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Monterosola Winery Tour and Wine Tasting

After the meal it was time to go to the Monterosola Winery.

The winery was only bought by the current owners in 2013 but already produces a range of delicious wines to enjoy.

My visit began with a tour that introduced me to the art of making a delicious wine. Although the weather was humid, looking across the vineyard still offered some stunning views.

The building even had an event area, so weddings and large parties could take place with stunning views. After the detailed tour, it was time to taste the wine for yourself. The vineyard was equipped with a tasting room that had four stations for different sessions.

The arrangement of the stations was open, which would also allow larger groups to take part in wine tastings together.

Mimesi restaurant

On the second evening I was able to taste the fine dining options of the hotel.

In addition to the main dining room, I discovered that there is one more place for guests to dine at the hotel.

Behind a staircase was a cozy room, the Mimesi restaurant. I invited guests to “taste the art,” knowing that every meal would only be served with the best presentation.

Chef Giovanni Cerroni focuses on creating seasonal dishes, many of which I was able to sample that evening. I enjoyed the five course meal with matching wines.

A core theme behind the menu was sustainability and this was immediately apparent as the portions featured little meat but plenty of seasonal produce.

What is served changes regularly considering this.

I had courses of mushroom, lovage, and parsley root, followed by cauliflower, almond, and buttermilk, and Jerusalem artichoke capelietti, artichoke, and black lime, among other dishes.

A personal highlight was the mushroom, lovage and parsley root.

Each course of the menu has been paired with a carefully selected wine to complement the meal.

We started with sparkling water in the form of Nussbaumer Gewürztraminer Alto Adige, DOC 2020 – a personal favorite of mine.

I sipped on a selection of white and dessert wines throughout the meal. These included Palai Muller Thurgau Vigneti delle Dolomiti, Arneta Tenuta Bella Fonte, Derthona La Colombere and ended with Le Petit, Manicor.


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