Italian court finds auto parts suppliers guilty of violating union rights –



The Florence Labor Court found that driveline components manufacturer Gkn Driveline, owned by the UK fund Melrose, “is clearly violating union rights” for having dismissed 422 employees via email in early July. The sacking sparked a series of protests outside the factory that caught the attention of key government officials and others who marched against layoffs in Florence on Sunday.

The court also found that Gkn Driveline had disregarded the normal procedures that allow workers to access social safety nets after their dismissal. Continue reading.

This case is just one of many mass layoffs announced in Italy this summer after Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government allowed companies to lay off their workers. In response to the first wave of the pandemic, individual and collective layoffs – with a few exceptions – have been banned by the government since March 2020.

According to union leader Rocco Palombella, there are about a hundred similar cases of mass layoffs pending government response.

“The situation is dramatic”, he said, laments that the trade unions have basically been abandoned by Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister for Economic Development.

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