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At any time we may be presented with an unexpected expense that we cannot cope with. And is that most people live day to day, earning just enough to pay their debts. If, for example, an invoice arrives with a too high value, if you have to pay for the car insurance, if we want to start a new project, even to indulge ourselves, the most common thing is to go to the bank to request the money.

The problem? The banks will put a whole series of obstacles to grant us the money, in addition to requiring high requirements and charging us abusive interest. But the worst of all is not that, but rather that the process can take a long time. And it is that, in just telling us if the operation can be completed or not, weeks can pass.

Imagine that you have to face the payment of an invoice under threat of supply cut: if we have to trust the bank, we will probably have problems.

That is why the market points to new alternative financing systems, and this is where fast credit and loan companies begin to appear .

A good example of this is LunaCredit ; an entity that has been in the market for a long time, and that echoes the needs of the client, offering a fast and fair deal.

Do you want to request a quick loan? Take a look at everything LunaCredit can offer you.

Requirements to request a loan

Although it is true that there are requirements, they are much less numerous than those that any bank will require. And it is that one of the main maxims of the company is to offer credits to the majority of the population, as long as it is solvent, to ensure that the money will be returned.

Without further ado, here we detail the requirements that you must meet if you want to request a loan with LunaCredit:

  • Age: The applicant must be between 223 and 70 years old ; if the age is outside this range, the request will not be taken into account.
  • Residence: The applicant must have his resistance in Spain permanently. And this, in addition, must be accredited. In general, a DNI or NIE is usually more than enough; however, depending on each case, other documents may also be required.
  • Income: You must have continuous monthly income, and you must present a document that certifies them. The most common is to present a payroll, but we can also request the credit with a document that proves that we receive a pension, a subsidy, or any other type of money.
  • E-mail and mobile phone: These requirements may seem a bit absurd, since we really all have them. However, the reason that the entity asks us is in relation to the verification system, as well as to inform us of the news. To receive the credit, you will have to register in advance on the platform, and for this you will receive a verification by e-mail / mobile phone. In addition, any notification in relation to the requested money will also reach us on these two supports.
  • Credit history: In addition to all the above criteria, the entity will also ask us to have a correct credit history . This means that we cannot be registered in any delinquent file (how can it be in the Credit Checker or in the RAI), even if the debt with which they have registered us there is small. If this is so, we will have to previously satisfy it before proceeding further.

This last requirement is only intended to ensure the viability of the system: keep in mind that if they loaned money to everyone, even non-creditworthy customers, the system could not stand it.

Characteristics of LunaCredit loans

LunaCredit allows us to request a quick loan of a maximum amount of € 1000 . This feature is much more interesting than it seems, and we can do it even if we are new customers . The most normal thing is, when we operate with fast credit entities, is that the maximum amount is only reserved for when we have already requested a credit in the past and have returned it on time.

LunaCredit really trusts the client, and we can be clear about this thanks to the maximum amount of money that it allows us to request.

As for the repayment term , this will go from a minimum of 7 days, to a maximum term of one month (once the credit has been accepted).

As we have already commented, the whole process will be managed through the Internet; that is, we will not have to be presenting ourselves in any physical entity, or making phone calls. Thanks to this processing formula, paperwork is eliminated, and at the same time processing is accelerated.

In addition, it has minimum commissions and all expenses will be clear from the first moment. That is, we are not going to find hidden expenses once we have asked for the money. In addition, unlike the way banks act, we will not have to hire additional products that make everything more expensive.

LunaCredit online platform

LunaCredit's platform has been designed to adapt to all types of resolution; that is to say, it is perfectly visible both on desktop devices (such as on a traditional computer or laptop), even on a mobile phone. Of course, LunaCredit does not have an app from which the entire process can be controlled; it is possible that it will be implanted in the future, but at the moment we do not have it.

Online simulator of fast loans from LunaCredit

To further facilitate the process of requesting a credit online with LunaCredit, on the home page we find a practical simulator from which we can control the commissions. Its operation is simple, identical to any that you have already been able to find in other fast credit entities; Furthermore, once you have finished using it, you can start the application process directly from it.

