Burning Food Questions: 5 Things You Will Want To Know About Staten Island


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Every day through social media, email, and other questions, a variety of food and restaurant questions filter through the mirror. You ask. We answer. Here are the most interesting articles from the past week based on reader reach.

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Fish for sale at Beyond the Sea (Staten Island Advance / Pamela Silvestri)

Question: The Advance mentioned a new place for seafood. Can you tell me where it is My son-in-law makes a mussel casserole with different fish. Its usual market does not offer the variety, which is why we ask.

Answer: You might think of Beyond the Sea, a fish market that sells both fresh and cooked fish. The market is located at 84 Canal St., Stapleton; 347-466-4555, Beyondtheseafood.com. It is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Common choices in the iced display case include whiting, porgies, red snapper, croaker, tilapia, salmon, basa, and flounder. Frozen shellfish are also sold.

For your convenience, the market workers will steam and fry your picks. You can also order from a menu that offers take-away. Fish is breaded and fried to order all day. The combos include french fries and onion rings.

To order one of the cooked meals: First, choose your protein – fillet, crab, clam, prawn or whole fish. Then choose your vegetables – okra, jalapenos, green peppers, carrots, red potatoes, cauliflower, corn, spinach, broccoli, green onions, cabbage, or onions. Finally, specify your seasoning – plain, Old Bay, butter, lemon pepper, cajun, garlic, or butter.

– Octopus Gardens, Elm Park, is a family business owned by the Cutrone family under the Bayonne Bridge. (Staten Island Advance / Pamela Silvestri)(Staten Island Advance / Pamela Si

Another fairly new seafood spot is Octopus Garden, which moved from Gravesend to Elm Park a few years ago. It sells whole fish and, unsurprisingly, plenty of octopus of various sizes that can be tenderized in the market’s kitchen. The store is located at 15 Newark Ave., 718-946-1100. The opening times are Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to around 4 p.m.

Q: When does the Asian market open?

A: The mall it’s located on – Roman Plaza on Forest Avenue between Northfield and South Avenues – is almost complete as mentioned in previous articles on the subject. August the supermarket should be open. It will be set up similarly to its former home in Travis, where it lived for several years. This earlier establishment had a seafood section with live whole fish and a casual restaurant. The new, modern location will be the anchor for Roman Plaza, which also has Popeye’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Hibachi sushi restaurants.

Fun fact: the opening of Asian-owned supermarkets is usually characterized by a lion dance.

– Enoteca Maria in St. George celebrates Nonnas of the World with women from different cultures. (Courtesy Jody Scaravella)(Courtesy Jody Scaravella)

Q: Will Enoteca Maria reopen?

A: Owner Jody Scaravella says yes and pretty soon. He explained, “We are in upgrade mode and plan for the end of July, but we are at the mercy of the contractor’s schedule. In the meantime, we’re building outdoor seating for our guests. ”Construction is scheduled to start this week.


The “La Diana” pizza includes pears, goat and mozzarella cheese, rocket and prosciutto. De Lucas, Tottenville. (Staten Island Advance / Pamela Silvestri) Staff shot

Q: What is Masseria DeLuca and will she sell pizza?

A: Rob DeLuca will be opening his Italian restaurant concept DeLuca’s on the North Shore at 616 Forest Avenue in West Brighton sometime in September. But forget the name “masseria”, which is Italian for “farmhouse”. DeLuca said that so many people referred to the new location just as “DeLuca’s” or “DeLuca’s on Forest” that DeLuca simply deleted the first word from the concept. It will now be called DeLucas Trattoria.

As for pizza, there will be plenty from the former Project brunch kitchens on Forest. The pizzas are sold after the whole cake and can be picked up and delivered. These will be of the wood-fired Neapolitan variety.

“It’s going to be a thin-crust pizza with gourmet toppings like ‘La Diana’ with fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, honey, truffle and rocket,” says DeLuca. He will also offer homemade pasta and Italian appetizers similar to those at the Tottenville site. There will be a private space for parties and al fresco dining in a building that extends into part of the parking lot.

Fun fact: the address of 616 contains the number associated with angels. DeLuca says his grandmother is his guardian angel and it was a coincidence.

Indoor dining returns

Mary Alestra and Papa Joseph eat at the Kings Arms Diner (Staten Island Advance / Pamela Silvestri)Pamela Silvestri

Q: The organizer of a weekly business breakfast meeting said, “We still don’t have people showing up for the meetings because it’s really inconvenient. It’s just not easy because of the parking. What places are open again for such gatherings?

A: Diners like Kings Arms – 500 Forest Ave., West Brighton; 718-448-0326 – and Annadale Terrace – 801 Annadale Rd., Annadale; 718-967-5900, AnnadaleTerrace.com – are running at full speed and have been welcoming their regular morning guests again for some time. They have private areas that are ideal for meetings. Breakfast service returned to Lorenzo’s at the Hilton Garden Inn – 1100 South Ave., 718-477-2400 Ext. 4 – starting July 1. Also in Bloomfield: The COMMONS Cafe at Teleport is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for breakfast and lunch. The social enterprise’s eatery sees 100% of its profits donated to charity.

Hilton Fun Fact: Sunday brunch at Lorenzo’s has resumed. There are two seats – noon and 2 p.m. – plus live piano music.


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