Younited Credit - Apply for online loans from € 1,000 to € 40,000

Younited credit is a website where we can find a way to solve any financial problem we have. In them we can feel sure that, when everything is online, we save time and effort so that we get the money we need.

We have to bear in mind that we are at a time when technology marks many of the steps we take in our lives, and lately of those we take in our monetary sphere, mobile applications and web pages with which we work also enter.

That is why Younited-credit has found its place to offer the right opportunities so that anyone can have a quick personal loan to solve any unforeseen event that arises, pay for a desired trip, make a gift to someone, etc.

What is Younited credit

Younited credit is a company with private capital that seeks to completely transform, and through the Internet, the banking system that we know to this day. What they are trying to do is make it a more transparent and fair system for all the people who continually make use of it, in one way or another.

This company makes its loans simpler, faster and cheaper than many other loans that we can find that are offered on other online websites , turning Younited credit loans into a more useful and advantageous way to save than we could. imagine.

It has large shareholders who guarantee the work done by Younited credit and its way of working, and it also offers us a response to our request within a maximum period of 48 hours with fixed monthly payments, without obscure or hidden clauses and deadlines to repay our loans. fixed.

We can visit their website to realize all the advantages they offer us and, at the same time, know the faces of the people who are in charge of each and every one of the areas within Younited credit. when we make a loan application.

What makes Younited-credit different

Younited-credit differs from other websites and companies with private equity that we know and are dedicated to offering quick loans , but if we start to compare it with these companies, we realize that it has advantages that we cannot find elsewhere.

Their rates are very competitive, that is, in this case Younited-credit uses a nominal interest rate (TIN) starting at 5.18% only creating fixed monthly installments from 44 US dollars, which converts its loans in great candidates to consider.

Younited-credit also differentiates it from the rest of web pages, dedicated to this type of financial products, it is its principle of justice. This principle is what leads us to 100% of the interest that we pay when returning our loans, go to professional investors such as, for example, individuals or companies that put their money in Younited-credit, which does not happen in the rest of online entities.

So you ask yourself, what does Younited-credit do to make a profit? Well, it's easy: it does it through a management fee, which can be a maximum of 2%, which they take from our loan before paying it to our account.

Advantages of choosing Younited credit

In addition to the fact that with Younited credit we can obtain better rates than in any other company dedicated to online mini-credits , in this company we can find other types of benefits that can push us to leave doubts behind.

  • A competitive and fixed rate for our loans: all the loans that Younited credit offer us have a limited duration with a rate that will be fixed during all monthly payments. We can translate all this into a mini-loan without any surprises or hidden commissions that we find at the last minute. Their rates are so low because they are only intended to cover the costs of the analysis of online loan applications and the remuneration that investors will receive.
  • The exceptional of its rapidity in its response: thanks to its advanced analysis technologies in the financial market, they get us to have the answer to our online request for our loan within 48 hours. These tools also allow Younited credit to make more immediate and objective decisions than on other websites.
  • Great transparency: having as one of its main objectives to simplify the loan sector, Younited credit will keep us informed and informed whenever there is a change in the status of our application through an email or SMS. In this way we can also resolve doubts that arise in the same way with the company's advisers.

The money on which Younited-credit loans are based comes from all investors who have placed their trust in this company. For this reason, the installments go directly to the investor from whom your loan money has come and, thus, you contribute to this innovative, fair and transparent credit model continuing to grow.

The main features of Younited credit

Taking into account that Younitedcredit is a company that has already financed many projects, almost 60,000, throughout Europe with almost half a million US dollars. Its main motto is to offer transparent and fast loans: without banks and cheaper.

A fair loan also falls within the main characteristics and objectives of Younitedcredit , which is why they seek that the interests we pay when returning our loans are paid directly to the investors who have trusted this company and have lent us, through them, their money.

We will not find unpleasant surprises since the repayment of our loan has a limited duration and we will have a fixed monthly fee without commissions that we do not know. Younited credit. is a company that seeks to do everything online and automatically so that we can receive a response to our loan request, definitively, within 48 hours.

We can also find other types of loans, depending on the needs we want to cover, and the projects we have: we can opt for car loans if we want to fix or change them, loans for reforms of our house or our business or, also, if we need a loan called "for liquidity", used to carry out any type of project that we want to carry out.

It is safe to ask for a loan at Younited-credit

If we visit the Younited credit website we will realize that it is a company that is fully registered in the Spanish Mercantile Registry and has our personal data guaranteed under Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Character Data Personal (LOPD), with the consent of the interested party previously signed.

Always signing something online offers us some doubts and some fear and, that is why we have to bear in mind that we must read all the information that Younited credit. give us, since the ignorance of what we sign does not save us from any decision that we do not want to make about our financing.

Younited credit requirements

If we are interested and interested in obtaining a loan through Younited credit , we have to take into account the requirements that this company takes into account so that our loan application enters the system.

