Gino D’Acampo returns to his Italian roots in new series


Gino’s Italy: Like Mama used to do sees much-loved professional chef Gino D’Acampo return to his native Italy, on his journey to discover local dishes from families and their matriarchs.

Departing from Naples, Florence and Bologna, Gino will travel across Italy on his personal culinary adventure as he celebrates the women who have nourished the nation and developed the country’s cuisine over the years.

Gino goes back to his roots to honor all the women whose incredible food has whetted Italy’s appetite.

Opening the six-part series, Gino begins his journey at his birthplace, Torre Del Greco, in Napoli, where he learned his now-celebrated culinary skills in the kitchens of his Nonna Flora and Mamma Alba.

The series is also accompanied by a standalone cookbook titled Gino’s Italy: Like Mama used to do.

With recipes like Pasta al Genovese, Steak Fiorentine and Tortellini, the Italian chef cooks for his toughest audience yet while trying to keep up with the chefs who run the kitchen he frequents.

Gino said: “From learning how to make pizza with my nonna Flora’s fingertips, to stirring simmering ragout pots in my mum’s kitchen. From the first meatballs I rolled with my Aunt Clara to the Spaghetti Vongole I make for my own family.

“I owe my journey as a cook to two generations of women who wouldn’t be where I am without their passion for the food they fed their families.”

Nicola Lloyd, ITV’s Factual Entertainment Commissioner, said: “This show will immerse Gino in the culture that fueled his passion for cooking and invite viewers to join him as he celebrates the women who uphold the traditions and continue to make Italian food the focus of family life with all the warmth, humor and wisdom that brings.”

Helen Cooke, Betty TV’s Joint Creative Director, revealed: “It’s a pleasure to work with Gino as he cooks for his toughest audience yet – some of Italy’s most vibrant cooks.

“In this new series, he’ll reveal his tastiest family recipes, learn new dishes and meet some incredible moms. Expect cheeky banter, heartwarming moments and Gino eating a humble cake.”

Gino’s Italy: Like Mama used to do is scheduled to air on ITV later this year.


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