  • Enter the amount of money you want to request: The minimum amount is € 50 and the maximum amount is € 1000 (even for new customers). We can enter the amount by hand, or we can regulate it with a bar.
  • Enter the amortization time: The next criterion that you must enter is the amortization time. The minimum time will be 7 days , while the maximum time will be 30 days . Again, this can be done either by writing the figure, or by playing with the bar.

And it will be here where we will know the true power of the tool. And, as we configure the values ​​that interest us the most, the amount of money we are asking for, the commission, as well as the total loan will appear in the right area.

To give an example, let's suppose that we want to order an amount of € 600 , with a return time of 20 days. In this case, we would pay a commission of € 132 , which would make the final loan amount to € 732 .

Another example, if the amount of money we want to request is the maximum, € 1000 , with the maximum return time of 30 days , we would have to pay a commission of € 330 , so we would return a loan of € 1,330 .

How to request a credit or loan in LunaCredit?

In the following points we are going to detail step by step how you should request the money:

  • Simulator: As we have already mentioned, the first step to request the loan is to interact with the simulator until we find a deal that convinces us. Although there is no catch or any kind of mystery; As long as the deal interests us, we can move on.
  • Personal data: The system will ask you to enter your personal data. This way, an assessment can be made on whether you can be awarded the money in question. To request the money make sure you have the following on hand
    1. Phone number
    2. Email address
    3. DNI, NIE or equivalent.
    4. Bank account of which you are the holder
    5. Net monthly income calculation
    6. Access to online banking or copies of your bank statements.
  • Validation: The process will be managed much faster in the event that we identify ourselves through our account in online banking. However, if this is not possible, we can use copies of the extracts.
  • Reception: If the result of the request is positive, then you will get the money directly in the bank account.

The operators will be in charge of verifying the request in a few minutes; if accepted, you can receive the money in your bank account in just 15 minutes . In other words, LunaCredit strictly complies with the fact of granting urgent money .

How to repay the loan or credit with LunaCredit?

As soon as you have the money in the bank, the only thing you will have to worry about is meeting the payment deadline. If you comply with LunaCredit , the next loan will arrive with better conditions.

There are two ways to return the money:

-Or we make the payment by income at the window.

-Either by transfer at the bank office, or by online banking (the latter is the simplest way, since this way you will do the whole process online and you will not have to have left home at all).

When making the payment you will always have to use the contract number, or the invoice number. So the entity will be able to know that you have paid.

These are the three accounts in which you can return the money:

Santander Bank: ES09 0049 5117 2227 1618 4250
BBVA: ES63 0182 0927 8102 0159 1651
CaixaBank: ES26 2100 0600 8402 0401 1022

Customer Support

Although the entire process can be managed online, if we have any questions, concerns, or a problem with the platform, we will have at our disposal a complete customer service that will help us with whatever we need:

  • Telephone: We have available the telephone number 901 60 66 65 , available from Monday to Friday from 09: 00-20: 00, Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00 and Sundays from 09:00 00 to 14:00
  • E-mail: We can also contact you through the following e-mails:

Rectification of data: [email protected]

Collections Department: [email protected]

Send your CV: [email protected]

Claims: [email protected]

Extensions and postponements

If you cannot make the payment within the term, you should not worry; and es LunaCredit understands your situation. If this is your case, you should contact customer service (through the number 910 60 66 55 or by accessing your LunaCredit account) to request a postponement.

This process will generate interest, but it will prevent the entity from initiating procedures to ensure payment.

Advantages of applying for a loan with LunaCredit

  • Speed: As we have already mentioned, we can have the money in the account in just 15 minutes from the moment of the request. Few companies can give you the money in such a short time.
  • 100% online: The entire process can be carried out through the Internet; In addition, it will not be necessary to have high computer skills to manage everything.
  • Good conditions: Customers who comply with the payment will see their performance rewarded. Looking ahead to the next loan, they will be able to get very good conditions.

LunaCredit reviews

The majority of users who have requested a loan from LunaCredit have left a positive assessment and / or opinion. This is due to how fast they are to award the money, as well as the fact that there is no hidden fee or commission.

We will have everything clear from the first moment.

Conclusion: is LunaCredit worth it?

If you need money for right now, for something that cannot wait, and the bank has rejected you, you can turn to LunaCredit knowing that it will receive you with open arms.

Read the conditions well and you will see how you are interested.

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