Italy’s Meloni calls for global energy market reform at G20 –


The world’s energy sector must be reformed to prevent countries from using energy as a weapon, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said at the G20 summit in Bali.

Meloni criticized “speculators” for having too much clout before calling for reform of the world energy market. Supplier countries should not take advantage of consumer countries, Italy is now working on a plan to become Europe’s energy hub.

During the first plenary session on food and energy security, Meloni, the only female leader attending the summit, called on her counterparts to “seize the opportunity to make the world more sustainable and build a more balanced market”.

Meloni said that “Italy is intervening together with the EU to deal with the disproportionate and disproportionate increase in energy prices, increase national production and accelerate the diversification of supply sources” in order to reduce dependence on Russia.

According to the coalition parties’ election manifesto, Meloni’s government plans to turn southern Italy into an “energy hub” for the entire continent and exploit its strategic position in the center of the Mediterranean.

The plenary also provided an opportunity to discuss the causes of migration: climate change, unstable economies, political instability and the food crisis in African countries.

“North Africa is fragile and relies on imports to meet its food needs. This is why, since last summer, we launched the Rome-Mediterranean dialogue on the food crisis, with the aim of taking joint initiatives to increase food security in the region,” said Meloni, calling the food issue a “top priority”.

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