Dylan Releases New Mixtape The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn


Emerging artist from UK dylan has officially released their highly anticipated new mixtape The greatest thing I will never learnvia Island Records UK/Republic Records.

Alongside an all-new live performance of heartfelt new single ‘Blisters’, filmed at the legendary London Printworks, the eight-track release comes ahead of a sold-out UK tour and the news of DYLAN being tapped for Ed Sheeran for his 2023 release US tour dates.

“Blisters,” a debut song for Dylan, was the first track she wrote for the mixtape and the first time she felt truly vulnerable in her songwriting. “‘Blisters’ was the first song where I really felt like I had found my sound and the first time I even dealt with my feelings,” she explains.

“I started writing about someone who was breaking me down so slowly I had no idea how much pain it was causing me, but it soon became clear I was drawing from more than one experience. It was almost like opening Pandora’s box. I’ve been really deep into my abandonment issues and how much of myself I’m giving up to keep someone in my life. When we were done with that, I felt a new kind of empowerment; There is so much power in feeling everything you need to feel and not being afraid to shout it from the rooftops.”

Dylan’s debut release features a powerful wallop. Summarizing the 23-year-old’s experience of “learning to love and be loved.” The greatest thing I will never learn is a consistently honest soundtrack to her life, thrillingly unfazed by society’s expectations of female artists. Whether she’s responding to people who don’t want to date her in “Girl Of Your Dreams” or seeking answers about herself, as in the ballad “Home Is Where The Heart Is,” she’s incredibly direct and effortlessly charming.

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