Here’s a K-Drama Locations Tour of Seoul courtesy of ‘Dapat Alam Mo!’


What would a visit to Seoul, South Korea be without chasing down famous locations featured in various K-Dramas?

That’s exactly what Mariz Umali did for “Dapat Alam Mo!”

In Thursday’s episode, the Kapuso journalist took viewers on a tour of famous K-Drama filming locations. There’s the Korean Folk Village featured in Jewel in the Palace and My Love from the Stars.

Mariz also went to the Banpo Bridge, and while she didn’t catch the longest fountain bridge in the world — which was only open from April to October — Mariz enjoyed being in the same spot featured in K-drama Run On was.

From there, she swung past the floating island featured in various Korean films, as well as Seoul Tower, famous for thousands of floodgate locks, where K-dramas like The School Nurse Files, Shooting Stars, and others were set filmed.

Eventually, she chased the popular revolving door from the recent The Extraordinary Atty. Woo” and danced through them, similar to Park Eun Bin on the show!

Of course, what would a K-Drama Locations Tour in Seoul be without a visit to the famous amphitheater from “Start-Up”? That’s exactly when Mariz Umali reported live!

How exciting, right? — LA, GMA Integrated News


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