The requirements are few, but we must be vigilant:

  • We must be between 18 and 17 years old, both included.
  • Reside in Spain.
  • We will not be able to appear in any list of defaulters, that is, whoever appears in Credit Checker for example will not be able to apply for a loan in this company.
  • We will have to be able to justify having an income stable enough to be able to repay our loan.

In addition to these requirements, Younited credit also conducts a personalized creditworthiness study for each applicant to study their financial situation and grant a loan objectively.

Younited credit interest rates

Other companies wonder how Younited credit offers lower rates than the rest of its competitors. The reasons are three, simple and clear:

  • Investors who trust their savings in Younited credit: these savings are used to, at the same time, subsidize our loan. They are less greedy than banks and, that is why they offer us a loan with rates of 6% maximum, dividing 1.5% for Younited credit and 4.5% for investors. It is high compared to other online loan entities although lower than banks.
  • Younited credit is a modern and young company: use the Internet and technology to its advantage and to the maximum to speed up and speed up the procedure. That will give us the ability to get the response to our request faster than anywhere else.
  • It is a company that is exclusively dedicated to granting loans: Younited credit does not carry out complex financial activities, which allows it to give us a directed and essential attention with lower expenses than its competitors.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker in Younited credit

If we focus on this criterion or requirement to be able to request a loan online in Younited credit , your position is negative before this. We cannot forget that this company works with the savings and investments of companies, individuals, etc., and that is why they prefer not to "take risks" with people who appear on this type of list reserved for defaulters and defaulters.

Not allowing this positive requirement is a way of trying to ensure that the loan will be repaid with a greater guarantee than if they took a risk with someone who already has other types of debts to face.

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Mobile application and customer service at Younited credit

If we want to contact Younited credit, it is quite simple: we do not have a mobile application to use or a landline phone, but we can go to their website and carry out two simple actions:

  • Visit your "Frequently Asked Questions" tab trying to find our question already resolved.
  • Fill in the "Contact" tab a simple form to which they will respond as quickly as Younited credit is accustomed to.

This online form allows us to save time if, after looking for our doubt, we do not find the solution to our problem and we prefer that an expert advise us in a more personalized way.

In this simple form we will have to fill in the sections:

  • Surnames
  • Name
  • Email (preferably one that we access more fluently)
  • We will choose in which category our question falls: Investor, interested in a loan, other

Types of loans at Younited credit

In this company with a financial base based on savings and investments from other companies and individuals, Younited credit has become a way of obtaining loans with a unique and exclusive attention.

Younited credit focuses on granting different types of loans:

  • Those known as quick loans , which can be used for any type of project that we want without having to give any kind of explanation.
  • What this company calls "Car Loan" , to repair it or change it for another.
  • "Loan for reforms" , whether we want to change the distribution or decoration of our home or our company.
  • “Liquidity loan”, sometimes our projects only need liquidity to get ahead, and these loans are for that.

How to apply for Younited credit

Younited credit seeks comfort and simplicity in all the steps we take in your company and on your website, which is why the steps we must take to get a loan are so simple that they will be almost impossible for you.

Pay attention to these three simple steps and you will not regret having the opportunity to get a loan for yourself with such transparency and speed:

  • The first step is to make the online request that we will find on the website, where we will get an almost immediate response.
  • We will then receive a call from one of the Younited credit business advisors; In that call they will inform us of all the documentation that we will have to prepare to send scanned so that our loan can continue its course.
  • Finally, in a maximum of 48 hours, after the final approval of our loan, the money that we have requested will appear in our checking account.

How to return Younited credit credits

Younited credit begins to collect, the first installment, no later than the second month after they have received our loan and, always, they will inform and confirm us beforehand by email before each collection.

All payments are made at home, on the 1st of each month, regardless of the day the loan was received. Once we pay the monthly payment, Younited credit reduces our debt.

We can lower our monthly fee, although not our payment date, and the only way to do it is under the so-called "advance partial refund", doing it with a bank transfer.

Extensions and postponements

In the event that we are late in paying one of our monthly installments, a Younited credi advisor will call us to regularize our situation and inform us of the penalties for delay.

In Younited credit there are no known "hidden clauses", once you formalize the request they inform us of the possible penalties to which we are exposed if we find ourselves in this situation at any time.

We have to bear in mind that, if we fail at any time, it is money that does not reach the investors who have deposited the money necessary for us to have our loans.

Opinions about Younited credit

M. Antunez.- We are facing a company that uses the savings and investments of third-party companies and individuals to change the “financial society” as we know it. Looking for transparency and justice, Younited credit, tries that its clients can access quality loans with low rates and fixed monthly installments.

G. Rodriguez.- The speed when it comes to answering loan requests also works in your favor within the competition that exists on web pages dedicated to online loans : that we can get our loan in less than 48 hours and that we do not find surprises when visiting our checking account every month, makes many people choose Younited credit. as one of your main options.


If we have a project or an unexpected situation that we need to solve, Younited credit can help us in both moments. We can trust that our personal data will be safe and we will have the necessary liquidity to be able to return it without our monthly economy being affected and we can organize ourselves without delaying payments.

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