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Qualification for the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship in Georgia and Romania is ongoing, with the groups running until June 2022, followed by the play-offs in September.

A total of 53 teams will fight for 14 places in June / July 2023 together with co-hosts Georgia and Romania. Some teams started their campaigns earlier this year, but the first full games started on Thursday with Germany claiming the title in June 2021. among those who give their commandments.

  • Qualifiers / Results
  • Table position
  • The groups run until June 14, 2022.
  • The nine group winners and the best runner-up (not counting results against the sixth-placed teams) qualify directly for the finals and join Georgia and Romania.
  • The other eight runners-up will play for the remaining four final places in September 2022.

Qualifying groups

  • Germany hopes to defend their title in Georgia and Romania after winning the first finals with 16 teams in Hungary and Slovenia in 2021.
  • England want to qualify for the ninth consecutive final.
  • Italy hopes to improve its record of 13 qualifications since the introduction of a final tournament in 1994; You have a joint record of five titles with Spain.
  • Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, San Marino and Wales hope to be able to participate in their first finals together with Georgia (although Albania and Bulgaria reached the old knockout stage with eight teams before 1994).

Top 5 goals: U21 EURO 2021

Group A: Croatia, Austria, Norway, Finland, Azerbaijan, Estonia

  • Croatia beat Azerbaijan 2-0 on Thursday, followed by Austria 2-0 against Estonia in June. On Friday Norway beat Austria 3-1 and Finland prevailed 3-0 in Estonia.

Group B: Germany (defending champion), Poland, Israel, Hungary, Latvia, San Marino

  • Germany started their title defense on Thursday with a 6-0 win in San Marino, while Israel prevailed 2-1 in Hungary. Poland won the Gane 2-0 in Latvia on Friday.

Group C: Spain, Russia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Lithuania, Malta

  • Spain lost the title in June but got off to a good start with a 4-1 win over Russia, while Malta beat Northern Ireland 4-1 and Slovakia beat Lithuania 3-1 in Friday’s opening match.

Group D: Portugal, Greece, Iceland, Belarus, Cyprus, Liechtenstein

  • Greece and Cyprus drew 0-0 at the start in March and both have since won in Liechtenstein. Iceland opened with a 2-1 win over Belarus. Portugal’s runner-up in 2021 will start against Belarus on Monday.

Group E: Netherlands, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Wales, Moldova, Gibraltar

  • Wales and Moldova drew 0-0 in June. On Friday Bulgaria won 2-0 in Moldova and Switzerland defeated Gibraltar 4-0. The Netherlands open against Moldova on Tuesday.

Italy won their first game against Luxembourg

Italy won their first game against LuxembourgGetty Images

Group F.: Italy, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Luxembourg

  • Sweden have six points from two games after their 3-1 win in Montenegro on Friday, two more down on one game. Both Italy and the Republic of Ireland opened with wins on Friday, beating Luxembourg and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively.

Group G: England, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Kosovo, Andorra

  • The Czech Republic defeated Slovenia 1-0 on Thursday. Previously, Albania and Kosovo had defeated Andorra in June. England start against Kosovo on Tuesday.

Group H.: France, Serbia, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Faroe Islands, Armenia

  • France started with a 3-0 win over Montenegro on Thursday and Ukraine won 1-0 in Serbia on Friday. In the other previous games, the Faroe Islands and Armenia each secured 2-0 home wins against each other.

U21 European Championship Skills Showcase 2021

U21 European Championship Skills Showcase 2021

Group I.: Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, Scotland, Kazakhstan

  • Belgium won 3-1 in Kazakhstan at the start of the group in June and then prevailed 3-0 in Turkey on Friday. Scotland and Denmark both start on Tuesday.

Qualification group stage schedule

25-29 March 2021
4th-8th June 2021
2nd-7th September 2021
7-12 October 2021
11-16 November 2021
24.-29. March 2022
2nd-14th June 2022

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