- Request fast and urgent credits of up to € 700 is a company of Spanish origin that offers financial loans to all the people who need it, as long as the necessary requirements are met. The company emerged in 2010 and grew thanks to its service in which they offered fast microcredits through their website. The system offers you loans of up to 300 US dollars for new clients, and loans of up to 700 US dollars for regular clients.

How does Prestamo10 work?

The application process is simple, you simply have to follow 3 steps and at the end you will be able to see that the money you requested will be deposited directly into your bank account in a period of less than 24 hours. However, the 24 to 48 hour wait is only for people who belong to banking entities outside of loan10 , so if you belong to one of the banks that is used by loan 10 , then your money will be deposited in your account in less 10 minutes. Quick and easy loans, it's that simple.

The system is fully interactive, so you choose the amount of money you need and the period of time you consider necessary for you to return the money you borrowed. At the end of the term agreed between the company and you, the money will be collected directly from your bank account, so try to have the money available in case the time period ends. Otherwise, you will be added to the company's delinquent list for not paying the money they provided you.

What makes Loan10 different from other online financial loan companies?

Many online loan servicing companies ask you to provide a mobile phone number to reach you via text message. To accept the terms and conditions it will be necessary for you to forward a message with the word "I accept", a process by which many of the loan companies take advantage of charging you a lot for sending the message. This is the way they get money and profit from you without you knowing.

Fortunately, this is not the case for loan10 , since the cost of the text message you send to accept the terms and conditions of the company has a very low cost, which does not exceed 0.15 US dollars plus VAT. This is one of the features that help stand out from the other online financial loan companies.

Some of the main advantages of using

The advantages offered by the prestamo10 to choose it as our service loans online are many, making the system one of the most convenient that exist in the current web. Below you can read some of the main advantages offered by the online system of fast loans through loan 10:

  • You choose the size of the loan you need as well as the time you need before paying it back.
  • 100% online service, without the need to leave the comfort of your home or go to a bank.
  • The application to obtain loans is very simple to carry out and the process is very fast. You get your money almost instantly and they deposit it directly into the bank account you provide.
  • The text messages you send to accept the terms and conditions of the company are very cheap.
  • You will get your money quickly and directly to the bank account you provided.
  • You must be of legal age to apply for a loan through a loan10 .

The main characteristics of the loan10

  • Loans of up to 300 US dollars for new clients, and loans of up to 700 US dollars for regular clients.
  • 100% online system, which guarantees a service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The process is totally private and secure, the company will not reveal your personal data to third parties. You can be sure that your information will be safe when requesting the loan service 10.
  • Terms with a maximum of up to 30 days for you to pay the money they loaned you.
  • APR interest rate of 2,830.78%
  • You will receive your money deposited in your bank account within a period of between 24 and 48 hours, if your bank is outside the one that uses loan 10, but if your bank belongs to one of those that uses loan 10, then your money It will be deposited in less than 10 minutes.

Is it safe to ask for a loan on the website?

The system is totally secure, since the transactions carried out online are 100% private and the company will not share your personal data.

Without a doubt it is safe, but remember that if you do not follow the rules, as well as the terms and conditions of the company, you can get into legal problems from which it can be very difficult to get out. Nobody wants to be on the famous list of defaulters, so always try to make your payments on time and without any delay.

Nobody plays with your privacy

In loans10 , you have the assurance that all your personal data will be treated in a valuable way. This is because everything you send is 100% confidential.

As your relationship with the company grows, then you can start making larger amounts of money. Remember that for this, the important thing is to take all the payments into account and not be late with any, thus avoiding bad debts.

Requirements to apply for a loan at

The requirements that are needed to apply for loans through are basic but of total importance for your application to be accepted by the company.

  • Be a Spanish resident.
  • Have a personal identification document, such as the DNI and the NIE.
  • Being of legal age (21 years), the age limit to apply for a loan10 is 65 years.
  • The company has to be sure that you are capable of repaying the loan on time, so before accepting your application the system will perform an analysis of your financial profile to determine whether or not they will accept your loan application.

If you think that you will not be able to repay the money on time, it is better that you do not request the service, since not paying your loan can result in problems and you will be included in the list of defaulters.

Interest rates handled by loan10

The APR interest rate of 2,830.78%, and the costs can be consulted when you choose the amount of money you want to obtain in your loan and the term, this will cause the interest to be paid on the transaction to vary.

If you require more help on how the costs will affect the interests of your transaction, you can request some lists that will help you verify the relationship between the cost and the interests of your purchase.

Can you request a credit with Credit Checker in loan10?

Unfortunately for some, with a loan10 it is not possible to make credit requests with Credit Checker .

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What types of loans does Loan 10 offer?

