Paydayadvance2two is a platform that interconnects the user with fast mini - credit companies; That is to say, those that are reserved to help you in financial difficulties, to pay bills that have arrived higher than the bill, the letter of the car, the mortgage, the rent, they can even be used to renew your vehicle.

As with any other fast credit entity, it is vitally important to know all its characteristics.

Here we have prepared an analysis where we detail everything you need to know about Paydayadvance2two .

Amount of money to request and repayment period

The economic amount that you can request in Paydayadvance2two will be somewhat lower than in a bank, but, in return, it will arrive much faster.

  • You can request a minimum amount of € 50 and a maximum of € 750 . It is very possible that the maximum application amount will not be available until we have covered the loan without incident.
  • Regarding the repayment term , the minimum amount to request will be 60 days and the maximum 90 days .

The main objective of Paydayadvance2two is that each user can personalize the credit based on their needs, and that they do not have to settle for the first thing they come across (as with banks).

Commissions on Paydayadvance2two

Paydayadvance2two mini-credits involve a series of commissions that are included within the APR . This percentage is calculated based on the credit profile of each applicant, covering from a minimum APR of 0% to a maximum APR of 36% .

Let's suppose that we want to solve a quick credit of an amount of € 300 and that the repayment term was 65 days . Applying interest and fees of € 10 (with an APR of 19%), the amount to be returned would have to be € 310 .

Promotions for new users?

Paydayadvance2two has an interesting promotion for those people who decide to request a loan for the first time on the platform. The cost of it will be € 0 (that is, an APR of 0% will be applied).

That is, if we request a credit of € 300 , the formula of € 300 (loan) + € 0 (costs) = total to be returned € 300 will be applied.

It is a good way to win over the customer, since in all probability they will trust the platform again for the next time.

What requirements do I have to meet to apply for the loan?


The website itself does not detail any requirements to complete the application, but some can be deduced when viewing the loan form :

  • DNI: like most fast loans, this financial modality is reserved only for users of legal age. In this case, it will be enough to have reached the age of 18 (we will not have to wait until 21 as in other companies).
  • Employment: We will need to be working to qualify for the loan. We can also request it if we are pensioners, retirees, or if we need any help. In the loan application we will have a field of monthly net income, monthly expenses, due date of the next salary and date of beginning of employment . All this data will be requested to evaluate our financial viability and determine if we will be able to pay the money back.
  • Negative credit history: It is striking that there is a check in the application process in which we must mark whether or not we have a negative credit history (Credit Checker or FICO). It is possible that they will grant us the money, even though we have some debt registered in these entities, although it will also depend on the amount of it. For low amounts there should be no problem. It is important to check this tab to save time: in the end, Paydayadvance2two will end up finding out the truth, whether or not you check the box.
  • Residence in Spain: Only those who have and indicate a Spanish residence may access these loans.
  • Bank account number: Finally, the bank account indicated must have the same owner as the credit applicant. If it doesn't match, it will probably be rejected.

How does Paydayadvance2two work?

The operation of Paydayadvance2two to apply for a loan could not be easier, and that is that we can complete it with just following a few simple steps:

  • How much do you need ?: on the entity's website you will be able to find a simulator from which to choose the desired economic amount using a small bar. In the same way, you can also choose the repayment term. While you do it, you will be able to know the costs associated with your loan (remember that, in the first one, the cost will be € 0). Once you have it, click where it says Request your X €!
  • Personal information: now is the time to fill in personal information about yourself; This includes your name, surname, date of birth, gender, ID, marital status, nationality, email address, address, type of employment and they will ask you if you have a negative credit history. You will also have to enter your bank account number and some information of interest. Accept the terms and conditions to continue.
  • Processing of the request: Paydayadvance2two will be in charge of verifying the data that we have entered and determining if we comply with the conditions (which we will detail later). The company's website ensures that the approval is instantaneous , so we will not have to wait long to know if they give us the money, or if we have to try our luck with another entity.
  • Money transfer: If all goes well, we will receive the money.

How long does it take to receive the money in the account?

The time of receipt of the money is very variable, and will depend on both how long it takes to fill out the form, as well as the complexity of our credit history, as well as whether we have filled out the application on a holiday or business day.

In the best case, approval will be instant and we will receive the transfer quickly. If we have an account in the companies recommended by the entity, we will have the money available in just a few minutes ; if not, in 24-48 hours it should be in the account.

How to return the credit?

The form of refund is through a deposit in the account that Paydayadvance2two will indicate when the application has been approved. You cannot pay with a direct charge to the account: indicating the account number is only used to make the deposit, not to pay with it.

Advantages of applying for a loan in Ledora

  • High acceptance rate: it is calculated that they accept a ratio of 98.93% of the loans that are requested. This ratio is much higher than the one that can be obtained in a bank, even until those obtained by other fast credit companies.
  • Experience: the entity has more than 394,000 people granted . With the large number of transactions they have behind them, we can trust that they will get it right.
  • Loyalty: the first loan is free, which is an interesting resource for customer loyalty. It is estimated that the entity has 97.6% of loyal customers; In other words, the majority continue to trust the company after the first loan, for future transactions.
  • Easy to request: the process to request the money is very simple, and it is that you will only have to follow 3 simple steps. What can cost us the most is filling in our personal information, and this will only require a few minutes on our part.
  • Speed: The approval is immediate and the time of entry of the money is very fast. They really are loans that can get us out of more than one trouble.

Is Paydayadvance2two a scam?

Paydayadvance2two is a recognized platform related to financial credits that has its physical headquarters in Ekkehard-Hauer-Straße 10, 8052 Graz (Austria). Its registration number is 132329 .

As such, it is not the entity that offers us the loan, it only puts us in contact with third parties that specialize in this economic formula. In the event that we have a problem with the loan, we will not go to Paydayadvance2two , but to the entity with which we have closed the agreement.

Through the terms and conditions we can learn more about everything that this service includes and to what extent we can initiate a claim.

Paydayadvance2two reviews

Paydayadvance2two works with up-to-date information on fast credit companies, which has earned it a long series of positive opinions .

Users who have tried it are very happy that it helps them save time (by not having to search for the desired loan entity they are looking for, page by page) and save money (we can find the best offer based on our budget and claims. ).

Paydayadvance2two contact forms

Paydayadvance2two does not make available to the user any formula to obtain assistance. Any telephone or e-mail must be provided by the entity granting the loan, and not by Paydayadvance2two.


This professional entity can help you get the money you need for any unforeseen event. Take advantage of the option of € 0 initial commissions and you will see how you really save.


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