Hadar Busia-Singleton on fresh pasta, her Nintendo Switch and memories of Miffy


Actress Hadar Busia-Singleton loves to travel and splits her time between Accra, the capital of Ghana, and New York City. The 24-year-old daughter of the late filmmaker and actor John Singleton and Ghanaian actress Akosua Busia said in a recent phone interview that she’s looking forward to exploring Boston — particularly the vegetarian food scene — while here at the Huntington Theater to perform Company’s “The Bluest.” Eye” at the Calderwood Pavilion through March 26. The play, adapted from Toni Morrison’s 1970 debut novel of the same name, tells the story of Pecola (Busia-Singleton’s character), a young black girl who believes her life would be better if she only had blue eyes. “I feel very protective of her,” Busia-Singleton said. “She’s a very precious little girl and very impressionable.” Although the story takes place in Ohio in the 1940s, the actress said her message is welcome during these trying times with the pandemic. “I think we need to be more empathetic to other people and not feel sorry for them,” she said. “Compassion is a platform; that is a very lofty view. Pity doesn’t hurt people. Empathy does more for people, and this show — even the narrative structure of the show … it’s like reading a book — really welcomes people into something that hopefully lets them walk out with a little more empathy than they came in.” She added Adds that the show’s director, Awoye Timpo, often reminds the cast that the performance and its message represent “an opportunity for a little healing in the community.” We caught up with Busia-Singleton, who grew up in Accra and Los Angeles, to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? Brazil for the fruit, the music and the family memories. Bahia is so special. It’s really rich in black culture and I just felt very much at home there. I also love Avignon in France and the weekend market selling knick-knacks and old photo buckets.

Favorite holiday food or drink? Ripe summer nectarines or whatever fruits and vegetables are in season. I also have a habit of finding the best fresh pasta in every city I’m in. I’m a big fan of Italian restaurant vibes.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t yet? Actually, I would like to visit Gorée Island soon. It is a small island south of Senegal. Senegal is home to some of my favorite films and that’s where my parents got married. I also love Thieboudienne [a fish and rice dish that has been dubbed Senegal’s national dish] but the vegetarian version. I would also like to visit São Tomé.

An item you can’t leave home without when you travel? Probably my Nintendo Switch console and this one random water bottle that I’ve grown very fond of. I don’t know why, but water just tastes better from it.

aisle or window? [Definitely] Window. It’s sweet to hear music and cloud view.

Favorite travel memory from childhood? On the way to Accra you will pass Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. My mother grew up in Holland for a while and introduced me to Miffy, a popular Dutch cartoon bunny. She really ruled the airport. I have many memories of Miffy and associate her image with travel and anticipation of sunny adventures. The playgrounds in Amsterdam have always been amazing too.

Guilty pleasure when travelling? Beaches, restaurant hopping and people watching at the airport.

Best travel tip? Take very little, pack days in advance and ignore the internet!



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