Twinero - Quick Mini Loans of up to € 300

Twinero is the site for the financing of quick mini loans in which you can get the loan that suits your needs, has a maximum loan of up to 600 US dollars and a maximum repayment term of 30 days. With just following 4 simple steps, in Twinero you can request a quick and easy loan , without worrying about small letters or long lines at a bank.

We know that the process of requesting a personal loan in any financial institution can be complex or give rise to doubts on certain occasions, especially in many of the main banks in Spain. However, in this online loan site you will not have to worry about any of that, since they specialize in customer service and concern for your financial condition, as well as your valuable time.

So it is essential that when you think about acquiring a loan, you also think about approaching the bank that offers you the best service and administration of resources, which best suits your personal needs; in addition to having informed you as best as possible about the different banks and commissions that exist according to their financial policies. For that, in this article we will provide you with a quick guide on how to apply for a microcredit at the Twinero online financial institution.

The company TWINERO, SL, a Spanish company with registered office at Paseo de Gracia 53, 1º 1ª 08007, Barcelona, ​​with contact telephone number 935 47 58 88 and Tax Identification Number (NIF) B-98378201, registered in the Barcelona Mercantile Registry with document number 266/31141284.

Characteristics of mini-credits in Twinero

The characteristics that define Twinero as a fast mini - credit financial institution is its loan application method, as well as its customer service and technology to make the loan application experience simpler and faster, characteristics that are very important for clients can enjoy their micro credits when and where they need them.

  • Speed: Twinero loans are defined by their speed both in the loan application and in their response, the method is very simple, in which you only have to choose the amount you want to request as a loan and the repayment term, fill out a form , send a minimum documentation and you can quickly enjoy your loan.
  • Customer service: One of the most important characteristics that customers notice about Twinero is the quality and speed of the service, at all times help is provided in the online chat window in case you have any questions about the application for your loan or any questions regarding the process.
  • Security and trust: Twinero Online has a variety of Partners that make the loan site a more reliable and secure place, such as its Partners with Instator, PayTVP, and regulations for responsible financing.

How to apply for a loan with Twinero Online

The process of applying for a loan in Twinero Online consists of a series of 4 steps, with which you can quickly enjoy your mini loan in your pocket. But before being able to review the application process, one of the things that must be taken into account before requesting a loan will always be, the necessary requirements that must be met to obtain it, as well as documentation that validates that we receive a regular income, in addition from a bank account in our name. The necessary requirements to apply for a loan are the following:

  • Resident in Spain.
  • Be between 21 and 70 years old.
  • In case of being the first request, that it does not have debts with third parties, nor is it registered as a current debtor in any database of defaulters.
  • In the case of second and subsequent Requests, you do not have more than two debts with Third Parties, and that the total amount in no case is greater than 2,000 EUR, as well as that it is not registered as a current debtor in a database of defaulters or of credit history for more than two debts, and that the same in no case exceeds the amount of 2,000 EUR.
  • Have a demonstrable regular income.
  • Have a bank account and be the owner, co-owner, authorized or representative.
  • Be the owner of a mobile line and be able to provide a second contact telephone number in the registry (landline or mobile).

Once you have reviewed these requirements and are sure that the Twinero loan is what you need, we can move on to the next step, which is the application for your quick loan on the website.

There are several ways to process the loan, the first is being a new client, since you must first of all make the request and then gather the documentation to confirm your identity and fulfill the requirements. The other way to apply for the loan is as a customer, which would be much faster and easier.

The steps to apply as a new customer are as follows:

  1. Make the loan application: To apply for a loan as a new customer you must first make the loan application through the Twinero website , select the amount (with a limit of 300 US dollars for the first time) and the term of refund, after having selected the option "Apply for a loan". Fill in the form and press the continue button. The next thing you should do is choose an identity verification method
  2. Verify your identity: There are two methods you can use to verify your identity in Twinero Online, which are the following:
  • Instator: It is an automatic option to verify your identity using your bank account, this option is faster and safer than sending your documentation. You have to register with the account in which you receive your monthly income.
  • Sending documentation: You must send the following documentation to the email [email protected] or attach it from the page.

o DNI / NIE (in force).

o Proof of bank account (notebook, bank receipt, screen print of your online bank ...)

o Proof of your regular income (last available payroll no more than two months old, pension, unemployment benefit, other).

