example of this is the possibility of requesting additional terms to cancel loans online . The periods that the company handles can be seven, fourteen and up to thirty additional days to extend your credit term. This point usually generates some questions, so we will try to answer them immediately:

How to request an extension of the payment term?

Contact Wandoo and inform them that you have a problem meeting the payment, but yes, you must do it before your credit has expired. In addition, you can ask for help from your financial advisers, who will guide you to find the ideal alternative for you.

Should additional money be written off?

Yes, in this situation Wandoo will ask you for an additional amount, the value of which will depend on the amount of money in your loan and the number of days you expect to increase your payment term. Enter their website as a user and you will get additional information on this subject.

Can more than one extension be requested?

Of course! So that you can solve your financial condition, Wandoo allows you to defer the payment up to a maximum of eleven months , taking as the initial month the date on which you should have paid the entire loan.

Here are some thoughts on Wandoo

So that you can have an impartial overview, we invite you to read some opinions about Wandoo, some are from their clients and others from analyst netizens, so you could easily verify their veracity. Here we go:

  1. Enrique García "My comments about Wandoo loans are positive after having tried it, but I encourage you to put your experiences, anecdotes, clarifications or complaints so that there are different points of view"
  2. David Pérez, “Get up to € 300 free with Wandoo if it is your first time and up to € 850 if you are already a customer. Fast, safe and very easy!


As you can see, Wandoo is your best option to get money quickly , safely and directly, without the need for annoying legal procedures, or the presentation of any type of guarantee. In other words, Wandoo is a friendly company that is always willing to offer you immediate loans online, so that you can solve those small crises, which sooner or later, all of us can go through.

We have nothing more to say to you, it only remains to give you a cordial invitation to become part of the thousands of Spaniards who make Wandoo possible, in this way they will continue to grow together and achieve everything they set out to do.

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