Education, networking and the art of listening: Three more reasons to attend the Wine2Wine Business Forum 2022


7th-8th November 2022, Verona, ItalyWith just a few weeks to go before the wine2wine Business Forum returns to Verona with a 100% in-person event, the rich program of more than 50 sessions and over 100 international speakers should be enough to convince wine professionals to attend. If not, there are three other reasons not to miss this edition of the forum: education, networking, and listening.

The wine2wine Business Forum 2022 returns to Verona from November 7th to 8th, 2022. After two years of hybrid and remote events, the wine2wine Business Forum returns to Verona with a 100% face-to-face edition, going back to its roots and focusing on the strengths of those that have made the wine2wine Business Forum essential business -Event made by the wine industry. While the overarching theme of this edition is wine communication, three key concepts inform the program.


Since its inception in 2014, updating wine professionals on topics related to the wine industry has always been a key driving force of the wine2wine Business Forum. What began as a series of educational seminars during Vinitaly has evolved into a standalone event, allowing attendees to dive into the program and identify topics specific to their industry. Year after year, the Forum has focused on creating an event where producers and wine professionals from all parts of the production chain have the opportunity to explore the latest news and trends in the wine industry. With this in mind, the presence of traditional sessions is combined with hands-on experience to ensure meaningful insights into the key current issues affecting the wine industry. In this way, wine2wine wants to ensure that the participating guests leave with practical tools that they can use directly in their company.


True to the concept of “Sharing Business Ideas” and what we call Networking 3.0, this edition of the Forum has been specifically designed to bring wine producers together with a wide range of professionals and experts from across the global wine sector, including export and wine, to promote import managers, digital marketing managers, consultants, influencers and many more. After two years of online events, the wine2wine Forum challenges both speakers and listeners to rediscover the value of face-to-face communication, encouraging them to listen to each other in person and build professional bridges without the interface of a screen. Guests, speakers, buyers and sponsors meet in the designated area of ​​PalaExpo, the “Networking Area”. We share this space with Vinitaly, our sponsors WineAround and Apra, as well as with our content collaborator partner Wellcom, our agency partners and technical partners. Stevie Kim, Managing Director of Vinitaly International, said: “I believe that 80% of the success of any business relationship depends on human relationships. Such relationships are more effective when they take place in person. That’s why networking is in the foreground at this year’s wine2wine Business Forum 2022.”

The art of listening

The rise and growth of digital devices and platforms has resulted in massive changes across the wine sector – a trend that wine2wine will explore in depth. However, it has also reduced our ability to really listen to one another. The wine2wine Business Forum aims to be a place of unfiltered interaction and communication, where guests can rediscover the importance and benefits of genuine listening. Stevie Kim said: “All too often at a conference or meeting we focus on our smartphones and not on what the speaker is saying or who is sitting next to us. At the wine2wine Business Forum I want to reverse this trend and rediscover the lost art of listening, so I urge all participants to put down their phones and talk to each other instead.” Tickets for the wine2wine Business Forum are now available on the website of the event available. The entire program is also available for consultation:


The wine2wine Business Forum is a dynamic international wine industry forum organized by Veronafiere and held annually in Verona, Italy since 2014. The wine2wine Business Forum 2022 will take place on November 7th and 8th at the Palaexpo in Veronafiere, Verona. The event is an important point of reference for wine producers and wine professionals striving to develop and expand their wine business worldwide. The wine2wine Business Forum offers unique opportunities to exchange ideas on the key issues facing the rapidly evolving wine industry and to connect with wine professionals and experts. Held over two days, the forum will feature keynote sessions, seminars and interactive workshops aimed at arming attendees with practical tools to improve their business. The speakers are renowned experts in their field 3 and are among the brightest minds in the wine world from Italy and abroad. For more information, see or via email [email protected].


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