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Of all the special characters in Animal Crossing, Kapp’n is one of the most popular. But with all the hustle and bustle around Brewster, we hardly saw anyone who asked for the captain of the seafarers to return! We look forward to having you with us again, Kapp’n – not least because you can take us to new places.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 added Kapp’n’s Boat Tours, which brings a wealth of new and interesting content to the game. How to get the most out of them!

Animal Crossing Kapp’n’s boat tour guide

How to find Kapp’n

Kapp'n boat tour
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Kapp’n will dock on your pier (check your map if you don’t remember where it is!). Make sure there is no furniture blocking the way to his boat and you can chat with him for a tour.

What are Kapp’n’s boat tours?

Kapp'n boat tour
Image: Nintendo Life

Similar to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Kapp’n is a strange old sailor who takes you to new islands on his boat while he sings you a little song about his life and his strange family.

The islands he takes you to are similar to the mysterious islands you can visit in-game, but you don’t have to buy Nook Miles tickets to go – you just pay Kapp’n 1,000 Miles direct.

When you’ve cut down and desecrated the whole island, just speak to Kapp’n again and he’ll drive you home!

Note, however, that unlike the mysterious Nook Miles Islands, you can only do one Kapp’n boat tour per day – so make the most of it!

What is the difference between the Kapp’n Islands and the Mystery Islands?

Kapp'n boat tour
Image: Nintendo Life

The islands of Kapp’n are similar to mysterious islands … but they have a few additional surprises.

They can be in any weather or season, which makes it easier to catch fish, marine animals, and bugs that you missed out on, and they’re also the only place to find spinning tops, the statues singing and dancing.

You will also have seasonal plants like bushes and shrubs that you can take home as well New Flora, like grapevines and glowing moss. Sometimes you also have the option to get seasonal materials like snowflakes and pine cones, and the messages in the bottles can include seasonal recipes too!

After our early visits, it seems that the Kapp’n Islands have a different layout than the mysterious islands. Make it what you want. Also note that there doesn’t appear to be any trees to drop furniture like there are with the Mysterious Islands.

Most excitingly, however, you can find star islands where it’s night, there is a meteor shower, the rocks contain star fragments, and the message in a bottle contains a star recipe. There are also money islands!

What to bring on a boat tour

Kapp'n boat tour
Image: Nintendo Life

Similar to Mystery Islands (which you can find our guide for here), it’s a good idea to follow this checklist:

  • Empty your pockets
  • Bring tools, especially a fishing rod, ax, shovel, insect net, and ladder (you don’t need a watering can or sling)
  • Remember your wetsuit

How to get the most out of the island

Kapp'n boat tour
Image: Nintendo Life

If you’ve followed the checklist above, you are almost ready to go – but since Kapp’ns Islands can have different seasons and weather conditions, be aware of the critters you are missing!

Fortunately, we have a complete fish guide, insect guide, and marine life guide for you. Compare that to your Critterpedia app to make sure you are getting all the right ones!

You can also dig up the seasonal shrubs, cut down (or dig up!) All of the trees and bamboo, and hit all of the rocks and then break them to get the most bang for your Nook Miles money. Make sure you take all the fruits with you too! And don’t forget to look for a message in a bottle on the beaches – there is always one and they have DIY recipes in there.

After all, in our tests, we only found one or two excavation sites on each island. This is your only way to get tops, so be careful when checking – cutting all the trees will help!

Does Kapp’n have anything to do with Brewster?

Kapp'n boat tour
Image: Nintendo Life

Oh yeah – you have to find Brewster on one of Kapp’n’s boat tours. Be warned: if you take your first boat tour before you talk to Blathers about adding The Roost to the museum, you’ll have to wait until the next day to find Brewster. We’re sorry!

How do I know what time of year it is?

You can easily tell what time of year the island is by looking at the weeds. Here’s a quick guide for you, courtesy of the Animal Crossing Wiki:

We’ll keep this guide updated as we visit more islands, find more spinning tops, and learn more about Kapp’n and his weird songs.

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