Italy lifts all restrictions on vaccinated US and Canadian travelers


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Italy has decided remove Quarantine restrictions on US and Canadian travelers to bring North American travelers back to Italy this summer.

In the Facebook post, Italy’s Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said specified that Italy would allow entry of EU member countries, the USA, Canada and Japan if they meet the requirements of the green certificate.

However, as a blow to the British travel industry, Italy has imposed a mandatory 5-day quarantine on all British arrivals due to the increasing cases of the Delta variant. In addition, a complete entry ban remains in place for travelers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India.

The previous restrictions

Until June 19, Americans and Canadians were only allowed on COVID tested flights. For example, Air Canada has been offering these flights from Toronto and Montreal to Rome for a month. But unfortunately these flights were few and far between.

In May 2021, Italy also approved these COVID-tested flights on Delta Airlines from Atlanta and New York, flying direct to Rome and Milan. When travelers arrived on these flights, They didn’t have to be quarantined in Italy.

Instead, they would allow travelers to fill out a passenger locator form, submit a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of arrival, and take a quick test before boarding the flight. Finally, upon arrival in Italy, travelers would take a final test. If all three test results are negative, travelers do not need to self-isolate.

If a U.S. or Canadian traveler comes on non-COVID-tested flights – regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated – they must undergo mandatory self-isolation.

Italy COVID-19

The entry requirements From June 19th

However, today’s news means that travelers from the US and Canada will be able to enter Italy from June 19 all flights and they don’t need to be quarantined on arrival.

However, travelers from the US and Canada will still be required to provide a certificate with proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 test performed within 48 hours of arriving in Italy.

Italy during the pandemic

The COVID-19 situation in Italy

As Italy prepares to open up to the world, COVID-19 numbers have declined dramatically since the third wave in March. Although the country recorded over 4.25 million cases and 127,253 deaths since February 2020, the country’s COVID-19 rates averaged slightly above 1306 cases per day.

Therefore, Italy is one of the safest travel destinations this summer due to its low COVID-19 rates and high vaccination rates. Italy has given up 43 million vaccine doses, and if you assume they’ll each need two doses – he’s fully vaccinated 37.3% of their entire population so far.

trevi fountain italy covid mask

The current restrictions in Italy

Italy is still in a state of emergency due to the prevalence – albeit decreasing prevalence – of the COVID-19 virus. The country has just gone through a two-month lockdown following the third wave in March, but the nation was one of the first European nations to reopen its borders in early June.

Florence, Italy

The Italian government lifted the ban on non-essential travel across the nation on April 26, which means travelers can move freely and explore this wonderful nation.

All travelers must always wear masksincluding all outdoor areas. If the area is in a red, yellow, or orange zone, there is also a curfew between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM.

Venice, Italy

If you visit a yellow zone, bars and restaurants stay open all day, but you can only eat outside (It’s summer so all is well!) However, in orange zones and red zones, restaurants and shops are closed and people can only leave the house for essential things. Travelers will want to avoid these areas at all costs.

However, Reports suggest that see you next week the vast majority of Italy will have dropped its COVID-19 restrictions and most of the country in the minor restriction white zone. That means travelers will have a sense of normalcy, with the usual mask-wearing and social distancing measures in place for now.

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