Liverpool want to buy top Italian footballers after Euro 2020


Euro 2020 was an opportunity for many players to shine. The teams taking part in the event were distinguished by their discipline, their commitment to the trophy and their long tradition as successful nations in football. But there is one more important thing to note here – Euro 2020 was also a testing ground for many players – some old, some new, some known but forgotten.

And Liverpool watched. The Premier League club watched the entire Euro 2020 to attract more players to its line-up for the coming season – players who could add to Jurgen Klopp’s squad and help the team get back to the top after Liverpool in the year 2020 the 3rd season / 2021.

Of course, many sports betting fans were watching too, and some didn’t hesitate to look up the best Listing of casinos with a 200% deposit bonus looking for entertainment at halftime, eagerly anticipating the return of football on the small screen. So what recruiting efforts will be carried out at the end of Euro 2020?

Liverpool are reportedly asking for Domenico Berardi

The first rumor, which has been confirmed by several media outlets in Italy and abroad, is that Liverpool are now looking to win Domenico Berardi after Italy won Euro 2020, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport. Berardi himself was instrumental in this success, and it is only natural that he should have caught the eye of one of the Premier League’s true football powerhouses.

According to the report above, Liverpool are looking to include Berardi on their offensive line-up but the club may be in a bidding war with a celebrity from across the channel. As it turns out, AC Milan may also be looking at their options to see if they can win Berardi.

However, the player’s performance at the EM 2020 is not an isolated incident. Berardi appears to be in his best form to date, with his performance last season totaling 17 goals and eight assists, which quickly increased his value to € 50m in a single season, almost double what the player before that.

But does this mean Berardi will choose a different Italian team or explore its options across the channel? It really depends on the type of player he is. For Sassuolo, his current team, Berardi has brought a lot and he feels like an important and important part of the organization.

Leaving it will definitely weaken the team, but Sassuolo may run out of money to afford and keep his player.

Do transfers play a major role after major tournaments?

To say that transfers always take place after major tournaments is not wrong. After all, the interest in the players is fresh and they have just been able to demonstrate their skills. That, of course, brings up some headhunters who could be powerful additions.

Of course, there are some fallacies to be kept in mind, and this is something headhunters always recognize on their own. There are many top performers, but they can only prove themselves in a broader context, and that includes how they fared in the season or seasons leading up to the big tournament.

In the past, instant buyouts were the norm, but when player prices rose significantly, coaches and managers were very careful about making quick decisions as it could cost a lot of money. In the case of Berardi, however, that zeal for securing the player seems justified as the star performed well.

The fact that Liverpool want to secure the player is an indicator of his great potential and importance to the football world. It remains to be seen whether he will continue to deliver in the event of an expensive transfer.


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