Jon Hamm interview by Mad Men: The actor about his favorite places in the world


Where were you last on the road?

“The last pandemic trips were off work, but the last“ fun ”trip I took was, oddly enough, to Yellow Springs, Ohio, where comedian Dave Chappelle lives. It’s a two-stop town, but it has a really nice antique shop, some cute restaurants, and good ice cream. I had to see some of Dave’s summer camp shows. Right now I’m shooting in Boston, then two days in Rome, and after that my girlfriend and I will be traveling around Italy for two weeks. Ischia, Calabria, Amalfi … ‘

Where in the world did you feel happiest?

“I made a film once in North Africa. I had never been to the Middle East or Africa before so I had a grand plan to take the reverse route home to go east until I got back to Los Angeles. It was the summer of 2016 and Trump was on the rise and all of these things happened. By the time I finished work I was so tired that I just bagged all of my plans and went straight home. I’m happiest there, especially now that I’m 50 and have a dog and a life there. “

Name one place that lived up to the hype the most

“I wasn’t prepared to be swept away by the Amalfi Coast – it’s pretty spectacular. We were just outside of Positano. We went on a day trip to Ravello and visited some privately owned small islands that were beautiful. There aren’t many bad corners on the Amalfi Coast. And Hawaii is a beautiful travel destination. It smells wonderful everywhere. The temperature is ideal and the water is lovely. I really love Kauai, which they call the Garden Island. It’s much slower and less touristy than the others – and there is the Na Pali Coast, which is like a jungle. On the North Shore is Hanalei, a small horseshoe bay with a beautiful shoal – you can surf, snorkel and have as much adventure as you want, but most of the time you sit under an umbrella and read. ‘

Ravello, ItalyGetty Images

And a place that least lived up to the hype

“I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and I never thought I’d see Europe, let alone see anywhere else, so everything I went to was in some ways a positive experience. I’m just so grateful that I can go places, mostly on someone else’s pennies, which is even nicer because I usually work. I am a pretty gentle traveler. I like to take it as it comes, go with the flow. ‘


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