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Greendayonline is a company dedicated mainly to the approval and granting of quick loans through the Internet . This way of understanding the economy makes this financial company a different form and to which many people can have access without great paperwork or requirements.

Greendayonline has managed to become a company with great reception and of reference within the Spanish territory when it comes to obtaining a quick loan without banks or financial institutions involved.

What exactly is Greendayonline

As we have mentioned, Greendayonline is a technology company that is committed to making the loan of money quickly and efficiently in a useful way. People who want, need or want to obtain a loan quickly and without great requirements, can count on Greendayonline.

Not only is it a company dedicated to direct loans, but it also has extensive experience in solving doubts and queries thanks to its Customer Service. Which they continually review and improve to adapt to all forms of communication between company and client.

What makes Greendayonline different from other online financial entities

Obtaining a quick loan of different amounts of money and in relatively comfortable terms is something that we can obtain in many companies that work only online. However, Greendayonline goes further, offering a high level of security, reliability and technology to each of its clients.

The combination of these factors makes Greendayonline a company capable of anticipating the amount of money we need without having to go crazy with unnecessary paperwork. Being able to obtain up to 800 US dollars , we only have to worry about accommodating the terms to our economic needs .

Advantages of choosing Greendayonline

It is very difficult to gain a foothold within so many companies that offer fast loans or credits online . However, Greendayonline has made its benefits and advantages for its many clients attractive enough to choose them without much doubt.

Some of the most notable advantages that those responsible for Greendayonline offer us are:

  • The requirements that we have to meet are, in all probability, the simplest and most accessible of those that we will find within all these online loan companies.
  • It is very easy to adapt the terms of our payments to our economic situation.
  • We will always have available several ways to be able to obtain our credit or fast loan as well as to return our installments at the moment in which we are presented with an unforeseen event or impossibility of payment.
  • We will also get more money in our loans with Greendayonline as long as we are considered responsible clients after requesting a first loan.
  • We will know the approval or rejection of our application almost immediately, which means that we can enjoy our money earlier than we can find in other online companies.
  • In less than 1 hour from the moment our request is approved, we will have the money that we have requested from Greendayonline in the checking account that we have indicated for it.

The main features of Greendayonline

Greendayonline, following the line of what we have been commenting on, is very concerned about the type of conditions and terms that its clients have to accept when requesting a quick loan with them. This is the main reason why its features are widely applauded by its current and future customers.

The most important characteristics that we must know about Greendayonline and its fast loans are the following:

  • It is not a company that accepts applications from clients who are on delinquency lists, involved in legal proceedings related to their financial situation or who have other types of unresolved Greendayonline loans.
  • It is important that we know that, at the time of requesting our fast loan to Greendayonline, we are accepting the particular conditions that may exist within our contract.
  • Our request may be rejected if those responsible for Greendayonline find or consider that the personal and / or financial information provided during the request is not totally accurate or correct.
  • If it is our first time requesting a quick loan from Greendayonline, we will be able to qualify for a maximum of 300 US dollars, which increases to 800 US dollars in future loans.
  • The estimated term to be able to make the return of our loan is 30 days, which may be increased if we request some type of extension.
  • The interest and commissions that we must pay will be established based on the amount of the loan and the days that we have established for its repayment.
  • These interests do not increase or decrease during the repayment period, although they will continue to be generated during the days of extension or delay in the payment that we star in.

Is it safe to ask for a loan on Greendayonline?

Greendayonline has all the security measures, related to technology and data organization, that are required and that exist at the moment to be able to reliably guarantee our data. These data, both personal and financial, are safe from loss, alteration or unauthorized access.

Greendayonline offers its security under the Organic Law of Data Protection that is in force within the Spanish territory.

Greendayonline requirements when applying for a loan

The Greendayonline company tries to make the requirements to obtain approval for a quick loan or credit simple and we do not have to be presenting unnecessary paperwork. The requirements that we must take into account to have the possibility of granting this quick loan are:

  1. At the time of making the request for said loan online in Greendayonline we must be at least 18 years old.
  2. We must reside for the entire duration of the loan and the return within the Spanish territory, as well as at the time of requesting it.
  3. Have a checking account within a Spanish financial institution that has an associated debit card .
  4. In case you do not have a debit card, we will ask the last 3 payrolls, an endorsement or a property that can be put as collateral.
  5. Finally, we must have a mobile phone to which we can receive notifications and be contacted at any time.

