Columbus Day 2021: A look at what’s open, closed in NYC on Monday


STATEN ISLAND, NY – Monday is Columbus Day, the federal holiday commemorating the landing of Christopher Columbus in America.

Although it is now known as Italian Heritage Day / Indigenous Peoples Day, according to the New York Department of Education (DOE).

“Italian Heritage Day / Indigenous Peoples Day will celebrate the contributions and legacy of Italian Americans and recognize that the indigenous people are the first to inhabit the land that became our land,” announced the DOE after elected officials and Itailan-Americans criticized the change. “By adding these holidays to our calendar, we honor the past, present, and future contributions of indigenous communities and Italian Americans.”

New York City public schools are closed.

Here’s a look at what else is open and closed on Staten Island in anticipation of the holiday:

– The Staten Advance is published.

– Some banks will close.

– The post office is closed, ie no mail delivery.

– Most of the private schools are closed.

– The state motor vehicle ministry is closed.

– The financial markets are open.

– There is no collection of rubbish, organic material or recycling. Residents who normally receive garbage or organic disposal on Mondays should leave their material on the roadside on Monday from 4 p.m. for collection the following day. Residents who normally receive a recycling pickup on Mondays should leave their material on the roadside on Sunday, October 17th from 4:00 p.m. and pick it up on Monday, October 18th.

– Non-essential offices and courts of the federal, state and city administration are closed.

– The Staten Island Ferry, Staten Island Railway and buses operate on a weekday schedule.


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