8 incredible circumnavigations of the world in a private jet


Is your dream travel list growing exponentially? What if we told you there’s a way to turn them off in one fell swoop?

Enter the world tour in private jet.

On these voyages, guests travel in groups to the world’s most famous destinations, accompanied by a full staff, which usually includes a tour guide, a private in-flight chef and on-site doctor and travel managers.

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It’s not entirely different from a high-end cruise or land tour — except, of course, that transport is by private jet.

Travelers spend a few days at each destination, choosing from a list of excursions — or in some cases planning their own course with a private driver or local guide arranged by the tour operator. At night, guests enjoy accommodation in luxury hotels, apart from a few red-eyed flights.

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“For many of our customers, time is their most limited resource and traveling by private jet around the world is a great way to check the boxes of some of the most popular attractions without extending their stay in a place where they do may not be as interested,” said travel consultant Maggie Jones of KK Travels Worldwide, a Virtuoso member.

“Since the pandemic, many of our customers have come to us looking to complete their bucket list trips sooner rather than later, and being able to offer them this type of travel as an option has been incredibly special. “

Perhaps not surprisingly, these experiences come at a pretty steep price, but can you name a price for having one company handle all your travel arrangements to some of the world’s most iconic places? Not to mention the benefit of avoiding commercial air travel. Plus, these trips are often all-inclusive, so everything from meals to accommodation to excursions is included in the price.

Whether you’re more interested in historical sites like Easter Island in Chile or wildlife sites like Tanzania’s Serengeti, there’s a private jet trip out there that will appeal to you.

Four Seasons Private Jet Ancient Explorer

Four Seasons private jet stops at archaeological sites from Easter Island to the Taj Mahal. FOUR SEASONS

For history buffs, this private jet journey, offered by Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, makes nine stops at some of the world’s most incredible archaeological sites: Chile’s Easter Island and Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza, to name just two. But the journey also includes stops in bustling metropolises like Mexico City and natural wonders like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Jordan’s desert valley of Wadi Rum. Guests will travel in the Four Seasons Boeing 757, outfitted with 52 reclining business class seats and a steam oven to allow the jet’s onboard chef to prepare gourmet meals. The itinerary naturally includes stays at Four Seasons hotels around the world. The 24-day itinerary can be booked from $190,000 per person, and there are typically one or two departures per year (next voyage starts September 29). (If only Four Seasons had a loyalty program.)

Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet Journeys Wildlife Safari

Abercrombie & Kent’s Wildlife Safari is a must for all animal lovers. ABERCROMBIE & KENT

Going on safari is a must for animal lovers, but a private jet safari takes things to the next level. Abercrombie & Kent’s Wildlife Safari checks many items on the wildlife list, from whale sharks in the Philippines to tigers in India and gorillas in Rwanda. And yes, the experience includes a stop in Kenya to see the Big Five (African elephant, lion, cape buffalo, rhino and leopard) as well as cultural experiences like learning calligraphy in Japan. For the eight-stop trip, A&K is chartering a Boeing 757 with business class reclining seats, which includes an onboard chef and complimentary WiFi when available. You’ll spend your nights in luxury accommodations like The Peninsula Tokyo and One&Only Gorilla’s Nest in Rwanda. This 24-day trip starts at $159,950 per person and there is only one departure per year. The next one departs on October 6th.

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National Geographic Expeditions: Around the world in a private jet

National Geographic takes you around the world with historians, anthropologists and photographers to 10 different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPEDITIONS/FACEBOOK

Travel with National Geographic experts including historians, anthropologists and photographers on an incredible private jet journey that visits 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The adventure begins in Washington, DC and includes stops at ancient sites such as Machu Picchu in Peru, Easter Island in Chile and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Make a few warm-weather stops in the Pacific on this first leg, then head into the Himalayas. Next up is the Taj Mahal in India, followed by a tour of Africa and the Middle East. National Geographic’s Boeing 757 has roomy leather seats for up to 75 guests, although they don’t lie flat. However, they tilt 45 degrees, which is reasonable enough considering you’ll be spending most nights at luxury hotels around the world, including La Mamounia in Marrakech, Morocco and the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti in Tanzania. Similar to other itineraries, this expedition spans 24 days and starts at a cool $94,995 per person. About six National Geographic Expeditions are offered each year, with the next starting on September 29th.

