Euro 2020: Should Lancashire Councils show the final on the big screen?


THE whole country is preparing to see England hopefully win Euro 2020 on Sunday, with lots of people reserving tables at the last minute in pubs that show it off.

Many people in East Lancashire like Blackburn, Darwen and Hyndburn thought this was a good idea, so The Lancashire Telegraph asked readers if they thought the game should be played on a big screen.

This is what people said:

Blackburn’s Nicola Jane Grimshaw said, “Yes, every advertising screen, even the one outside of the Council itself – shows some pride for England, they did it for the World Cup so why not the European Championship. It’s coming home. ”

Sarah Emily von Darwen said, “Yes! Darwen has a large town square that is ideal for a big screen, and it’s also surrounded by local pubs and restaurants, which also gives a boost to local businesses. ”

Jen Tomlinson said, “Doesn’t that one in town show it? Ideally you should be there with the few small bars, give them the financial boost they need. ”

There are currently no plans for Blackburn to show the game anywhere on a screen with Darwen. So if you have no reservations, you may just need to check it out at home.

Cath Lucy Howarth thinks that the game is already shown in enough places. She said, “No, TV is already dominating for people who don’t like football.

“Enjoy everything you like and congratulate, etc., but don’t push it in everyone’s face.”

Nicole Richmond feared she could be blamed for an increase in Covid-19 cases.

She said: “It would be nice if they did, but it’s unlikely and football will then be blamed for the ‘rise in cases’ over the next few weeks.

“Not everyone can come to the pub to see it (fully booked), but it’s nice to have the atmosphere that they should (probably not).”

Darwen’s Ricky McGrew said, “No! Covid cases are still increasing and all these soccer hooligans are not helping. ”

Marc Parry from Blackburn said, “No, go to the pubs that have been closed for a year.”

Kevin Nolan said, “How about if the cinema just put it on their big screens? Lots of space and vodka tango ice explosions … a trick is missing here. ”

Connor McDonald from Hyndburn said: “If the weather is good, why not. You’ve spent a fortune on it, so why not put it to good use? It would bring people together. ”

Hyndburn’s Jill Hetherington said, “Yes, it took enough to make this square, let’s use it, but the weather forecast doesn’t look good on Sunday night.”

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