Wincredit! one of the best companies to request mini-credits Online

It is no secret to anyone that all people, inside or outside of Spain, may have an economic need at any time and not have the money to satisfy this problem, for this reason it is imperative to resort to an alternative that can provide us with some solution.

For these cases there are various institutions that are capable of solving your eventuality, the best being those that work online, since from the comfort of your home you can make all kinds of requests for quick loans , thus avoiding wasting your valuable time .

One of these institutions that we talk about is Wincredit , which is capable of lending you a hand so that your financial problems are more bearable and you can have more solutions than problems. With you will be able to have urgent loans only complying with some basic requirements, that is why the money will be cash in your bank account in a really short period of time.

Did you like this alternative? know a little more about what is

Many of the people who are in search of an online mini-credit , no matter how small, always have the objective of finding an institution where the procedures are as simple as possible and is the solution to this requirement. is a company in charge of granting fast loans and without much paperwork of up to € 300 for new clients . However, for clients who have a lending history with, these immediate credits can amount up to € 1000 if you wish. In this way, you will be able to face certain unexpected payments, the odd extra expense or unforeseen situations that you need money that you do not have.

A key point of Wincredit is that it always thinks of its clients, since it is a financial institution that places great emphasis on speed, as well as on the simplicity of the entire technological process involved in applying for and granting a personal loan .

What does all this imply? That Wincredit's highly trained team evaluates each of its clients' requests and performs an analysis, in such a way that they do not have to wait a long period of time for financing to be granted, but on the contrary, their clients will have make the money available in your bank account as quickly as possible, having total assurance that the process is transparent and reliable.

Is Wincredit Really Different From Other Finance Companies?

Perhaps Spain is one of the countries with the most financing companies in all of Europe, so it can be difficult to find the subtle differences between them. However, standing out is something simple for Wincredit, since it is capable of giving you answers in record time about your financing.

In addition to this, said institution has mainly two points in favor that make it stand out in relation to its competitors. The first of these is that clients who trust Wincredit receive answers about the status of their credits quickly , since it assumes each of the credit requests as a priority.

The other characteristic point of Wincredit is the transparency with which it carries out the procedures of its clients , this being reflected in their simplicity. Unlike other financing companies, which require an endless list of requirements that are not even taken into account in the end and that in the long run does not guarantee you to receive an online loan , Wincredit is much more flexible.

Advantages of choosing Wincredit

Having an institution that only offers advantages to its clients is the dream of all of us and this financial institution knows it well. It is for this reason, that despite being a relatively new financing company , it has placed among its objectives trying to satisfy as many customers as possible and all this thanks to the advantages that it is able to offer you, among which stand out :

Do you need to solve an emergency? turn to Wincredit

This financing company has a great element in its favor, which is especially aimed at those people who have an economic emergency that must be solved as soon as possible.

What is this about? Well, this is thanks to the fact that through its website, this company offers each of its users the guarantee of having the funds almost immediately .

It has a high amount of financing

If you are a new Wincredit client, you can request a credit of € 300 as a limit amount, however, if you have previously requested financing, the amount can go up to € 1000.

In addition to this, this financing company also offers you the possibility of choosing the time in which you want to pay your credit online , being able to choose a maximum of 30 days to cancel your loan.

Possibility of canceling the personal loan before the established limit

In case you have the total amount requested before the deadline, you can easily pay your credit before time, which will end up saving a lot of money.

Wincredit goes hand in hand with Spanish laws

This institution is governed by the LOPD regulations, for which the personal data of the users that are provided on its website will be protected and will be treated in a totally confidential manner.

What are the main features of Wincredit?

The characteristics are a fundamental factor to classify a financing company as efficient and to be recommended to other users. Wincredit has become an excellent option for the granting of microcredits for each of its clients since it is capable of benefiting its users to the maximum, because:

You have complete choice of the amount to request

With Wincredit, you have a financing band that can range from a minimum amount of € 100 to a maximum amount of € 1000. This last amount can only be requested by non-new clients.

Various ways to apply for credit online

This is a very important feature of Wincredit, because there are very few financial companies that are capable of applying for personal credit by telephone , in addition to this, Wincredit does not ask you to justify the destination of the credit you request.

Higher return periods

These periods are higher than other institutions in charge of granting mini-loans , as well as allowing you the benefit of requesting an extension with a longer period of time, since they can be 7, 14 or even 30 more days in case it is you need.

Can Wincredit be classified as a secure company?

You can undoubtedly say yes. Why? Well, very simple, because the transparency with which they carry their processes is capable of passing all kinds of tests, an example of this is the granting of credits quickly.

Of course, despite the fact that the requirements it demands are minimal, this does not mean that they are not subject to some controls, since Wincredit does not make any type of loans to clients who have debts . Likewise, it is important that you have some fixed income, either from a payroll, pension or financial aid.

You find Wincredit interesting, keep in mind its requirements for applying for online credits

All financial companies will ask you for certain requirements to grant you the online loan , but very few, like Wincredit , will require such simple and simple steps.

Next we will give you a review of the requirements that you must collect in order to request your financing:


The first requirement you will need is to be a resident of Spanish territory , nothing complicated, right? Likewise, you must have an age that is between 21 and 65 years old.

In addition, you must have a bank account that is in your name, something that in general, everyone has one from an early age.

On a financial level:

You must have regular income, which will be a guarantee so that you can return the credit to Wincredit . On the other hand, it is important that you do not have delinquency notes in any Spanish registry.

At a technological level:

It is important that you have a phone number and also a personal email, something that is honestly not at all new in these times.

After you have come this far, you may be wondering how are Wincredit's interest rates?

