Design showcase: The five best designs from the past and present


In collaboration with TOPHOTELDESIGN, we highlight five exceptional hotel designs that draw on both the past and present of their location.

Properties that fuse references to the history of their location with a representation of the modern locale guide us through Italy.

Past and present merge

Past and present: How do these two coexist in terms of design? If you look around you are probably surrounded by at least a few objects that are from different eras than the one we live in.

Some shapes, textures and colors are simply timeless and can last for many years without feeling outdated. Others are downright vintage and full of character. They tell stories with their materiality, craftsmanship and unique aesthetics.

In any case, designing for earlier architectural spaces and interiors can be a challenge. Some designers tend to look for items that harmonize with the original decor of the place. However, this is an approach that can result in the vintage textures and elements lying flat.

Today we have selected five projects, all in Italy, that have done exactly the opposite, evoking life in spaces from the past while updating their style with contemporary details. Respectful yet optimistic, these interiors combine past and present to transform them into something entirely new.

See the links below and explore the projects in TOPHOTELDESIGN.

Radisson Collection Hotel, Palazzo Touring Club Milan

Milan, Italy
through Studio Marco Piva
delivered by Geberit International AG & Hansgrohe

Palazzo Daniele

Gagliano del Capo, Italy
through Palomba Serafini Associates

Image by © Cosmo Laera

Arx Vivendi Monastery

Arco, Italy
through noa* – network of architecture

Image by © Alex Felt

Aman Venice

Venice, Italy
through Elastic Architects London

Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani

Venice, Italy
through Studio Marco Piva
delivered by Geberit International AG & Hansgrohe


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