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ROME, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With its strategic position between Europe and the Mediterranean and its modern and competitive economy, Italy is considered an ideal country to expand a business from abroad. Italian excellence in lifestyle, fashion and agribusiness attracts foreign companies. However, foreign companies wishing to reap these benefits must be willing to deal with a complicated regulatory environment that may lack the transparency, clarity and efficiency that other advanced economies in the world offer.

To help entrepreneurs, investors and professionals around the world navigate the institutional business relationships ItalyItalian PR expert Carmelo Cutuli wrote the guide “How to manage business relationships with Italy“. The book, published by Biz2Italyis available in the most important international online shops as paperback, e-book and audio book.

Italy is a developed economy with a wealth of potential. However, cultural idiosyncrasies and many levels of bureaucracy sometimes confuse businesses, so local help is a must when doing business in the country. However, Italy is a challenging environment for businesses and it is important to have local support on board to streamline processes and avoid wasting time.

In this valuable guide you will find the institutional references that can support companies Italy are listed in a user-friendly and clear manner, allowing for easy connection. Any agency, institute or company in this guide is usually open to foreign contacts. In addition, an entrepreneur located anywhere in the world can always contact an office of Chambers of Commerce and Italian Commercial Agencies in his own country, in his own language, for valuable information for his business Italy.

It’s worth keeping an eye on, however Italy is a challenging business environment for those coming from a foreign country and it is important to always have local support to streamline processes and avoid problems and wasted time.

Associations and professional associations can help with this. It is possible to contact them to ask for the contact details of professionals in a specific field, from lawyers to tax experts, who you can turn to for advice.

At shops in Italy, it is also important to understand the importance of personal relationships. The Italian business culture is based on trust and mutual respect. Building a relationship with your Italian interlocutors is the key to success in any negotiation.

In short, this guide constitutes a valuable reference for entrepreneurs interested in understanding the Italian business landscape and for those already operating there Italy from abroad to better understand the role of the main players.

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