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TCS World Travel: World Less Traveled


For travelers who have already seen many of the world’s best highlights and want to try something different for a big world trip, TCS’ World Less Traveled private jet itinerary to five of the most fascinating “up and coming destinations” is a must-book. The journey begins and ends in London and ends in Dakar, Senegal; Salvador, Brazil; Lome, Togo; AlUla, Saudi Arabia; and Tunis, Tunisia. Of course, none of these destinations are new – in fact many have been around for thousands of years – but they are often less visited by travellers. This trip is particularly suitable for art lovers, as both ancient and contemporary art play a major role in each of the destinations. The journey will be flown on an Airbus A321neo-LR with 52 reclining seats. Book your place on the once-a-year 15-day trip from $150,000 per person. The next tour starts on February 11, 2023.

Road Scholar: Discover the world by private plane


Another itinerary that begins and ends in London is a Road Scholar private jet trip that reaches many of the world’s most iconic sites, including England’s Stonehenge, Jordan’s Petra and India’s Amber Fort in Jaipur. But we also welcome the slightly more remote stops on this itinerary, including the Jantar Mantar Observatory (also in Jaipur) and the Mutrah Souq in Muscat, Oman. The airborne portion of the journey takes place in a 54-seat reclining Boeing 767, while the landside journey includes stops at renowned luxury hotels such as The Oberoi in New Delhi and Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia. One of the advantages of this itinerary is that there is no single supplement for solo travelers and there are often deals on business class flights to and from London. Seats for the 21-day expedition, which takes place three times a year, start at $62,999 per person. The next trip starts on April 17, 2023.

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Aman The greatest tour

Amanoi is one of the destinations alongside The Grandest Tour with Aman. JOHN W. MCDERMOTT/AMAN

If you’re a fan of luxury hotel brand Aman, this trip around the world is the best way to experience some of their top hotels — and the incredible destinations they’re located in. This tour begins in Japan before heading to multiple destinations in Southeast Asia, followed by Bhutan and India, ending in Europe (specific destinations change with each trip). While most private jet trips around the world aren’t actually all that private, Aman makes sure his program is: Only 18 guests can take part in each trip co-hosted by Remote Lands, and every group on the tour has their own own driver for excursions. So it’s perhaps not too surprising that Aman’s aircraft isn’t strictly a business-class airliner, but a true business jet. More specifically, she flies the Airbus ACJ3189, the business equivalent of the A319, which has a lounge configuration. The Grandest Tour of Aman lasts 21 days and the next trip starts on October 12th. The cost per person is $152,888 ($305,776 per couple or $196,776 per single person traveling alone with single supplement).

Smithsonian Journeys: Around the World by Private Jet: A Classic Voyage

The Smithsonian Journey takes you by private jet to historical and cultural sites from Machu Picchu to Petra. NICK BRUNDLE PHOTOGRAPHY/GETTY IMAGES

Let a tour company formed out of the legendary Smithsonian Institution create a nine-stop, private jet journey around the world that combines the best of history, culture and nature in a single voyage. You can expect to visit all the heavyweights of the archaeological world (including Machu Picchu, Easter Island, the Great Pyramids, Angkor Wat and Petra) as well as natural hotspots like the Great Barrier Reef and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Smithsonian Journeys uses two aircraft for these voyages, depending on the itinerary: an Airbus A321 and a Boeing 757, each equipped with 52 and 48 lie-flat seats, respectively. Smithsonian’s round-the-world tours last 24 days, typically run three or four times a year, and start at $109,950 per person.

Art in Voyage: 28-Day Magellan Odyssey World Tour

One of the rescued and adopted elephants that roam the grounds of Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle. GILLIES & ZAISER PUBLIC RELATIONS

As you’ve probably noticed, most private jet world trips visit the same destinations. And while these stops are all great, what makes Art in Voyage’s month-long journey special is the slightly alternative stops. These include Chile’s Atacama Desert (one of the best places in the world for stargazing); New Zealand for adventure activities like helicopter flights, catamaran tours and white water rafting; and Bordeaux, France, for a culinary immersion and a drive in a vintage Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, or Ferrari. The 10-stop route also includes some of the more typical top attractions, such as Petra and Tanzania’s Serengeti. It’s really the mix of destinations that makes this itinerary stand out. While Art in Voyage has not yet selected an aircraft for this trip, travelers can expect to be seated in a private, business class aircraft. Seats on the 28-day itinerary departing March 10, 2024 can be reserved from $105,611 per person.

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