When choosing a mini-credit online , the most recurrent question in most users is regarding the interest rates of personal online credit . This is so because this factor is a key point for applying for financing, since the total amount of the credit must be adjusted to your monetary liquidity.

For this reason, it is important that you know that Wincredit has an interest rate of 1% daily , that is, if you need a loan of € 100, you must pay Wincredit for interest € 1 per day, which can be classified as a high interest rate, but that is within the standards of this type of online microcredit .

However, as the amount you can choose is highly variable, as well as the time for repayment of the credit, on the official Wincredit page you have a credit simulator through which you can easily calculate the total amount of your financing.

In this simulator you can easily view the total amount of the credit you want , the amount in US dollars that you will pay in interest and the total amount that you will have to pay to Wincredit.

Can you get credits with Credit Checker in Wincredit?

Many are the institutions that grant loans despite the fact that their clients are on the Credit Checker list , however Wincredit does not work under this criteria. In other words, unfortunately here you will not get a loan with Credit Checker .

For this reason, if you are interested in applying for a loan with this institution, it is recommended that you try to leave this registry, since this badly affects the application for loans before any financial entity . Therefore, you should try to turn your credit history towards a positive direction before thinking about going into debt with another loan, regardless of whether the institution that grants it is online or not.

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A lending institution without a mobile app? of course

Although Wincredit does not have an application for your smartphone , you can easily carry out all the procedures for your loans from its website, without any problems.

However, to always be honest with you, we want to tell you that its website is not as complete as that of other online credit companies in Spain , but you can still find quite detailed information on the steps to follow to obtain personal credit , how to return your payment, as well as answers to the most frequent questions asked by users.

Something important about this company is that the means of contact may not be so varied, because you can only:

Make a phone call from anywhere

Telephone calls are so important that many years will pass before they can be replaced by some other means of communication. For this reason, Wincredit puts at your disposal a telephone number, which is +34 910750347 , where you can make any claim or you can consult certain questions you may have.

Yes! You can be sure that Wincredit has a highly qualified staff that will give you friendly answers, while giving you accurate information about the company. In addition, they can also give you one or another advice on the amount you can request, as well as the ideal choice of the payment deadline that you can resort to depending on your income.

Do not forget! also has email

Despite the fact that there is nothing better than a phone call, Wincredit provides you with an email, in which you can express all your questions and receive a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.

If you want to be one of the clients that make use of this means of communication, you can write to the following address: [email protected] . Something that you should keep in mind is that you should try to be as clear as you can when writing your email, so that the operators can respond to your requirements in the most accurate and clear way possible.

Wincredit Fax

This method is not so commonly used today, but Wincredit does not care and that is why it puts at your disposal the number +34 910750348 so that you can send any questions you have using this mechanism.

One point that you can play against is that your website does not have an online chat , clear proof that your website is not as interactive as you would like.

What types of credits can you request with Wincredit?

This financial institution only allows you to request one type of credit online and these are microloans , which, as we mentioned earlier, can range from € 100 to € 1000.

But remember! You cannot request Mini Personal Loans of more than € 300 if you are a new client of the institution. Now, if it is the second time that you request some type of financial aid with Wincredit, you can easily request an amount greater than € 300, but not exceed € 1000.

The most important! How can you apply for a mini personal loan with Wincredit?

The loan application is very simple and an example of this is that you can do it from its website . To do this, all you have to do is fill in a form where you will have to record certain information about yourself, therefore it is important that before filling in your form you have the following information at hand:

  • First you must have your DNI number or, failing that, the number of the Residence Card (NIE)
  • Likewise, you need to have accessibility to your online bank or if you prefer, you will need a copy of your direct debit receipts.
  • Something that you should also have is a bank account that is active, regardless of the bank.
  • You must also have a phone number and an email address, something that you will surely have fully learned by now.
  • Finally, you must make a calculation of the income and expenses that you have during the month, for example, some other credit you have, loans, among others.

Something you can't forget! How can you repay the Wincredit online loan?

Always keep in mind that there is nothing more important than returning a loan on time so that your credit history is not affected and you can turn to any entity when you need it most.

Wincredit offers you two ways to return the credit, we will explain them below:

By deposit in cash at BBVA

This method is rarely used by customers due to the time it takes to spend in lines. However, if this is not an inconvenience for you, you can go to the nearest BBVA bank and cancel your credit.

To do this, you must make sure that you have the contract number you have with Wincredit at hand, or if you prefer the invoice number. Remember to always keep a copy of the payment receipt.

By transfer, through your online banking

Bank transfers are currently the most widely used personal credit payment method , since it is done immediately and quickly, so you will not waste your valuable time.

The transfer is made very easily and for this you will also have to have your Wincredit contract number, in order to later access your online banking, enter the details of the institution's bank account and confirm your payment. Also remember to keep a copy of your payment receipt.

Most feared by clients, what happens if you cannot pay off the immediate loan on the established date?

This is an issue that you should not worry about, since Wincredit gives you the possibility to request an extension of your loan period. Trust us! Requesting an extension is much better than facing penalties for late payments.

Wincredit has a variety of extensions to pay your credit online , among which are:

  • 7-day extension : In this case, the cost of the extension is 15% of the credit amount.
  • Extension for 15 days: If you decide to request an extension for this period of time, you will have to pay a cost of 20% of the credit amount.
  • Extension for 30 days: This is the maximum extension that Wincredit offers you, and if you decide to take it you will have to pay a cost of 36% of the credit amount.

In addition to this, do not forget that Wincredit offers you the possibility of paying your credit early.


As you can see, Wincredit has been useful to a large number of clients , who have been able to solve their financial difficulties without any inconvenience. That is why if you go through any difficulties, do not hesitate to enter their website and request a loan so that you leave behind those financial headaches that torment you so much.

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