The loans offered by Loan 10 are fast online credits , which you can obtain in a single click, 100% online and without the need to leave your home. Simply access the website, follow the steps indicated by the platform and get money quickly and easily.

One of the most important advantages that online loans offer us is that, unlike applying for loans through a bank, online loans do not require tedious stationery and documents that waste time. Just provide some personal information and your bank account number for the money to be deposited. Get money fast with just a few clicks.

How do you request a loan credit10?

To apply for a quick loan on the loan 10 website, you simply have to enter the site and follow the simple steps indicated below:

  1. At the entering préstamo10 website you will notice it is very easy to navigate the system without getting lost or getting stuck. The first step to follow is to choose the amount of money you need in your financial loan (maximum of 300 US dollars for new clients and maximum of 700 US dollars for regular clients), as well as the date on which you want to return it. Remember that there is a limit, which is within the 30-day period.
  2. Below you will indicate some personal information along with the number of your bank account in which you want the money to be deposited. Don't worry, remember that the transaction is totally secure since everything is done in private, the system will not share your data with third parties. Also remember to provide a cell phone number for the company to contact you directly. It will also be necessary for you to provide an identification such as your DNI to verify your identity and verify that you are of legal age.
  3. When you finish the previous steps, you will go to the stage where the company accepts or rejects your request. You will then receive a text message from the company directly to the cell phone number you provided previously, through which they will let you know if your application has been accepted or rejected. In case of being accepted, they will indicate some steps to follow so that the process continues.
  4. You will respond to the message indicating that you accept the terms and conditions of the company, along with some other information that the company will specify. Now you are very close to obtaining the money you requested directly to your bank account.
  5. Now you just have to wait for the money to be deposited and enjoy your money. Remember that the waiting time for the money to be deposited into your bank account may vary, as the company performs some analysis and this takes longer depending on your financial profile. The waiting time can vary between 24 and 48 hours.

How do I return a credit that I borrowed10?

Loan10 gives us the opportunity to repay the loan we request, without charging us any extra fee for it. This is another of the great advantages that online loans offer us, since some banks will charge us for requesting a cancellation or return of the loans that we previously request.

To return a loan previously requested through loan 10 , it will be necessary for you to get in direct contact with the customer service system so that they will guide you through the necessary steps to make the return of money.

Usually the most used method for the return of money in case the client so wishes is through the direct bank transfer method to a loan account 10. The customer service employees will guide you so that you can return the money when you want and without any extra cost, you just have to follow the simple steps that they will indicate.

Loan extensions and deferrals10

If something unforeseen happens and you have realized that you will not be able to pay for the loan requested when the contract expiration date approaches, it is recommended that you request a postponement. This is an option that many online loan companies offer their clients in case they are unable to pay the money they requested and thus avoid their clients getting into legal problems such as being added to the delinquent list.

Loan10 also gives us the option of deferring our loan. This is in case we cannot pay for the money requested in the agreed time, and then the company gives us a few more days so that we can pay the money they loaned us.

The steps to follow to request a deferral for the requested loan are very simple: you just have to access the home portal, access the system with a username and password that you can request with the administrators of the page, look for the option to request a postponement and wait for the company to approve the application. Once the application is approved, your loan will remain in force until the extra days that were added to the term to pay the money you requested are met.

Loan Opinions 10

Need money immediately is totally normal, do not feel ashamed about it. Needing money and wanting to get it easily does not make you any type of criminal, what matters are the actions you take in this regard. You can request money at your preferred bank; However, the problem with banks is that they put many requirements on you regardless of the amount of money you want to extract.

Online loans are a very convenient option for those times when you need a certain amount of money quickly and easily, without the need to move from your home since all the steps from the initial application to the acceptance of the loan are carried out from an Internet platform.

It is important to mention that you have to be careful; Always read the terms and conditions of the company before requesting its service, since you never know when a rule may be inconvenient and when you realize it you will already be in debt and you will be added to a list of defaulters. Always remember to comply with the deadline agreed between the company and you as a consumer so that you do not end up in legal problems from which it is very difficult to get out.

You can enjoy online loan services as long as you are aware that it is not something to be taken lightly in any way.


If you are looking for a modern portal with a jovial style, concerned about customers, you are looking for a loan10 . As we have already explained, most of the conditions that the platform gives you are very simple and the approval rate is 98.00%.

Finding the best option in loans is not always easy, however, loan10 makes it so easy for you, it will surprise you. You can get extra money to face unexpected expenses or simply have a cash solution that you could not get otherwise.

Furthermore, Loan 10 wants all clients to feel comfortable, so it gives very flexible installments for all clients. Giving the option of postponing the different payments in case they are needed.

If you have solvency problems, you can also contact the platform and they are the ones who will help you know if you really need a postponement or not. Not all are accepted, only those of the people who really need it.

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