Greendayonline interest rates in relation to the loans offered by this entity

Rapicash works so that its clients do not have to pay excessive fees or interest. That is why both interest and commissions are directly affected by the total amount of the loan that we request as well as by the different terms for its repayment.

In the same way, an approximation of interests and commissions that we must take into account are:

  • From Greendayonline they try to calculate the interests always in favor of the clients, trying not to exceed the economic capacity that the client has.
  • A commission must be paid for opening the online loan process offered by Greendayonline.
  • The APR has a maximum value of 2,000%. For example, if we request 100 US dollars to be returned in 15 days, we will have to pay 20 US dollars in interest.
  • At the time of making the approach of our online loan, on the Greendayonline home page ( ), we can see the interest that we have to pay, while playing with the repayment time
    and the amount we request.

You can request a credit with Credit Checker on Greendayonline

As we have commented previously, Greendayonline does not approve requests from people who have debts that make them present within the Credit Checker or RAI records. In addition, it will not be possible to approve a loan to people who are involved in judicial processes of an economic nature or that affect their economic stability.

Greendayonline customer service

Thanks to Greendayonline we can contact those responsible using several ways:

  • Calling by phone: paying the call from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The phone number is 910 05 29 29
  • Sending an email: use the following address to contact them: [email protected]
  • Finally, using social networks: currently only the
    we will find on Facebook.

Types of loans on Greendayonline

Within Greendayonline we will not find different types of online loans, since they are specialists in fast loans or credits online. We can always choose to request different amounts of money whose return is carried out in different types of time periods.

This does not mean that, at their base, they are different online loans but that they will offer different interests and / or commissions that we will have to face when repaying the installments.

How to apply for Greendayonline loans and credits

The application for a loan or credit online by Greendayonline is very simple and has few steps:

  1. Access the Greendayonline home page to specify the amount of money and term you want for your loan:
  2. By clicking on the "request" button we will access the necessary form for the request.
  3. We will have to indicate personal and financial information as well as contact information in order to complete the request.
  4. They may ask us for a series of documents to verify our data and its veracity.
  5. We will only have to wait for the approval or rejection of our request via email.

How to return Greendayonline credits

The return of the different loans or credits that Greendayonline offers is carried out using the debit card number that we have indicated in the application. As well as the automatic payment from the bank account that we have made available for the payment of the online loan.

We will have to indicate the payment method that best suits us when formalizing our contract with Greendayonline.

Extensions and postponements in Greendayonline

Those responsible for Greendayonline give the option and facility to be able to delay or postpone the payment of the return of our online loan.

Now, if we request a postponement we will have to assume a series of conditions and expenses added to the total loan to be repaid:

  1. Contact those responsible for Greendayonline through any of its communication channels to request said postponement or extension.
  2. We will have to pay the entire loan adding 1.5% of the total due on a daily basis; That is, if it takes us 4 days to repay a loan of 100 US dollars, we will have to add the initial interest , which is 20 US dollars plus € 1.5 for each day of delay (in this example 6 US dollars).
  3. Logically we will be notified of said expiration and unpaid debt by any of the communication channels that we have indicated in the request, and said notification has a price of 50 US dollars.

Opinions about Greendayonline services

Noemí Acuña - Not having to be submitting more paperwork and being able to meet some simple requirements make Greendayonline always my first option to request a loan online.

Javier Soria - I could not return the money the day I got engaged and Greendayonline put all the facilities at my disposal to be able to do it later without excessive worries.

Eva Pérez - I have not found all the possibilities to request a quick loan with Greendayonline in another online company, so when I needed money to travel I did not think twice.

In conclusion

Greendayonline is a company dedicated to the approval and granting of online loans that ensures that needs and whims do not have to drown us financially forever. They put everything at our disposal so that we can enjoy a certain amount of money without having to worry about suffocating deadlines or unnecessary paperwork.

We just have to decide what kind and amount of money we need, the term to return it and we will be aware of all the commissions and interests that we will have to pay. In the case of needing extensions, Greendayonline will also give us all the existing facilities within its policies. You can also check their Same day loan alternatives.

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