* It is essential that you are the owner of all the data entered

  1. Granting the loan: When you finish your application, your client code and password will be sent to the email you have indicated, so that you can access the User Area on the Twinero website, where you can review all your personal data and verify them, modify them and later manage your loans. After this, in a few minutes you will be sent an SMS message to your mobile phone in which you will be indicated if you are viable for granting the loan, and if so, the amount that can be lent you will be confirmed. In the event that the loan cannot be granted, you will be notified by SMS in the same way.
  2. Loan transfer: If you agree with the amount that can be loaned to you, as well as with the terms and conditions that you can consult on the website, you have to send an SMS message from your mobile to the number 931 079 079, with the text I AGREE.

In a few minutes the transfer will be ordered to your bank account that you have provided, and the time it will take to receive the transfer will depend on your personal bank.

How long does Twinero take to answer

From the moment you confirm you send the request, you will have to wait 15 minutes, as long as you do it within the working hours that we have told you at the top.

Once the application is accepted, the platform may consider it necessary to ask you for some extra documents.

What happens if my answer is not received in the agreed time

If more than 30 minutes have passed and no response has been received, you should call the entity yourself as the company may not have received the documentation or the request has not been sent.

The company will always answer you, whether the credit application is accepted or denied. If it is denied, it will tell you by SMS.

Twinero user area

The user area is the place where you can see your debt with the company, as well as the possibility of reviewing and modifying your personal data.

It is very important that you have your password saved, since you will also be able to see the billings and account numbers.

In case you lose your pass, you can recover it by clicking on "recover password".

Repayment of your personal loan with Twinero

To guarantee the best comfort in the return of your personal loan, in Twinero there are several different ways with which you can pay your loan, which are the following 3:

  • Payment by card: You can make it from your User Area or, by calling 935 47 58 88 during business hours, the card with which you make the payment must have the secure payment for electronic commerce activated.
  • Bank transfer: You can make a transfer from your usual account to any of the Twinero accounts.
  • Cash deposit: You can do it through an ATM or through the teller at any branch of the indicated banks (At La Caixa the option to pay at the teller is not available).

* Make sure that the person making the card payment is the cardholder.

* If you are going to make the payment by transfer or deposit, you must indicate in the payment concept the DNI that corresponds to the holder of the loan.

The available accounts are:

  • Bankia ES98 2038 9261 9960 0025 3613
  • La Caixa ES68 2100 0844 2402 0065 7804
  • ING Bank ES78 1465 0120 3919 0021 4751
  • BBVA ES80 0182 0171 8602 0374 5925
  • Banco Sabadell ES25 0081 5029 1400 0245 7055

Exclusive discounts for Twinero customers

In the event that the person has already requested several credits from the entity and is a good trusted client for the company, Twinero can offer discounts of 15, 20 and up to 25% as a gift to thank customers for their loyalty. Discover this new credit company and enjoy all the benefits that Twinero, one of the best current credit companies, can bring you.

Twinero extensions and postponements

If when the payment date arrives you still cannot return the agreed amount of money to Twinero, they give you the possibility to request an extension of the loan.

To do this, you must pay a small amount that is equivalent to the payment of the extension and you will be able to increase the payment time by 7, 14 or even 30 days.

The amount to be paid off for the extension depends directly on the time for which you are going to request it.

In order to make the extension effective, you must place in the payment concept, extension + DNI in such a way that Twinero can know that it is due to an extension request and not to a payment.

Twinero opinions

Opinion one:

It is a credit suitable for any type of improvisation. They gave it to me in a few minutes and it was the first one I ordered online, I was surprised at how quickly and I didn't expect it to be like that. They also gave me many facilities when it came to paying it, even one month I had no way to do it and they respected a month's grace period, although if I had to pay a small amount of money to access this extension, but if I had not obtained it, I would have I paid a lot more for late fees which helped me a lot.

Opinion two:

He had requested several loans with his previous Viasms version, and had not had any problems, so when they changed, I decided to check what the new plans would be like and was pleasantly surprised. Since I started asking for my loan, they treated me with great education and took my case exclusively. In a few minutes they told me that because it was Wednesday, they could give me a 50% discount, which made me convince myself that this change was for the better. After that I have 3 new credits with Twinero


During the last years, the company has been on the rise in almost everything, benefits, communication with its clients, services and discounts, offering out of nowhere, discounts on its loans between 25 and 50%. For new customers, it makes a great impression and they are pleasantly surprised.

The hours of operation are extended until the weekend.

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