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The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) announced that as of 6 a.m. Monday, September 26, the following transmission lines were “restored”:

Northern Luzon

Mexico-Clark 69 kV Line 1
Date/Time: September 25, 10:29 p.m
Date/Time of Recovery: September 26, 3:47 am
Affected customer: PELCO I, PRESCO

Meanwhile, the following transmission lines are “unavailable”:

Northern Luzon

69 kV Cabanatuan-San Luis line
Date/Time: September 25, 9:11 p.m
Affected customers: NEECO II Area 1, NEECO II Area 2, AURELCO

69 kV Cabanatuan-Fatima line
Date/Time: September 25, 9:21 p.m
Affected customers: NEECO II Area 1, SAJELCO, PAMES

69 kV Cabanatuan-San Isidro line
Date/Time: September 25, 8:59 p.m
Affected customers: NEECO II Area 2

69 kV Cabanatuan-Bulalto line
Date/Time: September 25, 9:04 p.m
Affected customers: NEECO I

Concepcion-Camiling 69 kV line
Date/Time: September 25, 10:16 p.m
Affected customers: TARELCO I

69 kV line Botolan-Castillejos
Date/Time: September 26, 00:44
Affected customer: ZAMECO I, ZAMECO II

69 kV line Hermosa-Floridablanca
Date/timeout: September 26, 2:12 am
Affected Customer: PELCO II

South Luzon

Famy-Comon 69 kV line
Date/Time: September 25, 7:18 p.m. (partially restored)
Affected customers: QUEZELCO II

Four 230 kV lines are unavailable, specifically the 230 kV line 1 Mexico-Hermosa, the 230 kV line 1 San Rafael-Cabanatuan, the 230 kV line Pantabangan-Cabanatuan and the 230 kV line 2 Mexico-Concepcion.

In a statement, the NGCP said it had “mobilized its line crews and is currently conducting patrols to inspect and assess the impact of the typhoon on its operations and facilities.” At the same time, restoration work is also being carried out on areas that are already accessible.”

The NGCP added that the status update “only affects the status of the transmission network. Local disruptions can be better addressed by your utility.”

“Specific cities and communities affected by the unavailable transmission facilities will be determined by the affected distribution companies, unless the outage affects the entire franchise territory,” the statement continued.


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