Inselgolfer qualifies for Pro Tour: Jake Card cuts off for the grain ferry


It was a long way for Jay “Jake” Card III to get his chance on the Korn Ferry (KF) tour, but it is finally over and he did it. The Korn Ferry Tour is the best golf tour in the world outside of the PGA Tour.

The KF is one of the best ways to get into the PGA, with many players on the first tour being good enough to play on the second.

The KF is the development tour for the United States Tour. It shows professional golfers who have not yet reached the PGA Tour or have been on the PGA Tour but have lost their card due to poor play,

Formerly the Web.Com tour, the unusual name, it comes from the two founding members Lester Korn and Richard Ferry.

But for all his success, Jake is still not happy. The last four rounds of Korn Ferry, held last week in Savannah, Georgia, were 10 places on the American PGA next year. He did not make it to the elite level that gave him these starting positions.

In the closing stages he missed with three strokes over a grueling four rounds of golf. He had a bad first round of 4 over par (75) and the next three rounds were 1 under par. If he was 1 under par that first round, you’d see him on TV on weekends this year.

After his last round, I had a chance to speak to him. He just said he didn’t play well, but he never stopped doing his best. He was very flattering on his caddy, islander Tony Wong. Jake kept saying that Tony did an excellent job keeping him in the game.

The Iceland pro is dedicated and works hard on his game. From the perspective of a 60 year old professional golfer, I say that he has everything he needs in his game to keep us happy and pocket money. If he continues, I will continue to write to help you understand the thoughts of a dedicated young golfer.

What am I telling him? That this week was a great loss. You have a great investment of time and money and I think if you are patient your time will come and you will get your share.

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