Here’s what you should know about GOP’s American Freedom Tour in Jacksonville


Ex-presidential son Donald Trump Jr. and a slew of right-wing luminaries will lure fans to Jacksonville’s Prime Osborn Convention Center this coming weekend for a two-day introduction to their vision of a Republican resurgence.

Trump Jr.’s talk on “How to Reclaim America” ​​will be the main message of the American Freedom Tour, a traveling “celebration of the Faith, Family, Inalienable Rights and God-given American Freedoms,” which runs October 8-9 in Jacksonville is reached.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, political writer Dinesh D’Souza and more than a dozen politicians, activists and business leaders will also speak at the ticket-only event presented by the Duval County Republican Party.

If you are thinking of going, here are some things you need to know:

What’s the point?

This is promoted as a revival and a networking opportunity. “The time has come for conservatives to get motivated and defend freedom,” read a promotional website that said audiences “can build important relationships, help advance a conservative agenda, and protect America’s future.”

How much do tickets cost?

Prices range from $ 47 for general admission (back row on the seating arrangements) to $ 3,997 for platinum seating, including breakfast with D’Souza, lunch with Trump Jr., and photo ops with all speakers. Tickets are valid for both days and can be purchased on

Is someone from the neighborhood speaking there?

US MPs John Rutherford and Kat Cammack are due to speak. So did Dean Black, leader of the Duval County’s Republican Party, and Deb Boelkes, a writer and business owner who lives on Amelia Island.

Are there any other tour stops in Florida?

None planned now. For the remainder of this year, events are only scheduled in Charlotte, NC, Columbus, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri.


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